Keira has gone missing and hasn't been found in weeks. Thus the Lodgers come in to help as they learn that before she disappeared, she had finally become an Eco Sage, and one that is unheard of thanks to harnessing all forms of Eco since Dawn of the Eco Sages, becoming just as powerful as Jak and thus is learning how to fight like him much to her father's dismay yet he is still proud of her for getting this far. But since the time she disappeared, something has started to spring up to where there has been no Metal Head attacks lately, which is usually a common occurrence, and that the world is in a greater Eco shortage again and Jak once again cannot transform. They explain to the Lodge that after they defeated Duke Skyheed, they learned that the energy lines they discovered with help from Tym that were connected to the Eco Core they saved were in fact places where Eco went to nurture the planet like circulation, and the big one over the brink was connecting the Eco Core to a bigger one within the center of the planet itself which is the heart of not just the planet, but the Eco is it's thankfully-renewable blood that the Precursors safeguarded with their lives from the Darkmakers like they did on other worlds, as this world, it turns out, is one that has more Eco than any world they ever encountered, providing plentiful opportunities for both of them. They went there and met a Precursor elder named DeCore as he guarded the Core for a long time and gained a human guise to blend into society. Then when Keira became an even enough match to Jak to even defeating him in combat, she disappeared the next day. Thus the Lodgers agree to help find her because power like that is very attractive to villains. They reach the Core and learn that Skyheed is still alive, and has become a bigger Eco monster by absorbing the massive amounts of Eco in the Core, and as a result, is tearing the planet asunder and depleting it of it's life force, as revenge for his defeat, and has given Keira her own Dark Form and locked DeCore away somewhere he'd never be found so that he cannot give her a Light Form to counterbalance the darkness inflicted upon her. With Dark Keira hunting the heroes down, the heroes must find DeCore so he can cure her and they can stop Skyheed for good.




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