Heili Runner

Heili Eol Ve Runner

Heili Eol Ve Runner is an Alternate UUniversal Tiikon from Planet Scyria. She is the planet's greatest defender after a lifelong adventure made her learn about the expansive mechanical artificial setting of the planet. She made friends and enemies on this adventure and learns how dangerous the technology of the Scyrians are, including their enhancelement, after she was orphaned from a scientist that died studying it. With her friends Meya Liu, a hacker turned robot named Santrago An Sanct, and a military combat scientist named Dinia Altories, she managed to make the world suitable for her race to inhabit on her quest to finish where her mother left off and restore the beauty of a planet lost in waste when the Scyrians vanished. She is the AUU version of Ark: Survival Evolved Helena Walker, and as of her time in the Ascending Tomb, she's a being capable of controlling data and enhancelement. Even so, as a Tiikon, she has three personalities dependent on which part of her brain is still awake:
  • Alfa Phase: Eccentric, giddy, and ambitious.
  • Bravo Phase: Serious, skeptical, and ambitious.
  • Charlie Phase: Analytical, tough, bold, observant, and ambitious.


Heili was born as the daughter of a single mother who was a research scientist studying the Scyrians and the secrets they held. But she died when Heili was only a year old on the job after getting too ambitious and going somewhere she shouldn't have. As Heili grew up, she was at first afraid of science because it got her mother killed, preferring to take a job as a normal civilian on her home colony. But no matter how much she tried to deny it, she was absolutely passionate about the planet's wildlife and geology, and finally decided to give in. She became a scientist explorer and discovered that the technology her people used wasn't entirely theirs and had been derived from other kinds of technology, resulting in her discovering her mother's documents and learns she was researching the secrets of the Scyrians and what dangers they posed, intending to find and protect them. Amazed with the pursuit, Heili couldn't help but aim to finish where she left off, going to do research on an island colony outside her home colony called Animosity Island, which was already a Scyrian colony built before outer colonies formed.

On this island, Heili tamed a giant pteroavian named Athea and discovers that it was most certainly artificial because there were twice as much predators on the island than prey, which was unnatural for a normal ecosystem. She found new kinds of animals and studied them. For 5 years, Heili explored the island and met some new people: Edwyn Stonewell, an ambitious Chredder chemist who also researches secrets of the Scyrians whom she sees as the father she never had, Meya Liu, a female Sauran lone warrior with a familial army of animals, and Nervay, a sentient dinosaur conqueror who seeks to take over Scyria from his isolated island home. Meeting Meya, she aims to study her animals as Meya, hesitant to her persistent presence, comes to accept her as an acquaintance. She admired the 30-year research Stonewell did regarding the Scyrians and how he looked up to her mother, forming a public friendship with him. But as for Nervay, she was appalled that he saw the chaos around the world and intended to escape the energy barricade surrounding the island to take over a vulnerable world. She had no idea, however, that Stonewell had been working with Nervay for a long time. Heili eventually comes to the discovery that Nervay wasn't the first with the intent of conquest, as he hails from a sentient animal tribe imprisoned on the island by the Scyrians for despising their genetic perfection and environmental damage, aiming to take over the world and wipe them out. She thus enlisted help from Meya and Stonewell to take down his empire.

Stonewell, still supportive of Nervay, betrayed Heili as they sought out the secrets Nervay wanted to escape from the guardian temple of the Giopithecus, a colossal ape critically endangered in the AUU, only for them to fall into Nervay's trap. After a bloody battle, Heili was held as a POW while Nervay stole her documents and found the secrets to finally escape the island. Meya frees her, but because she blames her for the chaos her adopted home suffered, she knocks her out to fight Nervay herself, following him to the escape portal and then suddenly vanishing with him and a pursuing Heili. The three were thus separated across the planet. Heili finds herself in a Scyrian autonomous control room where creatures are monitored via robot dinosaurs, and meets the Overwatcher, an AI that says she's not supposed to be there and, after recognizing her DNA signature, recalls her mother and tries to lobotomize her. She escapes and finds herself falling from an invisible floating tower higher than any of the Beaconbeam Towers on the surface into a scorched desert climate that she recognizes as the Scorchar Desert. But before she lands, she is rescued by an unseen flying creature being rode by an unseen figure, whom she briefly confuses for Meya.

Recovering from her fall, she is helped from exposure by miniature native sentient animals, and after they supply her with resources, food and water, she travels the desert and tames a pet Earbitidium that could detect danger, naming him Scanny, which saves her from the desert's electrical sandstorms. She goes to many towns and after hearing Edwyn was around, she was thinking about showing him the space station and even defends the town from Mangrimax lucuses, or M-Lucuses, giant mangrises capable of using guns or melee weapons, with unintended help from the mysterious flier, who was dubbed the 'Rayburn Skyrider' and arrived as a fearsome savior. Intrigued, she wanted to find her and study her Dracthons. She eventually does find her and discovers she has been watching her since she arrived, and she learns about the properties of the obelisks. Taking up residence in her house high in the crater's lining mountains, she learns how to fly a Dracthosaur. After exploring and familiarizing herself with the crater desert, she ends up finding Edwyn and brings him to Rayburn's house. Realizing she doesn't know about his partnership with Nervay, Stonewell uses this to his advantage and Heili helps him recover from his own previous problems. But she is focused more on the artifacts he collected than the powerful metal he became fascinated with, while Rayburn realizes more danger about the obelisks with what the two know about them. She reveals her own story as Rav and warns Heili that Stonewell might not be who he seems and yet reluctantly helps the two access the obelisk, fighting the Mantilovia guardian of the key to the teleportation beacon, but Edwyn draws it to the desert by stealing some of the metal, which it has been trained to keep away from mortals. Despite the metal being returned, the Mantilovia almost kills them until being saved by Johno Coopher, an underground Mephean hermit gunslinger and Rav's boyfriend who was thought to be dead, unleashing Dracthosaurs and giant Rock Monsters onto the Mantilovia, killing it. Thus they succeed and Rav continues on with her life with Johno by her side, swearing to protect the desert from the dangers of the Scyrian technology while Heili and Edwyn go to a specified location Johno says they'll find what they're looking for.

The two enter Lapse Wastes, a land irradiated because of the destruction of the land's ozone layer, retreating to the safer underground and seek to find more of the precious metal Edwyn was so interested in. They discover a bioluminescent forest but then get attacked by an endless horde of subterranean bat monsters. But they are soon rescued by Meya, who had tamed up a new herd and discovered the bat monsters, called Eerioses after the mythical bat humanoids, are weak to light. Overjoyed to see Meya again, Heili and Meya catch up while Edwyn is disappointed, with Meya still angry she still trusts him. They go to an underground base where Heili meets it's lead scientists, Dinia, whom Heili hesitates to be around because she is a Skorner, and Santrago, and comes to be close with Dinia's students Busty, a Pisc who risks his life to get recognition, Milidia, an engineering Memnmean with too much knowledge than she knows what to do with, Joris, the student leader Marxan who takes the job seriously, Qendru, a rough Rocken combatant scientist and tamer, and Grants, the underappreciated Tirod rookie student. While Edwyn learns more of the metal, called 'enhancelement', which allows the bioluminescence of the underground land and works his way into the research team despite his limited experience and lack of concern with the station's Escape Project, Heili discovers that the Escape Project is to track down a signal from outside the radioactive surface allowing them to escape safely through teleportation, but recalls warnings from Rav of how dangerous they can be. Edwyn helps improve their tech to escape despite wondering why they would want to leave a place of such potential as Meya grows more suspicious of him. Heili learns how to use a tech suit and wanders the irradiated surface with Meya and Santrago while Edwyn traverses the radioactive element caves, ignoring warnings of how dangerous it is.

In time, Heili, Meya, and Santrago teleport to another control center on the irradiated surface and discover much of how it works, allowing them to access the teleportation grid for the Escape Project. Santrago finds the control room and hacks it as a test run, but they release a wave of creatures and fight their way out. They return to the station with this information and are hailed as heroes. However, Edwyn, experimenting himself with the enhancelement, steals all the element jealous of Heili and becomes a monster who takes over the station. Dinia is seemingly killed by Edwyn and his monsters, and they defend the base for weeks until Meya gathers all the weapons and beasts she can find to hunt Edwyn with Heili following her. They defeat him and push him into a cavern as Meya almost falls in. Despite this, Heili still regards Edwyn as a friend on his grave, and the team continues with the Escape Project. Heili initially wants to leave for believing herself responsible for Edwyn's betrayal, Meya forbids it and Santrago agrees with her. Thus they eventually leave through the portal and find the Scyrians' ancient capital city, Ar Cretacion.

In this city, Heili discovers it's under study by other people from across the AUU, and since their original leader died, Santrago steps in as the leader while instructing her and Meya to explore the outside of the city. While Meya tames countless amounts of animals for the team's use, Heili discovers that they are not any normal creatures and that they were genetically engineered, including a mammalian dracthon, a cute rodent that can transform into a monstrous bat beast, a giant sea turtle that can crawl on land and be a mobile platform, a raptor that can breath fire, a color-changing primate, and a huge large-eared long-legged rodent that can run 75 mph and possesses a long tongue. She even discovers plant-like crystals of enhancelement, and despite not giving concern at first, finds to her amazement that it shows signs of self-awareness, by adapting around changing landscapes and conditions. But then Meya suddenly decides to retreat with everyone including her when she hears a familiar roar, identifying it as the same roar of the creature that stranded her on Animosity Island, finally seeing it as a giant humanoid dinosaur standing 60ft tall. They return and the staff confirm the giant as the apex predator of Scyria, the Titos.

After studying the animals Meya brought to the crew, Heili studies the self-aware enhancelement, and theorizes that, because it is an advanced hybrid of DNA and metal, it must have evolved self-awareness and therefore sentience. But the rest of the staff already knew this and reveal that it's not only sentient, but also infectious and has taken over the land beyond the colonies, Scyrian or Tiikon in origin. Santrago also claims to have been studying it and says it accumulated globally long ago through a possible world war because it couldn't do so naturally. Concerned that this form of life is too dangerous to stay alive, Heili and Meya decide to help him out with constructing a colossal tech suit capable of fighting against the Titoses. Heili even decides to help give Santrago a break by throwing him a birthday party. Progress on the colossal tech suit goes well but Heili doesn't seem to be performing the molecular fusion that makes the colossal tech suit. But then a Titos pair and their babies attack the facility, and Santrago leads them away in a tech suit to his presumed death while Heili and the others retreat, unfortunately leaving behind an insubstantial amount of resources to finish the colossal tech suit.

A day later, she's amazed that Santrago's tech suit survived, but his body is in critical condition while being carried by a resurrected Dinia. Dinia plans to resurrect him as an android, and they resume their goals. They even allow him to use his psychokinetic abilities as a strong sensory device, allowing him to detect a faraway signal and the same signal that brought them to the capital city. They travel there after preparing a strong convoy and find it's an invisible skyscraper that contains an autonomous series of genetic machines, spawning chambers, supercomputers, and observatory screens, and to Heili's amazement, an entire chasm of Scyrians in suspended animation. But to her shock, she meets the Overwatcher again, who berates her for not heeding it's warnings, and aims to lobotomize the entire crew. They escape with a complete copy of the tower's data network, and back in Ar Cretacion, they read it and discover that the Scyrians used enhancelement as a weapon of war and artificial evolution, but like with Stonewell, it drove them into genetic madness and animalistic savagery, forcing them to put themselves into stasis until the chaos of the planet was healed, with autonomous AI like the Overwatcher safeguarding them. With this info in hand, they hatch a plan to cleanse the enhancelement from the planet, but the Overwatcher isn't going to allow it because had been corrupted by the enhancelement infection and hinders it's salvation protocols, making it mistrust outsiders believing they'll use this selfishly.

Months later, the crew uncover five new artifacts unlike the ones before guarded by small Titos mutants called Titosataurs, and when Heili touches them all, she starts seeing visions or memories and accounts one in particular: a stasis pod in an elaborate supercomputer complex labeled as the Ascending Tomb. She can't understand why they mean because of how vague they are, and slowly becomes obsessed with them. Meya, concerned for her safety, takes the artifacts from her until an attack from the same Titos that stranded her on Animosity Island and it's family. The attack poisons Heili with enhancelement that slowly disintegrates her as she tells Meya they must take her and the artifacts to the Ascending Tomb that she has mapped beforehand with the guidance of her critical thinking skills and visions. While they prepare, however, another opponent attacks: the Titos Rex, the leader of all Titoses. After it destroys much of Ar Cretacion and their base, Base Cretacion, Meya and Heili are able to deduce accurately that the Titos Rex is the avatar of the enhancelement infection's core being, while the other Titoses and corrupted wildlife are minor hiveminded avatars responsible for the infection staying since the Scyrian Era ended. The entire crew is killed except Heili, Meya, Santrago, and Dinia, who discover that the beast is deterred by the artifacts when assembled.

With Dinia forced to stay behind in an underground forest cave to tend to Santrago, Meya has to take Heili to the Ascending Tomb herself. She does so with her tech suit and arrives at the hidden Ascending Tomb in an underground tech chasm brewing with power as she leaves her behind to save Dinia and Santrago from a giant predatory Titos Tree, which is an evolved megahybrid plant, saying that Heili will be back soon as the Tomb indicated. While she is being healed, she meets another Overwatcher in a virtual reality who explains that the Overwatcher she encountered is faulty and that she is a backup copy created without permission in case of malfunction, and that she needed help saving the Seeding Protocol, the key to allow a global resurrection of Scyria once conditions have been met. The one she believed would help trigger the Seeding Protocol was a person with pure mind, heart, and soul to safeguard it, that at first being Heili's mother until the Overwatcher killed her because of it's corrupted programming. She thus chose the next best thing: her daughter. While she is being healed, this Overwatcher allows Heili to witness the final battle against the Titos Rex in Santrago's surviving progress on the colossal tech suit construction and how they use the enhancelement all around them to power it to maximum capacity and slay the enhancelement core being and weaken the infection. After this victory, Heili is completely healed and teleported back to the group with the artifacts implanted in her, giving her the ability to control, read, sense, and become living data. She uses these new abilities to delete the faulty Overwatcher, and reunite the two Overwatcher towers, the Scyr and Sydus Spires, together and land them where Base Cretacion once stood, naming it the new capital and has to replace the Sydus Overwatcher as their caretaker since it's beginning to get too old to function anymore. This makes Heili the new contemporary leader of Scyria by proxy. She builds a new crew with help from Meya, Santrago is fully restored as a biomechanical android and agrees to marry Dinia, and the four set out on their quest to activate the Seeding Protocol and restore Scyria to it's former glory.

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