Hector Remy Ingersoll

Hector R. Ingersoll is a marine iguana from SpongeBob's world. He is an infamous terrorist that lived in Bottoms Up, the sister city to Bikini Bottom, and he lived as a grand and rich billionaire of Galapagos origin. However, he has a little bit of an askew personality, and was utterly spoiled by his family. However, what changed his life was when his parents passed way, and he was not chosen to be the true heir to the fortune, and instead it was handed to his more responsible brother, cutting him off of his own money entirely, and he only allowed him a little bit of money for doing responsibility, as he has proven that he needs to support himself. Angered, he cost the manor it's entire fortune to corrupt loan sharks, and thus he was disowned by the entire family following it being taken by a higher bidder for his selfish, stubborn, and lazy behavior. Ultimately neglected, he killed his brother, and took back the manor by force through making a deal with a crime lord, enslaving his entire family until the Bikini Bottom Defense Force, despite it's disagreements with Bottoms Up, helped end Hector's reign, and while he disappeared, his family was given a better life and banning Hector from their new land, and the crime lord and his forces were sent to Bottoms Up Maximum Penitentiary with Hector before he escaped. Out of revenge, he tried many times to destroy Bikini Bottom. But he may finally find that chance when it's trademark glacier starts to show signs of dilapidation and possible flood warnings. He finds an opportunity and manages to melt it quicker, and unintentionally released a Thalassomedon named Goonami, who clearly makes it unsafe for the goo to be in. With this, it may possibly be the most terrorizing and devastating thing Hector had ever done. But after he angers SpongeBob by almost drowning Sandy, he ends up getting eaten by his own unknowing monstrous pawn. He has a personality on par with Paragus in Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan and thus is just as cunning considering his terrorist history and tragic history of circumstance and greed, yet has a different voice on par with Topher Grace.


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  • Hector is based off of an original character created by MSM in one of his old Spandy (SpongeBob and Sandy shipping fandom nickname) stories on his old account of
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