He Came From The Basement We Didn't Know We Had
Season 1, Episode S1E5
He Came From The Basement We Didn't Know We Had
Release date July 16, 2012‎
Written by Scroopfan and MSM
Directed by Scroopfan/MSM
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He Came From The Basement We Didn't Know We Had is the 5th episode in the SpongeBob and Friends Chronicles series. In it, Batty and Fidget discover the statue of their dark, bloodthirsty ancestor, Batula, and accidentally sets him free. Now Batula goes to Equestria to capture Princess Celestia to control the sun to never return, thus awakening his bat army again so he can use Celestia to do the same to other worlds. Now it's up to the Shell Lodge Squad to stop him.

Fan-made Transcript

Batty Rap Uncut Extended Full Version W Lyrics

Batty Rap Uncut Extended Full Version W Lyrics

Batty Rap Remix Version

Intro (Batty Rap Remix Version)

Chapter 1- Batty's Birthday

Dragon Temple

  • Batty- (Continuing his song during an act)...My Batty Rap!
  • Chorus- WHO'S BATTY?
  • Batty- Moi! (All cheer)
  • Sandy- That was amazing! Well done, Batty!
  • Batty- Check please? (BZZZAT)
  • Fidget- So, are you having a nice birthday, Cousin?
  • Batty- You bet! I can't forget my last one! There were HUMANS WIRING ME WITH SOME THINGAMABOBS AND DOOHICKEYS AND JAKOOZIES AND--(BZZAT) Check please?
  • Fidget- ...Okay, well, Happy Birthday!
  • SpongeBob- So, did anyone get Batty anything for his brithday?
  • Boss Wolf- Uh, fruit?
  • Icky- I egged the lab of the humans involved of your experimentation.
  • SpongeBob- What? How did you know which laboratory was responsible for that?
  • Icky- It was on that machinery on his ear. It said it was a biology lab called BioCon in Sydney, Australia.
  • Fidget- Uh...I forgot?
  • Lord Shen- WHAT? You forgot? How could you forget to get him a present?
  • Fidget- I'm sorry. I know he's my cousin in all, but I spent all my money on pizza yesterday.
  • SpongeBob- Darn it, Fidget, you and your pizza habits!
  • Fidget- Uh, I KNOW! Maybe there's something cool in the Temple I could give to Batty! (Fidget grabs Batty and runs off)

Elsewhere in the Temple

  • Batty- Um, Fidget, aren't you overdoing this a tiny bit?
  • Fidget- NO! I must get you a birthday present, or those Lodgers will kill me! (Rummages in chest) A pair of sunglasses, Nope!...Uh...A hat, Nope!...A-HAH! Here's one!
  • Batty- Uhh, Fidgey? What did you find, exactly? (BZZAT)
  • Fidget- A weird medallian thing that looks like it has your face on it, only it seems you have long pretty boy hair, and a cool looking Ven Helsing hat.
  • Batty- Oh, that's my lucky ancestral charm. I kept it with me when I was in that mad human lab! It--(BZZAT) It was created by my great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great...

2 hours later...

  • Batty-...great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather, Helsing Koda. He was a great hero in his time. Legend also says that--(BZZAT)...Legend says that he was involved in a great war against the Fruit Bats and the Vampire Bats during the first Cartoonian War. (BZZAT)
  • Fidget- Really? Wow. Do you know his story?
  • Batty- I sure do! (BZZAT) It was a million years ago...


  • (Batty)- (Fruits bats and Vampire bats fly across the sky fighting) The former benevolent ruler of the Fruit Bats, Helsing's brother, Batula, had been corrupted by Chernabog and Hexxus, and (BZZAT, and Flashback BZZATs as well like a TV) and had abandoned his herbivorous ways, and switched into a hematophagic monster, and while half of the bat clan were saved by Helsing and relocated to Ferngully, the other half became vampire bats like their leader and went to Transylvania. Batula became thirsty for blood and conquest, and served Count Dracula himself. (BZZAT) But the Great Spirits sent Helsing to confront his brother, and save Transylvania from his dark grasp. And so, that's when Bat War I began.
  • Helsing- Commander Yugo, you and your army will handle these vampire bats while I go find my brother! I wish you good luck!
  • Yugo- Yes, sir! (Flies off, and Helsing flies towards giant creepy church which was Batula's Hideout)
  • Helsing- (Flying inside church) BATULA! I know you're in here! Show yourself, immediately! Stop ths madness and surrender quietly! (Echoes)...BATULA! (Echoes) Hmmph? (Hangs upside-down on ledge) Where is he?
  • Batula- Hello, Helsing!
  • Helsing- (Gasps as he looks behind him to see Batula hanging behind him. Helsing attacks, but Batula dodges, grabs Helsing's wings, holds them behind his back, and they let go of ledge, and Batula lands on ground on Helsing) Ouch! That's gonna scar me!
  • Batula- You're damn right it's gonna scar you! You shouldn't have interfeared, Helsing! Now you will be one of us and feed on blood forever!
  • Helsing- You think so? (Rolls over, and Batula falls off) I will NOT let you reek havoc in these UUniverses!
  • Batula- Oh, yeah? You and what bloody army, Helsing? You're army's already out there fighting my army!
  • Helsing- I don't need my army to defeat you! (Attacks, but Batula blocks with wing, and slaps Helsing down)
  • Batula- Pathetic! You're wasting my time! I'll just drink your blood, and get it over with! (Helsing flips over, and takes off) Bloody-hell! (Flies after Helsing, and the 2 bats were in an epic chase around the church, through the bells, and repeat)
  • Batula- YOU WILL BE MINE, HELSING! (Echoes)
  • Helsing- (Finds Batula gone) What? Where'd he go? (Suddenly Batula dives down from the shadows towards Helsing, but Helsing leaned left, avoiding Batula's attack)
  • Batula- I'LL GET YOU, YOU FRUITBAG! (Flies up to ledge of roof, and throws rocks at Helsing)
  • Helsing- Uh-oh! (Flies across rocks with extreme swiftness)(Dubbed as Baloo) Now just try that again, you-- (Gets smacked by rock, and falls to the ground) Ouch!
  • Batula- (Cackles, and flies down to ground) Do you actually think you can defeat me, Helsing? No one can defeat me! (Attacks, but Helsing rolls out of the way, and kicks Batula down, and tries to wound Batula with his thumb claw) You wouldn't kill your own brother, would you? (Helsing pauses) SUCKER! (Grabs Helsing's leg, spins him around, and throws him to the wall. Then Batula flies to the ledge of the roof and throws dozens of rocks at Helsing)
  • Helsing- YIPE! (Dodges all rocks, and takes off after Batula. He makes it to ledge, but before he can attack, Batula crushes his wing with rock) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGH! My wing! AAAAAAHHGH!
  • Batula- (Cackles) Pity for you! Now you're stranded on this roof with no way to get back down! So, I'll see you in HELL! (Kicks Helsing off ledge, and he falls down unable to fly)
  • Helsing- (Suddenly grabs rope, and safely slides down)
  • Batula- WHAT? (Helsing tries running off to avoid Batula, and Batula gets extremely angry, becomes feral, and dives down after Helsing, and grabs him, and tries to choke him to death) THERE IS NO ESCAPE, HELSING!
  • Helsing- Ahhk! Auk! Uuuhk! (Bites Batula's wing)
  • Batula- AAAARRRGH! (Helsing punches Batula through glass, and outside in the thunderstorm) GRRRRGH! (Helsing tries to attack, but Batula wounds him with his claws) YOU'RE DEAD, HELSING! (Continues wounding Helsing man times, until he weakens) (Cackles) I guess it all comes down to this, Helsing!
  • Helsing- If you're gonna finish me, do it quick, because I don't think the Spirits will let you get away with this.
  • Batula- Pray tell, bro! How would YOU know about what the Spirits think?
  • Helsing- Oh, you'd be surprised! Look! (Sunrise comes, and Helsing glows in light, and Batula glows as well)
  • Batula- Wha-What's happening? What is this magic?!? (Most of Batula's vampire bats are disintegrated, while least of them retreat to caves) NO! NOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Screams as he gets frozen and turned into stone)
  • Helsing- Uhhgh! Uhhgh! (The Great Spirits heal Helsing's wounds and wing, and Hesing's bat army cheer in triumph) Whew! At least it's all over!


  • Batty- And that's how--(BZZAT) And that's how Batula was defeated. And to pass the memory of his heroism onto his future, Helsing created this charm for good luck. And I've been holding onto it ever since. (BZZAT)
  • Fidget- Yeah, but what about Batula? What happened to his statue?
  • Batty- Oh, that's actually something I'm unaware of. I never knew what happened to him. But I do know that his statue is hidden somewhere where nobody can find it. Not even us. (Suddenly, Fidget and Batty heard voices, and they went over to see 2 of Shen's wolves talking)
  • Wolf- I'm telling you, I winded up in this basement I didn't know we had, and it was filled with legendary stuff! Golden Bras of Gorgan Medusa, the Denchers of the Hydra King, a baseball with Babe Ruth's autograph signature...
  • Wolf 2- Sure you did! What's next, the lost statue of Batula?
  • Wolf- Actually, yeah, I did see that. I went through this old door that said "Authorized Dragon Guardians Only" and I tripped on these stairs, and found all those awesome things.
  • Wolf 2- Yeah, when you decide you aren't out for cheap attention. I'll be over at the Wolf Lounge. (Leaves)
  • Fidget- What's all the hoopla about?
  • Wolf- Oh, hey, Fidget. Happy birthday, Batty. It's just that I found this kind of unknown basement. Nobody told us it was down there, but I managed to find it.
  • Batty- Hmm...What did--(BZZAT) you find down there?
  • Wolf- Eh, a couple of forgotten old legendary stuff. I found a dozen old artifacts from ancient times. I found nothing but septars, wands, opals, and some kind of 'Batula' statue.
  • Batty- (Gasps) Impossible! Batula's statue is down there?
  • Wolf- You know about that statue?
  • Batty- Indeed! (BZZAT) Batula's one of my many ancestors. I MUST see it! Do you know--(BZZAT) where this 'basement' is?
  • Wolf- Yes, I can take you there. But I'd advise that you don't touch anything down there. Follow me! (Batty and Fidget follow Wolf)

Chapter 2- The Unknown Basement

At an Old Forgotten Door

  • Wolf- Well, here it is, as I left it.
  • Batty- Well, we'd better take a look inside. (All 3 go through door)
  • Fidget- I'm frightened!
  • Batty- Whoa! (Room is filled with many artifacts)
  • Wolf- Be careful, you two. These artifacts are VERY mystical! Even the slightest touch could cause nothing but chaos.
  • Batty- Amazing! Look at all these ancient objects. They must be about a thousand years old!
  • Fidget- They're so shiny! I wonder why someone would hide them here in the first pla-a-a-A-A-ACE?!? Uh...Batty? Com look at this!
  • Batty- What is it, Fi--(BZZAT) Fidget? (Both see Batula's statue) Oh my, God! This...This is it! This is Batula's statue! It's so amazing!
  • Wolf- Guys, we need to go now! I'm begging to think that we're not supposed to be here.
  • Ignightus- And you're NOT supposed to be here! (Everyone turns around to see Ignightus at the stairway)
  • Fidget- Yikes! (Fidget trips about, and crashes face-first on a shield with a lion's face) Nice shield! (Lion face suddenly materialized and roared) AAAAAAAARRRRGH! (He trips backwards on a pitchfork) YOW! MY BUTT! MY POOR BUTT! (Pitchfork fires Fidget acrossed the room, and Fidget crash lands into a Golden Bra)
  • Wolf- Right into the Golden Bra of Gorgon Medusa.
  • Batty- What do they do, exactly? (A glow occured, and Fidget is a giant)
  • Wolf- They make you huge.
  • Batty- I bet this Medusa was popular at parties.
  • Wolf- Yeah, if it weren't for the fact she could turn a mortal into stone just looking at you.
  • Batty- Yeesh, I'd hate to see that happen!
  • Fidget (in a deep voice)- Hey, everybody shrunk!
  • Ignightus- (Returns Fidget to his normal size again) What are you guys doing here? This place is off limits for any of you Shell Lodgers. This basement contains the most sacred objects in the UUniverses, and is NOT reserved for any of you.
  • Wolf- Technically, I'm not part of the Lodge, I'm just a guard here.
  • Batty- You acting like this stuff is dangerous or something.
  • Ignightus- It IS dangerous. Do you have any idea that that statue you guys saw is the imprisonment of a First Cartoonian War warlord? If that statue was to be broken, then the warlord would be free to wreak havoc in the UUniverses, is that what you want?
  • Batty/Fidget-...No.
  • Ignightus- Then I want you two to promise me that you'll never come back down here again.
  • Batty- Uh, yes. We promise.
  • Ignightus- Good. Now, come with me. This place has been trespassed for too long already. (The 3 of them follow Ignightus out of the forbidden area)
  • Fidget- (To the Wolf) Next time, read the signs on the doors, okay?
  • Wolf- Fine, if it will shut you up! (Behind them, a crack has been punched in Batula's statue. Then the crack gets bigger...)

Outside the Basement

  • Ignightus- It's time a speical lock only I and the other Guardians can unlock should be placed here.
  • Wolf- I'm really sorry about this, sir. I'll just be heading for the Wolves' Lounge, the others are probably wondering where I am, so I'll just be on my wa-
  • Boss Wolf- Freddy! What are you doing here? This area is for authorized Dragon Guardians only!
  • Freddy(Wolf)- Boss? Uh, I'm sorry, sir. I--
  • Boss Wolf- It's alright! Just get to the Wolves' Lounge, Lord Shen had introduced a new device. (Both wolves walk away)
  • Ignightus-...Well, that seemed a little bit awkward. Anyways, Happy birthday, Batty. Now you guys better get going.
  • Batty- Yes, sir! (Both leave)
  • Batula- (Inside stone statue as crack gets much bigger, Cackles)

Chapter 3- The Scourage of the Night

  • Fidget- Well, let's not go in that place again.
  • Batty- It's not our--(BZZAT) fault. It was that wolf that led us down there. Let's not trust THAT guy again.
  • Wolf- Hey, cut me some slack for Pete's sake!
  • Fidget- So, Batty? Can you tell me more about Batula?
  • Batty- Why sure! (BZZAT) It all started-- (Mr. Dodo grabs Batty)
  • Mr. Dodo- I call dibs on the BatTV. (Twinks Batty's wires)
  • Batty- (Mimicing the SpongeBob Episode Chocolate with Nuts)(SpongeBob) Remember, Patrick, flatter the customer, make him feel good! (Takes out bell, and jingles it) (Guy) Hello? (Patrick) I LOVE YOU! ...Ppphhbbt! (SpongeBob) I think you laid it there a teensy bit thick there, old pal!
  • Fidget- (Resets Batty's head machinery) Excuse me, but I had him first! You can BatTV him later!
  • Mr. Dodo- (Shrugs)
  • Fidget- So, what were you gonna say, cousin?
  • Batty- Well, I--(BZZAT) It all started before the First Cartoonian War was in it's prime...


  • (Batty)- Before he was evil, Batula was a benevolent preacher at the Local Realm of The Bats. He lead his kind in a peaceful way, by having a diet consisting of nothing but fruits and veggies. He only had one strict commandment: "Thou shall not drink blood, or eat bugs." his idea was that the bats must be in peace with all creatures, even the lesser ones, by divine wish of the Great Spirits.
  • (Fidget)- Whoa! He must've been a pretty nice guy. But what happened?
  • (Batty)- I'm getting to that. There were a group of Vampire Heritics that defied Batula's commandments and drank blood and ate bugs. Batula was outraged, and had his loyal clan to join him in his campaign to wipe out the heritics. But he failed to realize the Heritics had Hexxus and Charnabog as secret allies. Both Darkspawners believed that the bats are better off creatures of fear, and agreed that the bats became creatures of darkness. So Chernabog granted the Heritic Bats the power of corruption, and ordered them to use it on Batula. Despite fighting back very hard, Batula was succumbed by Chernabog's influence, and is now the evil warlord that I described.


  • Fidget- Oh my, God! That's horrible! Is there any way to cure him from corruption like Spyro did to Cynder?
  • Batty- No. They used Level 10 corruption powder. Once you're corrupted by that stuff, you can never be cured. But thank--(BZZAT) But thank God there's no more Level 10 corruption powder left in the UUniverses.
  • Mr. Dodo- Okay, you're done, now it's MY turn! (Grabs Batty)
  • Fidget- (Sighs) Batula was a victim of uncurable darkness. He must be more evil than Malefor. Well, in that case, I'm glad he's still imprisoned in that statue...

Chapter 4- Batula Returns!

Forbidden Basement

  • The Swan Princess Soundtrack - No More Mister Nice Guy

    The Swan Princess Soundtrack - No More Mister Nice Guy

    Batula- (Crack is extremely large, and the statue completely breaks, and Batula himself is freed) YEEEES! I'M FREE! I'M FINALLY FREE TO RULE THE UUNIVERSES! (Cackles, and sings "No More Mr. Nice Guy" from The Swan Princess) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Now, how do I get out of here? (Flies up the stairs to locked door) Hmmph! Locked! Not a problem (Uses loud sonic scream to bust door down) HAH! That was too bloody easy! Now to find out what year this is, and how to awaken my bat army again! (Flies up to ceiling in shadows, and chuckles)

Elsewhere in the Temple...

  • Batty- (In BatTV mode) Honey Nut Cheerios, A honey good part of this good breakfast! And now back to SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon! (Starts reinacting 'Wet Painters')(Narrator) A slow day at the Krusty Krab! (SpongeBob) Hey, Squidward? Check this out! Two ordinary Krabby Patties! But, when expertly tossed with the skill of a champ, they become...(Patrick, Batty slides on a Krabby Patty) A ONE WAY TICKET TO PAAAAAIIIIIIIN! (Bumps into wall, and window cartoonishly falls off of wall, and breaks)
  • Mr. Krabs- Huh?
  • Batty- (SpongeBob, sliding) HEEEEEAAAVE HO! (Crashes into wall, and Mr. Krabs comes in)
  • Mr. Krabs/Batty- (At the same time) What the devil fish is going on here? (Mr. Krabs gets surprised)
  • Batty- (Mr. Krabs) Time is money! And if you boys is wastin' time, then yer' wastin' money! And THAT'S just sick!
  • Mr. Krabs- Well, he certainly took the words right out of my mouth that time. AR-HAR-HAR-HAR-HAR-HAR-HAR! (Goes back into office)
  • Batty- (Mr. Krabs) What stupid barnacle told you that? (Squidward) Uhh... (Mr. Krabs) Listen, instead of killin' yourselves, I've got something real important for you to do for me.
  • SpongeBob- (Laughs) He sure matches my voice just right.
  • Patrick- (Laughs) I love this show!

The Forbidden Basement Door

  • Batula- (Sees wolf snoozing, and wakes him up with sonar pulse)
  • Wolf- Wha? Who's there?
  • Batula- It is I, Batula!
  • Wolf- Batula? You're free from the statue?
  • Batula- That's right! And it's all thanks to Helsing's dim-witted descendants. Now I'm gonna use you to do my evil bidding!
  • Wolf- Oh yeah? You and what army?
  • Batula- (Uses sonar to hypnotize Wolf) Me and my hypnotic sonar. No one can resist the soothing sounds I make with it. I can bend others to my will, I can make people fall asleep, and I can even do a supersonic scream with it. But none of that matters. You are in my power. You will do as I command.
  • Wolf- (Hypnotized) Yes, master!
  • Batula- Bloody excellent! Now you must search the Temple for info on how I can awaken my bat army again. Now GO!
  • Wolf- As you wish, master! (Walks away)
  • Batula- Soon, the whole UUniverses will be mine once I get that info! I--
  • Wolf- I have info for you, master!
  • Batula- What? Well, that was fast!
  • Wolf- Actually, master, I've known it before. There's a ruler named Princess Celestia on Planet Equestria which can control the Sun. She could be an ideal target.
  • Batula- Well, that's all I needed to hear. Thank you. (Unhypnotizes wolf, then puts him to sleep, cackles, and flies off)

Temple Wolf Lounge

  • Sargant Wolf- Boys, we're here today because Lord Shen wants us to guard an item of vital importance. This new portal beacon opens portals to worlds of your choosing. It is an experimental device, but when perfected, it will allow the Lodge faster access to worlds too far away for the van. and it's our job to make sure it stays out of dangerous and untrusting hands.
  • Batula- (Watching whole thing in shadows) A portal beacon, huh? How convenient. Thanks for making it so easy, guy who created this series!
  • Sgt. Wolf- Oh my, God! It's BATULA!
  • Wolf- Don't let him near the portal beacon! (Wolf Archers shoot arrows at Batula, but Batula reiteratedly evades them, and uses his sonar to hypnotize all wolves to bend to his whim)
  • Batula: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Getting to Princess Celestia will be all too easy for me! Bring me the portal beacon immediately! (Sgt. Wolf tosses beacon to Batula, and Batula catches it) You are too kind! Now snooze off! (Unhypnotizes wolves, and puts them to sleep)
  • Lord Shen- (Arrives inside lounge) What is the meaning of this screaming? I'm trying to...GOOD LORD! BATULA! It can't be! How did you escape your stone prison?
  • Batula- That's not your concern, peacock! What matters is that I'm off to Equestria to conquest a lunar bat invasion! And it's all thanks to you! You, your convenient portal beacon, and your little bat friends! (Cackles)
  • Lord Shen- What makes you think you'll succeed when Princess Celestia finds out?
  • Batula- Oh, she's the one I'm after! She's gonna help me awaken the bats by bringing her precious sun out of the sky!
  • Lord Shen- Oh, please! If there's one thing I know about her, it's that she NEVER does anything for evil, even under threat of force.
  • Batula- (Scoffs, and laughs) 'Threat of force' he says! (Laughs)
  • Lord Shen- What's so funny?
  • Batula- Peacock, I don't need to force her to do it when I can do...THIS! (Blasts soothing sonar sound at Lord Shen, putting him to sleep, and Batula cackles) And the best part is without my fievel brother to stop me with his idiot bat descendants taking his place, there's no one to stop me! (Opens portal to Equestria, and goes through portal)

Chapter 5- Bats Swarm at Equestria

Ponyville, Equestria

  • Batula- (Comes out of portal) What the hell? (Sees ponies, pegasi, and unicorns all over the town) Hmm, I didn't expect to see this. I thought I would expect a human-populated planet. But I suppose a pony-populated planet works for me, I guess. (Flies through sky, and right by Sugarcube Corner)
  • Pinkie Pie- (Whole body twitches) Who-o-o-o-o-a-a-a-a-a-a! What's going on with my Pinkie sense?
  • Twilight- (Batula flies right by her house) What the heck? (Looks outside to see Batula flying in the sky) Spike, are you seeing this?
  • Spike- Seeing what?
  • Twilight- That bat! I saw a bat fly by my window.
  • Spike- (Sighs) It's probably in your head, Twilight. Bats only come out at night.
  • Twilight- I know, but this is different. He looks like some sort of warlord.
  • Spike- (Scoffs and laughs) A bat warlord? (Laughs) That's preposterous! (Laughs until Twilight uses her telekinetic magic to levitate Spike up to the window)
  • Twilight- Well then take a look at THAT! (Spike sees Batula flying) Does THAT look like a figment of my imagination?
  • Spike- Hmm, I don't know. Does it?
  • Twilight- Spike, it means there's something going on here.
  • Applejack- (Comes inside Twilight's house) TWILIGHT? TWILIGHT?
  • Twilight- (Runs downstairs) Applejack? What brings you here, I just saw a bat fly by my house minutes ago.
  • Applejack- Well then, I guess ya' already know what I was gonna say.
  • Twilight- You saw him, too?
  • Fluttershy- So did I. That bat is probably from another world. Bats aren't seen this often flying during the day.
  • Rainbow Dash- I saw it, too.
  • Rarity- So did I.
  • Pinkie Pie- (Shaking uncontrollably) I-I-I-I-I SE-E-E-ENS-S-S-S-SE SO-O-OMETHI-I-I-I-ING!
  • Twilight- Well, Pinkie, I think have the answer right here! (Levitates Pinkie Pie up to window to see Batula)
  • Pinkie Pie- A bat? I thought they were nocturnal!
  • Twilight- Well, whatever it is, it's heading for Canterlot! C'mon, everypony, we've gotta get down there before something bad happens! (All 6 ponies run for Canterlot)


  • Celestia- (Sitting in her throne room, listening to concern pleas from village leaders) I promise I'll send the best farmers to handle your lack of corn promblem, good sir. You have my word.
  • Village Leader- Oh, you are too kind, your highness. Thank you.
  • Celestia- My pleasure. (Leader leaves)
  • Guard- Your highness? There's something coming toward us!
  • Celestia- What is it?
  • Guard- I think it can be seen out the window. See? (Celestia sees Batula heading for them)
  • Celestia- My goodness! It looks like some kind of bat. I thought bats were nocturnal.
  • Guard- Well, it's probably from another world.
  • Celestia- Well, in that case, man your stations! It might be coming for me!
  • Guard- Yes, your highness. (Leaves throne room)
  • Celestia- What is that thing?
  • Batula- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I have you now, Princess! (Suddenly guards begin flying after him. Batula uses sonar to sooth them to sleep, and they float down to the ground asleep)
  • Celestia- Unbelievable! What did he do to my guards?
  • Batula- (Flies across castle searching for Celestia, hypnotizing all the guards that attack him to sleep) Hmm...(Sees the tallest tower, which is the throne room. Batula flies up to tower. When Batula flies towards Celestia's window, Celestia hides, and Batula flies away) I know you're in there, Princess Celestia! (Flies off)
  • Celestia- Whew!...I just know he's gonna jump out somewhere.
  • Batula- (Appears behind her) Hello!
  • Celestia- AAARRGH!
  • Batula- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Princess Celestia, the controller of the Sun! I must say you're more gorgeous than I expected, and I was kind of expecting you to be human, but that doesn't matter now. What matters is that you are finally in my power! I am Batula, the Scourage of The Night! And you're gonna help me!
  • Celestia- What makes you think I'll do that?
  • Batula- Oh, I think you'll find that I've got loads of tricks up my sleeves! (Uses sonar to hypnotize Celestia)
  • Twilight- (Comes in with others) Princess Celestia? We--(Gasps, seeing Batula) That's the bat I was gonna warn you about, but I guess you already know. (Batula hypnotizes Celestia)
  • Fluttershy- What's he doing to her?
  • Rainbow Dash- I don't know, but whatever it is, it's not good.
  • Batula- You are now under my control, and will do as I command!
  • Celestia- (Hypnotized) Yes, master!
  • Rainbow Dash- Holy Equestria! He's hypnotizing her!
  • Applejack- Let's get him! (All 6 ponies charge for Batula)
  • Batula- (Faces the ponies, and blasts soothing sonar wave at them, putting them to sleep) Lousy heroes! Anyways, you will lower the Sun into darkness!
  • Celestia- As you wish, master! (Uses magic to make the Sun go down, and turn into Night)
  • Batula- Yes! YES, OH YES! The night is here! (Blasts supersonic pulse wave that spreads across Equestria, and awakens all the bats in it) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Now to get these 6 sleepy heads out of my presence! (Throws them all out window, and they all crash into forest)
  • Applejack- (Wakes up) Wha? What happened? Where's the princess? Where's the bat?
  • Rainbow Dash- He must've put us asleep somehow!
  • Rarity- Oh, dear! My hair is all dirty! Does that nasty bat have any idea who I am?
  • Twilight- Uh, girls? I think you should see this. (All 6 look outside the forest to see the sky swarming with bats)
  • Fluttershy- Oh my, gosh! Look at all those bats!
  • Applejack- What in tarnation is goin' on here?
  • Rainbow Dash- I don't know, but I'm putting a stop to this! (Flies out toward bats)
  • Twilight- RAINBOW DASH, NO!
  • Rainbow Dash- (Brings large storm cloud over bats) Alright, bats, prepare to eat hailstones! (Bats suddenly swarm all over Rainbow Dash) WHOA, OH MY GOSH! GET OFF ME, YOU TINY RATS! OH GOSH, OH GOSH! STOP, STOP IT! STOP BITING ME, CUT IT OUT! AAAAAHHHH! AAARRRRGGGH! AAAAAARRRGH! (Flies back towards group with bats persuing them)
  • Twilight- This is gonna hurt! (Rainbow Dash makes it to group, and bats swarm all over them) AAARRRGGH! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!? AAAHHGH! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!
  • Pinkie Pie- (Giggling) It tickles!
  • Bat- Bring them to our master. They shall be better off as vampires than ponies..
  • Twilight- VAMPIRES?!
  • Bat- You know, night traveling blood sucking monsters. Don't you watch horror movies?
  • ???- ENOUGH, CREATURES OF THE NIGHT!!! (Bats turn around to see Princess Luna)
  • Twilight- PRINCESS LUNA!
  • Luna- I demand to know why the childen of my night are doing this.
  • Bat 2- New management.
  • Bat 3- Yeah, we listen to Batula now.
  • Luna- I demand to meet this, "Batula" at once! He has earned a good talking to!"
  • Bat 2- Eh, why not? (The bat swarm moves away from the mane 6 and abducted Luna)
  • Luna- UNHAND ME, CREATURES OF THE NIGHT! THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT! (The bats fly away with Luna prisoner)
  • Twilight- LUNA!
  • Luna- Fear not for me, Twilight! May my sacrifice grant you the chance to get the help of the Lodge! This is obviously something they must defeat.

Throne Room

  • Batula- First, my new servent, I shall gather my armies! Then I shall teleport us to more worlds so you can set down the suns of those worlds as well, and I will control more bats! Then I, Batula, Scourage of the Night, will be the ultimate evil in the UUniverses!
  • Celestia- (Still hypnotized) Absolutely brilliant, master!
  • Batula- Glad you think so (A bat came forth)
  • Bat- Sir, we've captured another flying magical horse princess! Only this one is shorter and louder.
  • Batula- Well, bring her in! (Bats bring in Luna) What gives you the right to challenge the likes of me-- (Takes a look at Luna. and his jaws dropped. Batula suddenly fell in love)("Bloody hell! Who is that angel? She's the most beautiful creature I've ever layed eyes on!")
  • Luna- Are you this 'Batula' person these bats speak off?
  • Batula- For you baby, I could be more if you catch my drift.
  • Luna- Why are you doing this?
  • Batula- Well let's just say I'm...just passing through. So, uh, (Clears throat) Would you, uh, llike to go out Saturday night?
  • Batula- Hmm...Celestia? Tell me about this pretty pony.
  • Celestia- (Still hypnotized) That is my younger sister, Princess Luna. We had once ruled Equestria together until she was succumbed to jealousy, and became the evil Nightmare Moon, and wanted to conquest eternal darkness!
  • Luna- Celestia? What are you doing?
  • Batula- Nightmare Moon, huh? (Cackles) That's something I like. I must figure out how to get her back! Oh, by the way, Your sister is hypnotized, so she will cooperate with me because I've already been told she wouldn't help me otherwise. Now, back to this Nightmare Moon, my dear Luna.
  • Batula- (Excited over Luna's loud voice (Thinking that quality is ominous and sexy)) Oh Yeaaah! Oh, baby, you make my ears flip!
  • Batula- (Faints in excitedness) Uh, ahem, uh...I'm gonna awaken every bat on every planet in the UUniverses and be the ultimate evil ever known!
  • Luna- WHAT?!? Well...(Notices that Batula looks like a mideval warlord) How old are you exactly?
  • Batula- A billion years old seeing as I was frozen in stone for over a number of milleniums.
  • Batula- Well, I'm afraid you can't stop me, Luna, because I have got a new plan! I'm gonna turn you back into Nightmare Moon one way or another! Then we'll be together forever!
  • Luna- (Echoing, FOREVER, FOREVER, then Batula appears to be saying the same word over and over)
  • Luna- NEVER! I SHALL NOT STOOP TO YOUR LEVEL, EVIL WARLORD! LET ME AND MY SISTER GO, OR I SHALL BE FORCED TO TAKE EXTREME--(Batula hypnotizes Luna with sonar) On second thought, are you free this Saturday night?
  • Batula- I'm so there, babe! Oh, YEAH! BLOODY SWEET! (Dances in techno beat)

Chapter 6- Batty's Destiny

Dragon Temple

  • Fidget- BATULA'S BEEN FREED?!?
  • Lord Shen- Yes! He stole the portal beacon I had, and used it to travel to Equestria. He said he was gonna hypnotize Celestia to bring down the sun on every planet in the UUniverses, thus awaken every bat on every planet he strikes.
  • SpongeBob- Well, we've gotta do something!
  • Icky- No joke! We should call the girls, and warn them about Batula.
  • Tigress- Actually, the girls might've figured it out by now.
  • SpongeBob- Well, there's no telling if that's true or not, so let's get to the Communications Room, and call them ASAP.
  • Po- Let's go!


  • Twilight- (6 ponies hide from bats in the sky, which are attacking the citizens of Ponyville. Then Twilight sees her home 20 ft away) Alright girls, we gotta get over to my house without being spotted by those bats.
  • Rainbow Dash- Phhbbt! Puh-lease! I can get us there in a heartbeat. Everyone grab my hooves. (All ponies grab Rainbow Dash's hooves) Alright, brace yourselves. (Zips up to door and gets inside avoiding the noticing bats. Twilight closes the open windows, and locks them)
  • Twilight- (Pants in relief) Whew...that was a relief! But at least we made it.
  • Pinkie Pie- WHAT'RE WE GONNA DO?!?
  • Rarity- Oh, please, Pinkie! We just phone the Shell Lodgers so we can get help on stopping that Batula villain.
  • Fluttershy- (Shivering in fear) Yeah, we should get them!
  • Twilight- C'mon, let's get to the Communications Room! (All ponies go upstairs)


  • Spike- Twilight, what's going on? First it got dark all of a sudden, then these bats showed up out of nowhere! Did that 'Warlord Bat' have something to do with it?
  • Twilight- Yes, Spike! His name is Batula, and he's hypnotized the Princess and kidnapped Luna. He's made Celestia bring the sun down to wake up all the bats in Equestria. And we need to get to the Shell Lodge Squad pronto! They might hold the key to stopping Batula. Applejack, you get on the computer and look up info on Batula.
  • Applejack- You can count on me, Twilight! (Accesses computer)
  • Twilight- (On communications frequency) C'mon, Lodgers, pick up the frequency!


  • Kowalski- (Lodgers make it to Communications Room, and the computer rings) They're calling us! (Answers call) Twilight? Are you there?
  • Twilight- Loud and clear, Kowalski! Listen, we need your help!
  • Kowalski- Yes, you apparently have a bat warlord named Batula invading your kingdom, hypnotizing Celestia to bring night time, and awaken all the bats in Equestria. Is that it?
  • Pinkie Pie- Wow! He read our minds! I wonder how he did that. He must have some kind of telepathetic powers! Oh my, golly, he's an alien!
  • Twilight- Actually, Pinkie Pie, Kowalski knew about it the whole time.
  • Pinkie Pie- Really? Wow! Is he psychic?
  • Applejack- Twilight? I think I got something on Wikipedia,
  • Twilight- What does it say?
  • Applejack- It says that Batula was a great bloodthirsty warlord during the First Cartoonian War, and conquered Transylvania in his time. However, he was thwarted by his heroic fruit-bat brother, Helsing Koda. He was turned into stone during his defeat, and hidden in the Dragon Temple.
  • Rainbow Dash- One of the Shell Lodgers must've freed him by mistake.
  • Rarity- Yes, that must be it!
  • Kowalski- Don't worry girls, we're on our way!
  • Twilight- Thank you so much, Kowalski! But I should also note that once you arrive, there will be bats swarming the skies. Batula's also got Princess Luna.
  • Kowalski- You mean Celestia's younger sister?
  • Twilight- Yup.
  • Kowalski- Okay, we'll keep that in mind. We'll be there as soon as we can! (Ends transmission)
  • Batty- Alright, everyone, we gotta--(BZZAT) We gotta get to Equestria as fast as possible! I made this mess, now I've gotta clean it up! I will not fail you, Helsing!
  • Icky- One thing, though! What will Ignightus think when he hears word of this?
  • Fidget- Well, I guess I might be doing dishes for a while.
  • Ignightus- Indeed you will! (Fidget screams)
  • Fidget- SERIOUSLY, HOW THE HECK DOES HE POP UP OUT OF NOWHERE LIKE THAT?!? Sir, we're dreadfully sorry about freeing Batula by mistake.
  • Ignightus- Relax, Fidget! I forgive you...for now, anyways! What matters is that you all must stop him.
  • Lord Shen- Don't you worry, Ignightus sir! We'll do our best to save the UUniverses from bloody conquest! Plus, we have to save Princess Luna as well. We don't know for sure what Batula intends to do with her.


  • (Batula and a hypnotized Princess Luna make out in front of Celestia, who is also still hypnotized)
  • Celestia-...It's getting stuffy in here!


  • Batty- (Gets some highly-advanced weaponry from Kowalski's lab, then puts on Helsing's good luck charm) LET'S DO THIS! (All Lodgers enter van, and van speeds out into space)

Chapter 7- Things Are Gonna Go Batty

Equestrian Space

  • Icky- Are we there yet?
  • Mr. Dodo- We're already at Equestria, but we should be cautious. The ponies said that there are bats swarming the skies. (Van flies into Equestrian atmosphere. Then bats begin swarming the van) By Jove! They're everywhere!
  • Djon- I'm frightened!
  • Cynder- Prepare to activate the shields! (Mr. Dodo pushes button, and force field encloses van, and bats are deterred) There, now we have protection. (Van lands near Twilight's house)
  • SpongeBob- We made it! We're in Equestria!
  • Lord Shen- But how are we supposed to get inside with all those bats flying around?
  • Merlin- Allow me! TELEPORTUS! (Teleports all Lodgers to Twilight's house)

Twilight's House

  • Twilight- WHOA! They're here!
  • Rainbow Dash- It's about time.
  • Icky- Sorry we're late. Ok, what's the damage? What did they break?
  • Rarity- Well, the bats are flying all over Equestria and are attacking anyone they see.
  • Applejack- They scratched us like animals! Nopony could last even 60 seconds out there.
  • Icky- Well, then I guess Princess Luna came down to save you, huh?
  • Fluttershy- Yeah. She was brave, and the bats took her to Batula. I don't even know what Batula plans to do with her.
  • Lord Shen- And I also understand that Batula's already taken control of Princess Celestia.
  • Pinkie Pie- IT WAS HORRIBLE!
  • Twilight- We tried to stop him, but he somehow put us to sleep.
  • Applejack- We may not know what Batula is planning to do with Luna, but we do know that we have to do something fast.
  • Rarity- Yes, of course.
  • Mr. Dodo- Anyone have any clever strategies on how to stop Batula, and save Celestia and Luna?
  • Batty- I do. Lodge/Pony Huddle! (All Lodgers and Ponies huddle up) Okay, here's what we'll do. We'll get to Canterlot, find a way to lure all the bats in Equestria to one spot where we can distract them long enough for us to get to the castle. Then we'll head to the Throne Room where Batula is probably keeping Celestia and Luna.
  • Lord Shen- Good plan, but what if Batula puts us to sleep with his sonar?
  • Batty- Simple. Do you guys remember your cattle mission in Texas?
  • Sandy- What're ya' talkin' about?
  • Batty- Well, remember what Shenzi did to get across Slim without being hypnotized by his yodeling?
  • SpongeBob- Ooooooohhhhh! Genius! We'll plug our ears.
  • Twilight- Good idea, Batty!
  • Shenzi- Well, in that case, Jack, it's time for another donation of you cottan tail.
  • Lucky Jack- NOT AGAIN!


  • Batula- Say, Brink?
  • Brink- Yes, sir?
  • Batula- Have you found out anything on how to get Luna back into Nightmare Moon again?
  • Brink- Well, Wikipedia says that Luna became Nightmare Moon out of jealousy when everyone in Equestria shunned the night.
  • Batula- Is that it?
  • Brink- Well, it also says that she can become Nightmare Moon in anger, just like the Hulk. But the ponies in Equestria just believe that to be a myth.
  • Batula- HAH! Myth Schmyth, that's gotta work! Once Luna becomes Nightmare Moon again, we can rule the night together! And the good news is that no one can stop me!
  • Brink- Nothing except those Shell Lodgers that freed you in the first place. Our sources say that they've landed on Equestria. They could be here any minute. Do you think we should begin the next invasion?
  • Batula- Not yet! As soon as we get Nightmare Moon back, we'll begin the next invasion. But don't worry! It won't take long. Now, how do we get Luna mad enough to become Nightmare Moon again?
  • Brink- Well, what makes any woman mad?
  • Batula- Hmm... I think I've got just the thing...


  • Batula- Luna, there's something i want to talk to you about, concerning your sister.
  • Luna- What is it?
  • Batula- Well, (Gulp, and pretends to be scared) Welll...uh...I, uh...
  • Luna- SPIT IT OUT!
  • Batula- Well, I promised I wouldn't say it but.... she said she's better then you. (Luna gasps) But you didn't hear it from me.
  • Luna- She would never say that. We both loved each other so much, and we never had an arguement before I wasn't myself! Besides, I thought you already had her hypnotized.
  • Batula- Well, when I asked her about you, she just...well...brought it up.
  • Luna- She thought I was not special?
  • Batula- Yup. She said it herself! (Plays tape recorder (Whereas Batula had Celestia say the words as a means of tricking Luna into becoming Nightmare Moon) Celestia: "Well, we do get along very well, but...personally...I think I'm way better than her.")
  • Batula- ("Yes, yes, yes! Let the hate flow through you!")
  • Luna- (Suddenly calms down) Eh, that's no big deal. She's probably still concerned about me. (Walks away)
  • Batula- Bloody hell! I knew that plan wouldn't work!

Elsewhere in the Castle

  • Luna- Whew, that was close! I knew that bat would try something like this! Celestia in her mind would never say she's better then me! Then again, she's not in her proper mind right now. Batula must of asked her to say those lines to try an influence me! That must be it! I hope...Well, I've gotta keep my temper, otherwise I'm sacked!
  • Batula- Hey Luna? There's something I need to tell you.
  • Luna- What?
  • Batula- I believe Celestia said, and I quote: "Mom always liked me best!". A shocker, ain't it?
  • Luna- (Snickers) Nice try, Batula! I know Celestia is not in her right head right now, and she is only saying those hurtful things because your asking her too.
  • Batula- (AOOGAH!) (Gets very angry) Alright, I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but I guess I'll have to go to Plan B: Kill that Twilight Sparkle, and her annoying friends. Perhaps their deaths will undo what the elements have done to you!
  • Luna- Consider you hope blessed. (Luna blasted open the wall and fles away, exiting through the destroyed wall)
  • Brink- Yes, sir! (Communicates to bats outside with sonar, and the bats attack Luna)
  • Bat- You don't tell us what to do anymore, Moonwalker!
  • Bat 2- Yeah! We're use to your crazy antics! (Both bats laugh)
  • Luna- (Bats continue swarming across Luna) AAARGH! UNHAND ME THIS INSTANT! I'M SERIOUS, STOP IT!
  • Twilight- (Lodgers and ponies hide in shadows from the bats) Look! It's Luna! (All see Luna being attacked by bats)
  • Lord Shen- Luna's being attacked!
  • Kowalski- We gotta help her!
  • Private- But how?
  • Icky- Don't know, but we gotta think of something! (Luna broke free, and flys away, but is now persued by the still hypnotised Celestia)
  • Lord Shen- Look! It's Celestia!
  • Twilight- That's not good!
  • Applejack- I agree. The Princess must still be controlled by that Batula varmit!
  • Skipper- How do we snap her out of it?
  • Twilight- I think I have an idea. But somebody's gonna have to distract all the bats in the sky for it to work.
  • Private- But what can we use to distract them?
  • Marty- How about we try blood? After all, they are vampire bats.
  • Iago- And where are we supposed to find blood? We'd have to kill someone in order to get that.
  • Shifu- Or perhaps we can try meat.
  • Po- What?
  • Shifu- If vampire bats like blood, then there's a good chance they'll like meat.
  • Po- Will that even work?
  • Kowalski- Actually, it can! Some bats do eat meat.
  • Fluttershy- But where can we find meat?
  • Rico- Ooh! I know! (Hacks up 10 fishes) FIIIISH!
  • Kowalski- Not likely, Rico. Fish may be meat, but they're too salty for the bats to handle.
  • Rico- AAAAWWW!
  • Kowalski- Anyone else have any meat?
  • Mr. Whiskers- Well...I do have this slab of beef.
  • Brandy- Isn't that one of your so called 'Valuable, irreplaceable, priceless memorabilia'?
  • Mr. Whiskers- Yes, but at a time like this, what choice do we have? This beef may be priceless nonetheless, but it's the best we can do. Does anyone here have a great amount of strength?
  • Sandy- Allow me! (Grabs beef, winds it and throws it off in the distance, and the bats follow it)
  • Kowalki- It's working!
  • Skipper- Let's roll! (Lodgers run out of cover)
  • Twilight- Rarity? You still got that photo of us?
  • Rarity- Absolutely! I decorated the picture case with bright shiny gems!
  • Twilight- That's great, Rarity, but if we can show this picture to Princess Celestia, she might snap out of her trance.
  • Rainbow Dash- Are you sure that'll work, Twilight?
  • Twilight- Sure it will. This picture always cheers me up whenever I feel lonely. If it can cheer me up, it can snap the Princess out of her trance. Trust me!
  • Rainbow Dash- Well, okay.

In the Sky

  • Celestia (hypnotised)- (Still chasing her young sister) Surrender to the great Batula, Luna! He will make a fine husband to you!
  • Celestia- Do not try to mislead me with your lies! I will never betray my master, and there's no way you can make me!
  • Rainbow Dash- YIPPEE!
  • Celestia- What the? (Rainbow Dash zips around Celestia) What is this matter of trickery?
  • Rainbow Dash- Your highness, you need to snap out of it! You're being used!
  • Celestia- (Blasts laser at Rainbow Dash, but Rainbow Dash dodges the laser)
  • Rainbow Dash- Forgive me, your highness, but THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! (Charges into Celestia, knocking her to the ground)
  • Twilight- Good work, Rainbow Dash!
  • Celestia- You fools think you can beat me?
  • Twilight- Princess Celestia, it's me, Twilight Sparkle! Remember? Your protege? Your faithful student?
  • Celestia- Get out of my way, horse! I've got a sister to catch!
  • Twilight- Alright, your highness. Just do me a favor before you do that! Look at this.
  • Celestia- A picture? What's so great about a lousy pi...(Looks at picture, and sees Twilight with her 5 friends. Celestia sees all of Twilight's achievements in her head, and when she defeats Nightmare Moon and Discord, as well as giving Shining Armor and Candence the courage to defeat Chrysalis)...(Sheds tear, and regans control) What the? What happened? Where is that bat that attacked my guards?
  • Twilight- Your highness, it's alright! That bat you encountered had mind-controlled you with his sonar. But now, you're okay!
  • Celestia- Well, thank you, Twilight. I really appreciate that.
  • Luna- Celestia? Are you okay?
  • Celestia- Luna! (Both hug) Did you help them make it this far?
  • Luna- Of course. But you would not believe what I've been through tonight! First these bats take me into your throne room, and I find this Batula guy. And he immediately had a crush on me.
  • SpongeBob- Batula had a crush on you?
  • Luna- You have no idea! He learned about my past, and tried to turn me back into my evil self so I can rule by his side!
  • Rainbow Dash- Are you serious?
  • Pinkie Pie- (Scoffs and laughs) That bat had a crush on you?!? (Laughs)
  • Celestia- Well, at least now that I'm not hypnotized anymore, I can stop this crisis! (Uses powers to try to bring the sun back up, but her powers fail) (Gasps)
  • Icky- What's going on? Why isn't the sun coming up?
  • Celestia- I'm afraid there's too many bats out here! Their combined energy derived from their nocturnal curse are interfearing with my powers.
  • Skipper- UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGH! Why is it that every time something seems easy, it just gets worse?
  • Twilight- Well, I guess there's only one thing to do! We have to confront Batula and regain control of Equestria.
  • Rarity- (Gasps) Oh my stars! You don't mean...
  • Twilight- Yes. We have to somehow force Batula to make his bat army go back to where they came from so the Princess can bring the sun back up.
  • Kowalski- But how are we gonna do that? We don't know any hypnotists around here!
  • Kaa- HEY! What am I, chop liver?
  • Kowalski- Oh, yeah! That's right!
  • Applejack- Perfect! Kaa can hypnotize Batula to send the bats home!
  • Sandy- Well, it might not work, but we need to try!
  • Fidget- Uh, guys? (Everyone looks in the bat-filled sky to see bats heading towards them)
  • Celestia- HOLY EQUESTRIA!
  • Merlin- Don't worry! TELEPORTUS! (All teleport out of area)


  • Icky- (All teleport inside the castle) Hey, nice going, Merlin!
  • Batty- Well, everyone, this is it! This may be our finest--(BZZAT)--finest hour! Let's finish this bat crisis once and for all!
  • Everyone- YEAH!
  • Celestia- Hold on, everypony,a those who are not ponies, everyone! We can't just go in there, Batula could have bat guards with him.
  • Icky- Good point, your highness.
  • Celestia- But don't worry! I've got an idea!

Chapter 8- Vivisectified

Throne Room

  • Batula- Where is Celestia and my guards already? Why has not my queen returned?
  • Brink- I don't know, sir. I'm sure they'll be back eventually.
  • Celestia- (Comes in with Luna pretending to be hypnotized, while Luna pretends to be knocked out and the Shell Lodgers wait for the moment to strike) I have succeeded, master!
  • Batula- Excellent work, Celestia! (Takes a look at Luna) Is she dead?
  • Celestia- (Pretending to be hypnotized) No, master! She is just knocked out!
  • Batula- Well, that's good!...Wait a second...(Looks at Luna again)...Something doesn't add up here. I don't think she's knocked out at all! (Luna suddenly grabs Batula by the head, and headbutts him) OUCH! (Shell Lodgers and other ponies pop out)
  • Celestia- Game's over, Batula!
  • Batula- What? How the hell did you overcome my mind control?
  • Celestia- With a power that's stronger than yours! And that power is called friendship.
  • Batty- We all know how this ends, Uncle Batula! Soon, you'll be defeated again! (BZZAT)
  • Batula- (Cackles) Please! You all can't defeat me! As long as my bat army remains in the sky, Celestia's powers are useless! Plus, you all won't resist my hypnotic sonar!
  • Lord Shen- Go on, you winged rat! Give us the best you've got!
  • Batula- As you wish! (Uses hypnotic sonar, but Lodgers and ponies are protected by the cotton in their ears) What? (Uses sonar again, but it doesn't work) What's wrong with my sonar?
  • Lord Shen- GET HIM! (Lodgers and ponies run for Batula, but Batula flies out of their way. The flying Lodgers and ponies except Fluttershy fly after him)
  • Batula- (Uses supersonic screech at persuers, but they all dodge, and Batula flies out window)
  • Batty- Oh no, you don't, 8-ball! Fidget, come on! We gotta catch him!
  • Fidget- Uh, cousin? Don't you remember? I can't fly!
  • Batula- Oh, that's right! Well, I'm off! (Flies after Batula)
  • Rainbow Dash- WAIT UP! (Flies out after Batula)

in the sky.

  • Batula- I must summon some personal protectors! (Batula uses sonar to summon 2 giant vampire bats)
  • Batula- Keep any persuer off my tail! (the giants flew off obeying his orders)
  • Brink- And me, sir?
  • Batula- Get the army here, now!
  • Brink- Yes, sir! (Uses sonar to call the other bats)
  • Batty- We've got company! (2 giant vampire bats fly after him and Rainbow Dash)
  • Rainbow Dash- I've got them! (Kicks bat down and charges into the other one)
  • Batty- Nice going, Rainbow Dash! But something tells me we're not through yet! (Bat army heads for them both)
  • Rainbow Dash- Don't worry! I've got an idea that can get rid of all those bats and help us catch Batula! Get on my back!
  • Batty- What?
  • Rainbow Dash- Just do it! (Batty flies onto RD's back, and bat army persues RD) Alright, hold on tight, because it's gonna get extreme! (Dives down with bats following them. Rainbow Dash dives down and speed increases)
  • Rainbow Dash- YOU'LL SEE! (Then Rainbow Dash does a Sonic Rainboom that scatters the entire bat army across the sky)
  • Both- WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA! (Both dart toward Batula)
  • Batula- AAAARRGH! (Rainbow Dash and Batty run into Batula)OOF!
  • Rainbow Dash- WE GOT HIM!
  • Batty- Oh, shoot! (Batula appears)
  • Batula- You crazed bufoon! (Attacks with claws, and Batty dodges, but Batula claws him the second time, severely wounding him. But when Batula leans in for another attack, he misses, and twitches the machinery antenna on his head)
  • Batty- (Does unique karate skills) HAI-YAH!
  • Batula- What the hell? What's happening? (Batty beats him up with awesome karate skills) Uuuhggh!
  • Batty- 根據管理局的紅色忍安理會,我現將把你根據逮捕了! (Chinese: By the authority of the Crimson Ninja Council, I hereby place you under arrest!) (Brink and the other bats are in relentless persuit)
  • Batula- Oh, you think that thingy on your head gives you power? Well, I've been taking Tai-Jitsu since I was 8!
  • Batty- 准備遭受極端憤怒,我用拳頭強大的正義! (Chinese: Prepare to suffer the extreme fury of my powerful fists of justice!)
  • Batula- Sorry, I don't speak Chinese! But on with the fight! (Both bats fight in martial-arts fighting)
  • Rainbow Dash- Geez, I have two bats fighting on my back! Well, at least it can't get any worse! (Bat swarm flies in front of her) HOLY CRUD! (Dives down to avoid bat swarm, and Batula and Batty fly off Rainbow Dash's back, and fight in flight. However, Batty gets caught in the bat swarm as Batula retreats, but Batty uses his broadcasted Ninja skills to fight across the bat swarm, and land on Batula, causing the both of them to fall)
  • Batty- 我現在你,無情地捍衛戰士」! (Chinese: I have you now, ruthless warrior!)
  • Batula- (Kicks Batty off of him, sending him spinning around in the air) Hahahahahahahahahahahah! (Flies away)
  • Batty- (Flies after Batula until bat army attacks him)
  • Batula- Now to finish you off once and for all! (Sharpens claws on his wings and feet, and swoops toward Batty)
  • Rainbow Dash- (Targets Batula, and zooms in for the strike)
  • Batula- Huh? (Sees Rainbow Dash darting towards him) AAAARRRRGH! (Rainbow Dash strikes him, and Batula is knocked out, and caught by Rainbow Dash, as she slams through the bat army, causing the remaining to retreat!)
  • Batty- 出色的工作、彩虹沖! (Chinese: Excellent work, Rainbow Dash!)
  • Rainbow Dash- (Didn't understand what he said) Uh...(Flicks antennae, and Batty switches back to normal)
  • Batty- Excellent work, Rainbow Dash!


  • Batula- (Wakes up tied to a chair guarded by Celestia's guards) WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?
  • Celestia- Alright, Batula! You've caused enough trouble in my kingdom as it is! Kaa, if you please?
  • Kaa- Asssssss you wish! (Hypnotizes Batula) You shall order your bat army to return to where they came from at once!
  • Batula- Yes, master! (Uses sonar to signal the bats to leave, and all the bats in Equestria return to their homes)
  • Skipper- We did it! The bats are leaving!
  • Celestia- Which means I can bring the sun back up again! (Uses powers to successfully bring sun back up, as all the ponies in Equestria cheer)
  • Batty- Now what shall we do with this trouble-maker?
  • Shifu- We shall send him to Prison 42! He will never be able to cause any mayhem anymore knowing that he's in the most powerful confinement area in the UUniverses!
  • Twilight- Well, thank goodness that this whole nightmare is over!


at prison 42.

  • (Van takes off)
  • Fidget- Well, we did it! We saved Equestria, and even the entire UUniverses from bloody conquest.
  • Lord Shen- Of course, there's one more thing you need to take care of!
  • Fidget- What?

In Dragon Temple Kitchen

  • Fidget- (Mopping floor) Darn it!
  • Icky- Glad it's not me this time.
  • Iago- I'm curious, Batty also had part in accidentally releasing Batula, how come only Fidget suffers, and not Batty or the Wolf Guard who lead them to the basement in the first place?
  • Icky- Because Batty doesn't deserve it because, after all, yesterday was his birthday. Plus, the others can't bear to lose BatTV for a week. It's pretty much the best entertainment we have. The wolf guy, well, he was a newbie rookie, and we all know how they tend to mess up all the time.
  • Iago- Hmm, you make a very good point. He does seem to be quite the entertainer. And he can give the rookie a break this time.
  • Icky- Yeah. But, personally, I think Batty sounds a little like Robin Williams.
  • Iago- I thought the same thing! Well, I guess I'll see you later, I'm gonna go watch some BatTV.
  • Fidget- (Sighs) I hate this labor!


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