Hans is one of Skipper's main enemies and is currently a tecno exbert and martial arts master for Dr. Blowhole and the Villain League.

Bio and Personality[1]Edit

Hans apparently knew Skipper in the past because he is "sorry about Denmark". An incident in Copenhagen(Which we do not know because Skipper wants to keep it classified to only Him, Hans, and Copenhagen, involving fish) allowed Hans to frame Skipper, making him Denmark's public enemy number one. After Skipper left, the Danes caught on to him, and kicked Hans out of his home, and mainly Denmark. Because of this, Hans somehow gets to New York to apologize to Skipper. He gives him hand-drawn greeting cards, flowers, and pasteries. But just as Skipper tries to go well with him, Hans gives him a present with a trap inside that ties up The Penguins and Marlene, and he pushes them into the fake volcano found in King Julien's habitat. However, Rico gnaws the ropes, freeing the 5, and the Penguins chase Hans (Leaving Marlene stuck in the volcano). Hans goes into the Penguins secret hideout and locks them out. Hans steals The Penguins home and explains that he will use the weaponry and science to terrorize New York. The Penguins try to use one of their secret tunnels to get to Hans, but their own booby traps make it hard for them. Skipper then turns the heat up in the lair, forcing Hans to deal with Skipper. After a big fish fight, Hans is beaten. Then Hans starts crying, and explains that he lost his home when the Danes caught him. Feeling the sorrow, Skipper decides to send Hans to the Hoboken Zoo as a new home for Hans.

Role in the series

Hans made his first appearance as a minion to Prince John in Robin Hood. He was arrested in the end (in the re-make, he escaped), and has not appeared again since, but he did eventally returned in Oliver and Company, where he ends up joining Savio in the spying scam on the Villain League, a result of the events from the Hoboken zoo inident and the leage forcing Hanz and Savio to redeem themselfs to the leage, resulted in the leage dispicing hanz as well, with Savio as his only true friend due to sharing the same zoo, which means he will soon join the Shell Louge Squad, if through some major editing in his footage if he does embark on the adventures. like Savio, Mr. Smee, and the King of hearts, Scroopfan wants to give it some time before making Hanz join the louge entirly, as he is trying not to make villain reformnations TOO soon. His backstory with Skipper is also revealed in the Chronicles episode Denmark Secrets Revealed when his former girlfriend Hanne returns after clearing Skipper's name because he was actually framed by Hans for putting a formula for the perfect open-faced sandwich in American ownership by switching the intended Denmark flag stick with an American one to save it from being stolen by American rivals, doing this as revenge for costing him his species' natural ability to fly. Skipper kept the truth from his team to keep them from feeling less trusting to him.

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