Hasira was an aggressive and xenophobic wildebeest from the Pride Lands who lived during the times when Shenzi's parents, Uzuri and Jasiri, were still alive. He was the leader of a herbivore strike that demanded that the Pure Hyenas be banished from the Pride Lands after all the trouble they caused, and Hasira because his family was murdered by normal hyenas. After a failed summit, Simba's grandfather Ahadi decided to heed to the herbivores' demands, and they would chase the Pure Hyenas off the Pride Lands and into the Elephant Graveyard as long as no hyena was killed. But Hasira, being too hateful of hyenas to heed to such an order, defied them and attempted to kill Uzuri, only to end up falling off a cliff to his death. Despite his demise, his plan was carried out, and that's what lead to hyenas residing in the Elephant Graveyard, or even the Outlands, in the first place.


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