Hecate is the Olympian Demigoddess of witchcraft and the night. She longs to rule the Underworld and steal Hades' power over the dead.

Empusa/Winged Wolves of Hecate

The Empusa, are the two large winged wolves act as Hecate's servants and confidants. They seem very polite and have smooth talking voices, however they can be quite vicious and will not hesitate to kill anyone who Hecate deems a nuisance. They are also very loyal to her and will carry out any of her orders.

Hercules and the Underworld Takeover

After continuous failed attempts to try to prove to the Olympian Gods that she would be a far better Goddess of the Underworld than Hades, she decides to steal his Godhood and while he is busy with the Council of the Gods she succeeds in taking over the Underworld and taking control of Hades allies and minions. Luckily Pain and Panic manage to escape and seek Hercules' help in overthrowing her.

Hercules and the Disappearing Heroes

Hecate returns to try and take over the Underworld again but this time she kidnaps all the famous heroes from Greece and steals their great abilities in order to create a powerful monster.

Role in the series

In light that Hades is in the League, she had aimed to get with the Dark Dragon Scourge Empire for quite a long time now, but the Dark Dragon is netouriously tough to impress, at most managing a "Trial Membership" that requires to be able to be a threat to the Lougers, even so much as their mid-level members. She had been trying to get membership back in the times of Fang's rule, who he wouldn't've even entertained the idea whereas at least Dark Dragon gave her a trail-run.

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