Halo Jump

Halo Jump

Halo Jump is an Equestrian pure hippogriff from Hippogrifia who left for Ponyville after his people were saved from The Storm King, liking the ponies after the Mane Six arrived, and didn't care what they did, and ran away just as Queen Novo banished the Mane Six, knowing they were desperate, and wished to live among them. He had been a very carefree lover of extreme sports like both flying and swimming as both a hippogriff and seapony, and after the Storm King was killed, he came out to socialize with ponies, but was socially awkward after years of being out of nobody's kind but his own and thus being out of his element. He eventually develops a crush on Cherilee, and wanted her since she divorced with Big Mac since the love poison effects full faded and they agreed to see other people, and while Big Mac would find love in Sugar Belle, Cherilee wanted a very special somepony, yet didn't know she had a flirt, and with help from The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Halo will finally get this chance. His future magic ability is to grant temporary magic at the cost of his own magical capacity.


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