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Warson George Crompton
Headmaster Warson.png
Vital statistics
Title Headmaster Warson, Leader of the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council, Longnose.
Gender Male
Race/Species Fulwama (Fulwomurus yomba)
Faction AUU Grand Council
Description Artificial Ribcage and Skull, Wise But Crude, Cocky, Arrogant, Resourceful, Occationally prone to sarcastic remarks and judging unimpressed stares.
Skills and Abilities Royal Self-Defense Electric Plasma Spear, Self-Defense Skills, Athoritive status and powers.
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Adopted Homeworld)
  • Nexx Tower, Xorizome (Current Council Residence)

Yet to be Reckitnesed Planet. (Birth Homeworld)

Alignment Good

Headmaster Warson G. Crompton is an Alternate UUniversal Fulwama from Planet Xorizome. He is the Head Councilman of the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council, restored from an older variant in past history, who commands the entire Alternate UUniverses publicly as the true leaders, the USRA remnants known as the Legion of Dominant Races, must remain anonymous until all high-level threats are gone, and keep things peaceful. He is very wise, but sometimes crude, cocky, and arrogant. He has a brother named General Marson who is the head of Grand Council Security and Law Enforcement, as well as being a minor Head Councilor who commands law enforcement across the AUU, coming into this after an assassination almost killed his brother and reduced him to an artificial ribcage and skull, the organs naturally able to regenerate except the brain and heart.


Warson was born in the 1940s when the AUU was in the middle of the Interuniversal War. Even to this day Warson had refused to admit the name of his birth planet due to haunting scars of it's debilitated state and had prefered to say that Xorizome is his home planet. He was raised in tough times in a war-torn environment where welfare was incredibly demanding and war media ran rampant, and the separated USRA had difficulty balancing out the chaos. Warson already lost his mother in the war-torn environment, and his father went off to provide for the family and the AUU, fighting desperately to keep his two sons safe. Even Warson's brother Marson wanted to join in the military determined enough to end the war himself, even if Warson tells him that times are tough for them at the moment and they can barely provide for even themselves. They even struggle to avoid battlefields from even attacking threats from other worlds.

Eventually, when they reached the legal age to join the military, they got drafted into the war with his father, but not after saving a fellow soldier who was so stupid, he didn't even know the country he was in nor where he was from, the countries that were fighting, and even the threats that came at hand, to the point where even his commanding officer felt like retiring the clueless 'son-of-a-bitch with zero-navigation' skills. Regardless, the brothers, discovering that he suffered brain damage bad enough that gave him topographical disorientation, asked for the soldier, named Doobce Focalus, to be one of their cadets, along with Doobce's friends another long line of soldiers who were brain damaged and traumatized by war that the can hardly function and think properly, feeling sorry for them. Eventually, after several years, they became bold in spirit to the point where they had military instinct.

Though because of the low grades and constant demotions Doobce and his friends went through because of their stupidity, their commanding officer only allowed them to go to Doobce's home planet of Osdrone, a Vietnamese-like world which is one of many affected gravely by the Interuniversal War. Thus, they accepted, and have had to spend their years in the military and having to put up with Doobce and his friends' stupidity, something which contributed to them being stereotypical military leaders. But Warson was the first to retire during the war, believing that their actions were going nowhere, and hoped to solve it in one way: create a new AUU Grand Council to ease the USRA races' burdens of fighting and keeping peace, easily willing to take the entire burden himself. Thus he left and moved to Xorizome while Marson would look after their comrades, despite one or two of them dying in the field of battle.

Sure enough, while Marson would retire as well and move onto working as a worker of a military school, even bringing Doobce and company to live with him in his house, Warson would prove his worth to the Legion and prove that he can save them so much trouble, and he proved that he could do it very well, and by the time the Interuniversal War ended, he found other victims of hardships to become new members. And he even helped fund the formation of the HPA on Mirth Prime, fashioning it in a way the humans would enjoy through their own technology. He even provided much more for the AUU and helped it recover much quicker than in the past during the times of the Great Stagnation. However, 3 years before the Villains Act, he was nearly assassinated by a former Interuniversal War splinter cell group that wanted revenge on what Marson did to them, of which Marson, surprising even Doobce and his brother later, annihilated the entire splinter cell to avenge his brother.

While Warson would recover with an artificial ribcage and skull, as much of his vitals could naturally heal, Marson decided to join the Council as Head of Security, end even invited Doobce and others to join in security, as by this point in time, they developed from the brain damage they suffered long ago. Eventually, when the Villains Act came, the AUU Grand Council was already reliable enough for the main rulers to hide and allow someone else to communicate on their behalf. Thus, Warson and Marson had done whatever they could for their worlds, and still stand strong to this very day.


Headmaster Warson, being the leader of the Grand Council, universally deals with all the matters that his members established during their entry in the Council. But ever since the fall of the Villains Act, he has the most important law of regulating Inter-UUniversal relations between their UUniverses and the Original UUniverses since it will be needed for their coexistence. He is sure to improve relations to the new and 'strange' UUniverses as much as he can, especially since they shared the same great heroes who rescued them from their horrible dystopia: The Shell Lodge Squad.

Original UUniverses Relations Regulations

  1. Common Courtesy- Most laws of the Alternate UUniverses and the Original UUniverses are to be recognized and respected by each other, as Warson believes from knowledge of races that they are free to have their own beliefs unless it is not considered very lawful. This is mainly for Alternates that come to live in any of these two UUniverses. This restricts intoducing AUU non-sentient creatures into the Original UUniverses, as the same trade rules apply here, and even stricter diplomatic policies are enforced.
  2. Unauthorized Villain Immigration- Villains in both UUniverses are forbidden to come on opposite UUniverses for any reason under penalty of either a large fine or months of house arrest. This became especially enforced after events like when Darkness Qui first came to the OUU and interacted with the native villains and the Skeeterazoid Invasion. Ships that travel through the AUU Interdimensional Portal are routinely inspected to avoid stowaways of non-sentient and sentient varieties, and to avoid dangerous and unfamiliar weaponry and to make sure it is not introduced there.
  3. Prisoner Custody- Custody of prisoners are allowed to be exchanged by request of either side. Qui was the first of this due to connections with Shell Lodger Cynder. Though some regulations have been made to limit the exchange based on the villains' power and influences.
  4. Embracing OUU Ideals- Embracing of Original UUniversal ideals is allowed, and has been on a noticeable rise when the Lodgers are allowed to partake in certain Heroes Act missions.
  5. Immigration- Alternate UUniversals can be allowed to visit or even live in the Original UUniverses as long as it's not for malevolent intentions. Though any violation of this law will be given a penalty of exile and deporting back to their respective UUniverses.
  6. Unauthorized Colonizing- Alternate colonizing of either UUniversal worlds is strictly prohibited, and worlds and systems that act on their own accord will be fined and the offending leader will be removed of his position. This can only be allowed if it is desperate, such as the case with the Psychozoans.
  7. Inter-UUniversal Warfare- Wars against both UUniverses for any reason is strictly forbidden, and can be severely punished through execution or life imprisonment depending upon how serious it is. Even if the Lodgers decide to make a controversial decision, it will still not be tolerated. Both UUniverses must not be blamed for anything that might spark a war, even if it is to protect a race it is strongly against, like during any attempt to eradicate a species. This is done as an act of eternal thanks and respect for the Original UUniverses for housing the heroes that saved their UUniverses, and it would seem disrespectful to make an act of war for alternate beliefs.
  8. Inter-Council Relations- Strong relations with the High Council and Grand Council needs to be kept up in great levels, considering that they technically 'own' the Lodgers. This must also include police forces and hero groups of any origin, and attempts that threaten any police force or hero group into disbanding is punishable by both Councils.