Hekapoo is a character who appears in the Disney XD animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is the forger of dimensional scissors, scissors capable of cutting portal rifts into other dimensions, and is one of the members of the Magic High Commission in Mewni, and comes from the Neverzone, a dimension where a year is 30 seconds. Though she is also the most moral of the Magic High Commission, willing to accept the destruction of the Realm of Magic in "Cleaved", even when it would mean she dies along with the rest of the Magic High Commission, having been disagreeable with the invasion of Mina Loveberry and her Solarian Army. She is voiced by Zosia Mamet.

PTE Redux Conditions: When Star vs. The Forces of Evil gets introduced, Hekapoo, along with the rest of the Magic High Commission, will not be revealed as Infinitaries, and she DEFINITELY won't have a book for a head.


Hekapoo is normally laid-back and something of a trickster toward beings she considers to be lesser than herself. She tends to be somewhat cocky and condescending at times as well, coming off as a little neurotic. As the creator of dimensional scissors, however, she takes her job very seriously and becomes deeply offended when someone steals or abuses them. Not only does she create the scissors; she also presents them to those who rightfully earn them. Her trials in earning a pair involve having her opponent try to blow out the flame above her head, which is easier said than done.

Role in the series


Hekapoo as Dimenopia

Hekapoo returns to life when the Realm of Magic is restored by it's Amoral One The Magical Elder. She's revealed to be an Infinitary just like Glossaryck, and her real name is Dimenopia. Though what earns her the role as the forger of all dimensional scissors is that, as an Infinitary, she often loved to sneak out of duty while leaving a clone in her place to go exploring the multiverse.
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