Helertia Porsche

Helertia Elemna Porsche

Helertia E. Porsche is an Alternate UUniversal Lanker from Planet Uridia. She is the flightless giraffe-like pterosaur administrator of the Beofynzeny Town of New Haven, a bitter trader, dealer, and employer of mercenaries, and is the adopted daughter of the system's former president, President Porsche, who was slayed following the beginning reign of Awesome Jaxtom, and in response to his death, she lost her left arm and got part of her face slightly-disfigured while trying to get revenge. Thus, targeted and wanted, Helertia grew up with an adopted family in Old Haven before it was under siege by the corrupt Phaseforce. After they attacked and placed it under their custody as a result of her trying to start a revolution against Jaxtom, being ratted out by a bandit for cash, Helertia lead everyone into building New Haven in one of the most isolated areas of the Beofynzeny System. She even had her prosthetic arm stolen by a Vrat Bandit until being retrieved by the Vault Seekers when Laricia Tannock was framed for the crime. She has run New Haven for a while and is committed to protecting it's people as it's founder and former leader. She is not happy with the Huncus Rebellion's actions of abandoning Old Haven because of their policy of not getting involved in Phaseforce matters due to their propaganda against them, and unintentionally causing circumstances that caused the Armatage Corporation to release all of the convict labor on it's remaining citizens including her adopted parents. She is opposed to the corrupted Phaseforce's goal to convert the town into one of their own, and does not get along with Commandant Steelea, nor her freedom-fighting sister Aotho. Her approach to life can best be described as "If you broke it, you fix it" evidenced by the numerous missions that have the Vault Seekers cleaning up their own messes. It's later revealed that she had a well-meaning but illegit campaign to bring herself into power through malmitulating Jaxtom's reign, and regain her place as president once Jaxtom has been taken down, and she got it with unintentional help from the Shell Lodge Squad when they arrived, she had a not truely loyal to Jaxtom Steelea and Wolholm, and several of the other high rankers of the Phaseforce to secretly follow her commands. Only for that to have turned out to be part of a bigger ploy by the Huncus and Armtamage leaders and a mysterious sage to expose the corruption with a never de-funded Phaseforce to later turn against Helertia. Fortunately, since her extreme conspiracty mostly lead to the end of an over-zealious ethic group, her plans for presidentical uprising are only delayed. Little did she even realised, this sage was someone greater then Helertia figured. She is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Helena Pierce, and has a similar personality and approach in life.


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  • "Happenings outside of New Haven are not my concern. I don't know who sent Tannock to my doorstep or why she is here but it strikes me as strange."
  • "Dr. Tannock has always been very interested in isolating herself. She makes it very difficult for me to trust her."
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