Harble Pillor Anddalf

Harble P. Anddalf is an Alternate UUniversal Sprooge from Planet Tiyxubos. He was raised at birth in the Vaikras Tribe as the son of a single father Commodore Saigon, the former leader of the tribe until he was replaced by a new chief. They took a portion of the tribe and settled somewhere far away. As the years passed, Harble grew up and was horrified to learn of what happened to his home tribe now that it was dominated by the evil Krolken the Sharp. But he just so happened to discover a portion of his technology and had been able to use it to surprisingly train dinosaurs. He tested this on a Carnosaurus Rex that he was following for a while, and decided to name it Crackle. He was able to be the first to train a dinosaur, and he taught all his friends to do the same. They were even able to fit their dinosaurs with weapons, and they used their newfound abilities to form the Dinosaur Training Force and fight Krolken and stop him from committing acts of evil as it's second-in-command. He is basically the AUU version of Hiccup.


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