Helga V. Ampire

Helga Velma Ampire

Helga V. Ampire is a Common vampire bat from SpongeBob's world and is a former employee for Treedome Enterprises. She found it hard to work for them since not only is flying with her wings underwater with it's own cartoonish gravity hard to adapt to until just recently, but she had a slight bit of her childhood aquaphobia left in her. Regardless, she did well, making friends like an immigrant vaquita from the Gulf of California named Teresa, a Dusky dolphin named Dusky, a flying fish named Flyster, a dumb Hawksbill sea turtle named Hawker, and a Dwarf sperm whale named Jackson, until she was cut of her funding and she left her recently-earned friends behind, essentially being what Sandy could've been had the events of Chimps Ahoy turned out differently and had she been as mean as Helga. Finding it unfair, Helga rejoined her family company of Skycaves Incorporated and the rivals of Treedome Enterprises where, instead of security through underwater environments, they secure through making artifical caves being put on air platforms high into the sky, which came to actselly being much more illogical then Underwater Treedomes because unlike the sea, the sky isn't always so private and much more vulerable to sky pirates and less honest rivals, intending to swear revenge after coming to hate Treedome Enterprises and setting forth a chain of events that made the two companies rivals, even having to put up with their leader, Miss Vixie, whose abusiveness, demands, an strictness drove her to work for Treedome Enterprises from the beginning. She had adapted to flying underwater within those recent years, and she has been secretly planning a way to steal technology for them through the company's upcoming 200-year anniversary. She is as mean as Shadow the Ghost Bat in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, and can be just as cunning, and has the voice of Chiara Zanni. Though her bitterness is justifivable because the Chimps weren't exactly very curtious bosses and having to leave the few friends she ever had to made in a long time has left a bit of a bitter taste. Not helping that Treedome Enterprises, dispite the Chimps being as stuffy as they are, are doing more well in comparision to Skycaves Inc because while that too is illogical, it's at least more private because the underwater natives are not sofisicated enough to be a concerning threat as suppose to natives in the sky. While not a pinical of socal behavior, she is not flat out evil and would only do things in the name of her family and Skycaves Inc, which in due to hard times, she would be made to be obedient to her less desireable uncles incharged of the board of directors and her weakwilled father, Count Olaf Ampire, to do anything to save the dying company.


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  • "Why are you SO determined to save this company? What have THEY ever done for you besides nearly destroy your underwater life?"
  • "Are you sure? Take a moment to consider this and what has happened in your life. Your chimp bosses are known douches. The last employees they had were... Not in comfortable situations. After what happened to the both of us, I can say that we are the same in our fight against this oppressive company. You're afraid of losing a life you've come to be comfortable with for several years. A person whom you've shared and returned romantic feelings for. People whom you enjoy a laugh with. People who care about you and surround you, and make the sea as big as Texas. You should know that, though this company means well, deep down, it's all a lie! Knowing who they TRULY are, keeps you from holding back. Knowing them, makes you strong enough to fight for the freedom you truly deserve. The freedom to do more than just, dip your toes in the water! The freedom to be in a place where you never thought you could fit in. The freedom, to enjoy being free! Well, I've got news for you, Sandy, those Board of Director losers, don't mean a WORD of what they said about you living in your Treedome forever. It's all in THEIR possession. Treedomes are THEIR property. No matter what one has tried, they were holding back, because of the authority they have over their homes. Treedomes are hard to finance, and they KNOW it! That's why they must do what they can to their employees, to keep their property their own. I learned that the hard way. I thought I could be independent on my own Treedome, but they made it DAMN clear, that any Treedome in the sea, is THEIR property, and it's a rule that must NEVER be broken. That's their problem. They claim to care for us, but people like your bosses prove otherwise. I have resources, that can change all that. So... With all that info to take in... I take it we have a deal?"


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