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A friendship mission is sending many Equestrian heroes into Senshi's homeland of Tochia, a land east from Equestria with an anime feel and populated by Japanese mythological creatures, commonly called yōkai. They discover that a secret double life has finally been revealed about the land's kitsune leader, Empress Quartzdust, and that the land's most powerful crown jewel, the Hoshi-no-Tama, has been stolen, and thus a disgruntled Quartzdust swears to finish what she started by finding the Hoshi-no-Tama and defeating the thief before her more maliciously extremely untrustworthy brother Lord Saiko takes over. Thus the heroes and Lodgers, who have arrived immediately when yōkai of all shapes and sizes begin invading outside lands, have to find her with help from a comical and annoying talking flying fireball named Kasai, a Naruto-style kitsune warrior named Entai, and an Abyssinian panda onmyoji named Himitsu. After finding her, they learn she was secretly a free-spirited warrior at the night when Tochia slept and the one who exposed her was the thief, a lost Storm Clan member and Terror Shogun's brother The Yōkai King, the self-proclaimed king of all yōkai who now controls all yōkai now that he possesses the Hoshi-no-Tama, which previously almost killed him when he tried to steal it before and can now wield it easier as a kitsune-like half-yōkai. Thus the heroes feel they should help her get the Hoshi-no-Tama back. But with all yōkai after them, including the nastiest of them all, a rogue monstrously superpowerful Elfen Lied Lucy-style tengu Kiken who is actually extremely misunderstood, how will they do it?


Yōkai Takes Over Tochia/Saiko's Murder

Kiken Chases Out Yōkai King


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Death Battle Chorus of Carnage (From the ScrewAttack Series)

Kiken's Action Theme