Kind Harmony Typhoonica

Princess Kind Harmony Typhoonica is the daughter of Princess Marenia Typhoonica and Prince Derek. She has been around for a while since the rescue of Equantica and the establishment of the Destiny Islands community of Eden. She is a carefree child who is an Equestrian parallel to Melody, and thus while she fits in well with her mother's aquatic heritage and inherits her ability to get fins when wet, she has difficulty adapting to her father's lifestyle, and embarrassed herself multiple times, even though, unlike Melody, her Destiny Islands peers treat her with newfound respect because of her heritage. She spends half of the day in the sea and the other half in her father's hometown. However, when a threat of Geogra's creation makes itself known, things will not play well for her when the home of her friend Princess Skystar gets threatened for the Pearl containing the soul of the Alicorn God of the Sea, Princess Maricolous. Though she is known for her free-spirit and her ability to defend herself from sea-based threats, as even sharks as big as Lagan and Derelict she has long gotten used to.


Cutie Mark

Named with the full name 'Kind Harmony Typhoonica' in honor of Fluttershy, she grew up as an enthusiastic filly who was drawn to the water quite quickly considering the instinct she inherited from her mother shined through. But shockingly, she earned her cutie mark, three seashells, through this even after being 10 days old and being born as a unicorn as smart as Flurry Heart and learned how to fulfill her destiny further and earning Alicorn wings by doing a princess-worthy deed when she was only a year old, making people like Queen Novo realize that she might've loved the sea so much, she created a similar Alicorn aura to Princess Maricolous, the Alicorn god of the sea. Thus, she grew up with a passion of the sea, and made friends with Princess Skystar since they learned of Fluttershy's adventure in Equantica. At birth, she received a locket that showed more than her heritage, as it showed her potential to do something great for the sea by showing her fulfilling visions of both her past, present, and future, which would always fulfill her. Thus, she grew up with high hopes.

Earlier Life

Harmony 2

Harmony as a Merpony

As a young filly, Harmony was a very nice, passionate, and carefree child who lived half the day in each of her parents' societies, sometimes alternating to a whole day when sleeping in the sea for one day, and doing the same on land. She could access her mother's home in Equantica through a special portal hidden within an elaborate coral reef, as she was able to prove that she could take care of herself and did great things all by herself, as her family and friends were quite surprised that she was capable of all these things, making Queen Novo convinced that Maricolous might be choosing her as 'The One To Make Harmony With Sea And Land' like she did long ago before it was squandered by the Chaos Wars which caused disharmony in the form of prejudice in many forms. Even Harmony herself didn't get this, and took it up with the soul of Maricolous herself in her pearl, as she only admits that she 'might' be right, and that she 'might' be the one to fulfill a goal like that given the two are distant family members. At age 8, Harmony got quite a reputation throughout Destiny Islands, Equestria, and any other nearby territory, and this might cause some unwanted attention.
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