Healthy Life

"It's not, the doctor's life I expected, but, if I'm helping ponies, who am I to complain?"

Healthy Life is a pony-sized Alicorn that's the daughter of The Life Stag and The Alicorn of Nature, but she was instead adopted/unintentionally kidnapped by Yogo and South Winds. Healthy knew well she was, different among the little ponies. She didn't wanted to be treated speical by neither teachers or students just because she's an alicorn. She knows she's just another pony, she's just, borned speical. HL always dreamed of being a talented doctor. She studied doctorlogity well. She meant to practiced on a dead frog like a surgen, and used her magic to test pulse, but instead, ended up bring it to life, freaking out and amazing both students and teachers! She paniaced, afraid everyone's gonna hate her for what she did! Eventally, word gotten to Yogo and South, and the trio went out to spread this ability to Equestia. In a sense, Healthy became the doctor she dreamed, and gotten the subuquent cutie-mark, just not in the way she planned. She eventally learned to accept this as her desteny... But what if, she would to discover a giant misunderstanding in the making, and would she be able to prevent her real parents, and angry gnomes and ents from destroying Equestia, and her adopted parents, over trying to get her back. She seems to be an Alicorn verson of Trixie, but with a different color palette, and a cutiemark based on the hospital symbol with snakes.
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