Hamlet Z69 is an Alternate UUniversal Rider Skelebot from Planet Breezso Prime. He was formerly a Rider Skelebot who fought during the golden age of the Villains Act, and especially around the time his current master Jling Sling was still undercover as an AUU Grand Councilor. He was eventually shot down and destroyed like much of the rest, but was modified by Jling into being fused with his G5 Shakebird Glider, and turned into a half-robot half-vehicle which can support Jling when he is in need of a quick retreat, and is excellent at defending him as a bodyguard. He has gained a dozen modifications since his final on-duty VA mission, making him much tougher than even a Jetpack Commander Skelebot which he bests multiple times. As with his model's programming, he like to quote Shakespeare (Apothaspeare in AUU terms) in the field of battle, though in combat, adds a little twist every once in a while, being named after Hamlet, who, unlike the one of which Lion King is based off of, is a lot more darker, complex, tragic, and unbelievably heart-warming.


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