Hank the Frog

Hank Darwin Spooner is a deformed Cricket Frog scientist and a hated enemy of Sandy in collage because of his unnatural ideas about his dream of accelerating the rate of evolution through his collection of mutated Ribeiroia worms, and his personal interest in having Sandy be his girlfriend. He is considered a freak of nature that is rightly despised for trying to mutate all of the UUniverses' inhabitants regardless of them being hated and feared by those considered normal. He was previously banished to the swamp planet Poi-Son by Oogway and Shifu, where he developed an army of mutant zombies and a few cronies like a mutant dragonfly named Jetstorm, a super-strong crocodile with a massive arm named Crocovore, and a cyborg falcon named MechaTalon who ended up sending him to Prison 42 and curing all the inhabitants of Poi-Son.

His first significant appearance is in Spongebob and Friends Meet the Teacher's Pet, where he wants to get revenge on the Shell Lodgers, mainly Sandy and Shifu. He soon appears again in the Chronicles Episode called Wrath of The Mutant Frog Genius where he kidnaps Princess Celestia and hoped to use her DNA to improve his research on perfecting his work. Instead, one of his newest henchmen lead to him getting sent to Prison 42, and his worms getting confiscated by the Galactic Federation.

PTE Redux Conditions: This character will be introduced as a Chronicles-exclusive character, but will receive a gender-swap and be renamed Henrietta "Hanky" Spooner.


Hank was born as a normal frog from Sandy's hometown in Texas, and was actually raised by his uncle, because while having living and loving well meaning parents, the two work in 24-7 jobs and are rarely able to interact with their children, so they are all placed under the care of grandparents and relitives. However, Hank got the shortest end of the stick: he ended up with the incredibly prosecuting high priest Father Bob Spooner, who hated anything that was he beleives is "against the will of the Gods" such as technology, homosexuality, and science. With Hank growing to appreciating the beliefs of Charles Darwin, Bob was very furious and refused to accept it, constantly abusing him whenever he was following his dreams. So when he became older, Hank decided to go to a science college to prove his uncle wrong, along with his secret crush, Sandy. But unlike her old boyfriend, Dandy, they never really met eye-to-eye. Hank had hoped that his research in the next science expo would help make his life better by both proving his uncle wrong, and earning the affection of Sandy. Sandy had already known about his research involving a genetically-altered strain of the flatworm Ribeiroia ondatrae, which was responsible for limb malformations in frogs, and found it incredibly repulsive and doomed to never work.

When the college expo began on the day before graduation, Hank demonstrated the power of these modified worms by testing them on himself, giving him extra limbs in the process. Instead of being impressed, the professors were disgusted and horrified by Hank's transformation, espiecally cause how the limbs were gain was graphic and hard to look at, since normal people wouldn't enjoy seeing such a thing in a socity that unfortunately over-values physical appearence and beauty over Hank's well intentioned plans for making life easier and "awesome" in his words. Hank wasn't even able to convince the one professor that was sensitive and sympathic to him, a rattlesnake professor named Professor Rattlestein, his faverite professor with a reputation of being the strongest believer of evolution. Sandy ended up rejecting him for both his ideas and that he verbally insulted Dandy and poorly tried to backtrack on it, he was eventually shunned by everyone in the college and was expelled. When he returned home, Father Bob was outraged and violently abused him to the point that he disowned him. Hank began to resent 'normal people' as a result of this outrage.

Hank decided to perfect his ideas and prove everyone that they were wrong. He found an underground cave where he could have his own lab, and studied even further in the theories of evolution, hoping that it would give him the key to perfecting the Ribeiroia worms. But his constant failures in testing the worms on kidnapped people ended with them dying in the process. Believing that boosting his brain power would allow him to correct this mistake, he made a serum containing massive amounts of brain-boosting substances. While it worked, his brain began growing too big for his skull to actually carry it. Thus he needed to create a brain case that would keep the process from killing him. It was successful, and he was made a super-intelligent genius. However, his vast amount of knowledge causes him to become persistant in his intentions, making him determined to accelerate evolution without reconsideration, corrupting him beyond redemption mixed in with his betrayed feelings for the normals.


Zombies in Oogway's vision.

However, Hank's plans have been drawing unwanted attention from the outside world. With his many test subjects being kidnapped and mutated, authorities have made it a priority to investigate the victims' disappearance. When this all failed after 10 straight years, they gave up on the investigation. Following this, the High Council decided that something needed to be done here. So Master Oogway and Master Shifu volunteer to go on the mission since Oogway had a vision of Hank succeeding in his plan, where everyone was ugly and malformed and civilization itself was no more. So the two were able to locate Hank just as he was about to start a machine that would spread his worms across the world. With Hank not heeding to his commands to stop and trying to kill the two of them, Oogway knocks him out with the same technique as with Tai-Lung, and Hank was exiled to Planet Poi-Son in the Toxen Sector of the Miramax Universe for his crimes.
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