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Herbavoris is a city in the world of Zootopia which is a very forbidden community to go to by so many people. The reason for that is that Herbavoris is, as the name suggests, a city meant for herbivores. However, it is also a police-city which is under heavy patrol of law-enforcement which uphold the regulations brought on by the city's mayor, Mayor Swineton. While there is a common police department consisting primarily of sheep, there is an additional taskforce consisting of swine of all types called T.U.S.K., which is a supervising heavy operations force that is meant to fight off any threat and violation of Herbavoris' laws with extreme force. The most infamous of this community is the second-class segregation of it's predator population. When they become old enough, they are lawfully required to wear Tame Collars, which are shock collars meant to control animal brutality in predators by delivering electric shocks when the wearer is too excited, aggressive, or emotional. Due to this law, the predators are very lonely and oppressed as they have to deal with the harshness of their hometown every second of every day. This collar law is enforced by T.U.S.K. through heavy surveillance and silent alarms meant to report any collar law violations. However, there exists secret underground societies meant to free predators from the collar-law oppression through an underground service called Wild Times, run by Rick Milde. Though, one flaw of Swineton's collar law is that predators have been wearing them for so long, it can often cause them to be in a state of relief and ecstasy as a result of the collar themselves having the same affect as on Penguins of Madagascar Marlene during the times before Little Foot when she would go feral when leaving zoo borders, only not all of them suffer this, as it can be at different levels depending upon the impressions left on the collared predators as they grew up since their collar ceremony. Wild Time regulations are advised to catalog and label each predator's feral tendencies on a scale of 1 to 5, and some Predator Underground scientists, including Doctor Reddick, are seeking to cure this tendency, which is called 'Feral Syndrome', so that it can play well in the recovery of Herbavoris, and until then use depressant agents to quell this feral tendency.


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Prime Locations

City Central

Herbavoris City Hall

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Herbavoris Police Department HQ

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T.U.S.K. Headquarters

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Herbavoris Central

The main downtown district of Herbavoris. Wider in range than the Downtown District of Zootopia, the Herbavoris Sector is much more expansive and has a lot more elegant architecture than the buildings of Zootopia. There are wide subway stations that connect to the main train station, which is heavily restricted by outside forces unless given proper clearance and a test. This sector has the most prey-owned businesses than any other area in the town, as many others are occupied by the steady concentration of omnivorous prey animal-owned jobs. No predator-owned businesses are around due to being banned by law, and there are vast amounts of monuments, landmarks, scenic sectors, twisting highways, rivers, bridges, fountains, parks, and other elegant sights.


Marketway is a sector in Herbavoris Central which has the most profitable and active businesses available. Though it has a lot of alleys rich in homeless people, it has a lot of restaurants, hotels, shops, shopping malls, and has train tracks both over and underground in the middle of the roads for the train transit and the subways.


Herbavoris Stadium

Prosperity Suburbia

Desert District


Butterfly House

Arctic Zone

South District

Predator Underground

Wild Times


Happytown is among the worst criminal meeting areas in Herbavoris, for both predators and prey alike. Named during the times when it was actually living up to it's name, being pleasant and a highly-profitable sector of the city. But when Mayor Swineton took over, and since much of the city had predator business that were shut down, the sector turned into a criminal sector that even some law enforcement would think twice about entering unless they had no choice.

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