Hecktor Heckler
Hecktor Heckler
Vital statistics
Title Gazelle's Agent
Gender Male
Race/Species Spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta)
Faction Independent Citizen
Description Supportive and Romantically Interested in Gazelle, Gentleman-Mannered
Skills and Abilities Natural Hyena Abilities
Status Alive
Location Zootopia (Hometown)
Alignment Good

Hecktor Heckler is a hyena from Zootopia who is the manager, care-taker, agent, and advertiser of Gazelle. He is a very gentlemen-mannored and high-class sort that considered Gazelle the most beautiful singer of his entire career. And he's not just saying that to get Gazelle more fans. He and Gazelle have far more personal feelings for each-other that stems back from the day he found her: As a waitress for a Rhino-owned Truck Stop Diner. It was a kariooke night in the diner and Gazelle was permitted by her gruff boss to sing for once. It wowed and gained the attention of Hecktor. He went to her, introduse himself to her and said he wants to make Gazelle the first ever Herbavore celeberty in Zootopia, which Gazelle excitedly accepts. With his help, Gazelle rose into fame and earned the affections of many. But she already long earned Hecktor's. However, this affection let to him become extremely over-protective of Gazelle, not being fond of her quickness to get involved with activisum and dare devil stunts, worried about her well being, often to the point of him being very aggresive to anyone that was the shorce of the problem, even reguardless of it being mostly an accsident or by unfortunate circumstances. But he doesn't full out stop her from doing it unless it was proven greatly dangerious. He puts Gazelle on a rotine to help her avoid failure in keeping up with the active world of being a Pop Star. But how will Hecktor cope with Gazelle being destin for something greater then just being a celeberty?

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