Harvey Heracles

Harvey Bert Heracles

Harvey B. Heracles is a Superior great hammerhead shark who was born on Planet Lagoola. He was born in the Prang Reef with a rough life. In school, he was never given a break from bullying. He was teased for his extremely-indestructible head. This lead to him killing a few bullies in high school, which lead to him being expelled, and sent to military school by his disappointed parents, especially after his mother was harshly convinced by his cruel father. Angry, Harvey escaped, killed his own father, and ran away without a trace. He made it all the way to the anarchist city of Hephaestus, which was overrun by crime that was tearing the city apart. There, he got a job as a mercenary who treated seal slaves harshly. He soon gained friends from other mercenaries and became an assistant to the recently-exiled Seth Daggertooth. His powers include super-strength, super-agility, an indestructible head, X-ray vision, electrical manipulation, memory manipulation, and super-longevity.
  • MCode: AhElmMmSaSlSsXrv


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