HeadMaster Shineflare

Headmaster Julie Shineflare

Headmaster Julie Shineflare
is the Head Councilpony of Equestria's Unicorn Council. She knows as much magic as Celestia, and runs the Council in a stern but fair rule. While she is rather stern, arrogant, and stubborn, she is also wise and meaningful, always knowing what to do and what not to do depending upon the situation.


Cutie Mark

Shineflare was born as the child of Unicorn slaves for corrupt griffins called the Rockenmocks, who had treated her family harshly bad and used them in mining shafts. The Rockenmocks demanded respect from the unicorns they claimed as their property, and attacked anyone who disobeyed them. At first, Shineflare got used to it. But when a son of the Rockenmocks came home drunk and tried to sexually-assault Shineflare, she killed him in self-defense. She then got the idea to stand up to the Rockenmocks, kill them, and burn down their manor. While their ancestors put her on trial for it, the case was lost since Shineflare only acted in self-defense. Thus, when she vowed to make sure no pony would ever be abused again, she gained her cutie mark, a symbolised eagle. It was also reveiled in the end of Equestian Idol that she's apart of the disbanded Golden Slayers Clan, a group of unicorns that work in justice under the golden katrona during the fear wars, but the creation of the unity ended their usefulness.

Ruling the Council

Headmaster Shineflare 2

Shineflare (Retired)

She became so good at her movement, she became the Headmaster of the Unicorn Council after she was chosen in an election. But while she was a good leader, she believed that the sins on her family couldn't be forgiven, and she hated not just griffins, but all other races after how much trouble they've caused in the past. She recruited Pred Judu Des and his adopted daughters as great protectors, agreeing with his theories that dragons are not good creatures to interact with, not just for their greed and vicious behavior, but because of the crimes they caused such as those that they caused for Pred's adopted daughters. He attatude worsen when in Lord Shen's 4th of July Problems, that she had a childhood friend and secret crush who was momentarly reforming those harsh pholosifys against mythic beasts, Sunny Sky, was murdered by a dragon assassin assusiated to Malevolent Flames, where her hatred was restored and worsen, and phriased Pred for the death of the assassin the following day. She ends up being espeically harsh on Princess Celestia for the ironicly flawwed Unity and the unintentional pain it brought for allowing Mythic Beasts and Dragons to be among ponies.
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