Heroes Act Symbol

Heroes Act Symbol

The Heroes Act is an operation in the Alternate UUniverses, made by the AUU Grand Council in order to search for heroes to battle the evils of the Villains Act. During it's creation, very few heroes were found. In only 5 years, they found only 2 heroes. The process of finding heroes was so slow, that the Council knew that by the time they had enough, it would be too late. But soon, the Shell Lodge Squad came along. After aiding Xandy on her quest to defeating Xerxes XX, they called all the heroes of their UUniverses to help destroy the Villains Act, and it was a success. After the victory, the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council decreed that they still needed the Heroes Act to keep history from repeating itself. So, they continued searching for heroes, and they found 2 more heroes. But they needed more than that, so they continued searching for more heroes until they had enough to protect the UUniverses.


During the Villains Act

The Heroes Act's progress of finding perfect heroes during the Villains Act was incredibly slow. The Grand Council was attempting to build an HQ for the Heroes Act's heroes if some should ever be found. The Villains Act became a problem with this because every time they attempted to build one, they winded up getting destroyed by the villains. From 1999-2004, only two heroes were found: Aurlena Fists and Zosimo the Smart. Until a base could successfully be created for them, the two heroes stayed in a hidden warehouse. The Council was at a standstill, because they knew that by the time they got enough superheroes, they would be too late. Millions of communities have suffered under the Villains Act's rule. Many worlds were taken over, and only 25% of villains were defeated by heroes that have not been heard of by even the Grand Council. Then, in 2010, the Shell Lodge Squad came out from the Original UUniverses, and learned of the Villains Act's control over the Alternate UUniverses. They agreed to help, and after aiding Xandy Wargander and Magnum the Great on defeating Xerxes XX, they gathered up all of the heroes from the Original UUniverses, and together, they brought the Villains Act to it's knees.

After The Fall of the Villains Act

After the Fall of the Villains Act, and the assault on the Villains Act HQ, many villains there were killed and injured. Some villains survived, however, and were either plotting revenge, or have been imprisoned on Planet Oranos (The Alternate version of Prison 42). But even though the Villains Act was no more, the Alternate Grand Council decreed that the Heroes Act was still needed in case history should repeat itself. Xandy and Magnum joined the Heroes Act, and in only two years, they recruited 2 more heroes: Vancer Lancer and Cloakblade. With the Villains Act out of the way, a new high-tech underground HQ called the Hero Hive was built for the Heroes Act on Planet Vinzotyx. The Heroes Act still needed more recruits, though, so the Grand Council has continued searching ever since.


Heroes in the Heroes Act are arranged into 3 different classes. Heroes that have joined are organized by experience or what kind of weapons they primarily used or knew how to use. Class I Heroes are nicknamed 'rookies', meaning that they are basically recruits that are fresh, new, and have the least experience in combat. Class I Heroes are allowed to only use Class I weapons in the Armory such as pistols, submachine guns, handguns, Class I explosives, and non-energy blade weapons. Class II Heroes are middle-class rankers nicknamed 'rankers' that have the 2nd least combat experience. The experience allows them to accurately use Class II weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, Class II explosives, and non-energy melee weapons like spears, staffs, axes, and so on. Class III Heroes are nicknamed 'true heroes', and have the most experience of any Class I or Class II heroes. They are allowed to use all forms of weaponry including rocket launchers, grenade launchers, high-powered energy weapons, miniguns, and energy melee weapons.

Current Members

  • Xandy- (Class III) A sea-squirrel warrior from Carbungia who has been trained in various types of combat, is great at wielding melee weapons, and is an expert markswoman in any kind of firearm in the AUU. She joined the Heroes Act when she successfully brought down the Villains Act with the aid of all the heroes of the Original UUniverses and Magnum the Great. She even has a pet companion named Nytrox.
  • Magnum the Great- (Class III) A large wasp warrior from Carbungia who wields the Anacondoran Diamond of the Ancients and is Xandy's partner. She joined the Heroes Act when she successfully brought down the Villains Act with the help of the Original UUniversal heroes and Xandy. Though she has experience in firearms, her main source of power is her staff. (Soon to be replaced by her little sister, Pebe.)
  • Aurlena Fists- (Class II) A meerkat-like agent with large energy gauntlets that grant increased strength, powerful punches, and are equipped with built-in phasers. She was one of the first heroes to join, and her experience with such powerful gauntlets that were classified as Class II gave her a Class II rank.
  • Zosimo the Smart- (Class III) A lemur-like super-genius who is an experienced mechanic, weapons designer, physicist, and cyber-intelligence agent. He was one of the first heroes to join, and since he was great at designing weapons and was a genius, he went immediately to Class III ranking.
  • Vancer Lancer- (Class II) A fleet-footed jackal-like soldier who takes a lick out of action and adventure. He is one of the heroes that joined after the fall of the Villains Act, and is known for his vast running speed, unbelievable reflexes, tomboyish personality, and his experience in Class II weapons earned him a role as a Class II hero.
  • Cloakblade- (Class III) A sapient Juluwese ninja who is named after a suit that has a built-in cloaking device that can make her invisible, as well as her dual energy blades. She is one of the heroes that joined after the fall of the Villains Act, and wielding energy-based weapons grants her a Class III ranking.
  • Hudson Turbo- (Class I) A fast-flying hero who has spectacular flying abilities, and has the personality of Rainbow Dash. He has met the Shell Lodge following his joining of the Villains Act, and is the current boyfriend to Xandy. Because he has limited combat experience, not being able to use weapons with his wings or talons, he is ranked a Class I hero.
  • Clifton Clever- (Class III) A wrench-wielding sea-squirrel who dreamed of being in the military and fought for his home planet of Chimerum during the Villains Act. As a well-known hero who has wielded many forms of weaponry, saved his home a multiple number of times, and is a bit skilled in sciences, he is a Class III hero.
  • Superius Samantha- (Class III) An ultra-religious Magelianistic sorceror who saved Planet Magelia from a dark magic force. She has met the Shell Lodge and helped them rescue Axxus and his family from evil before joining. She is Clifton's girlfriend since he finds other females of his species generic and boring. Since she is just as powerful as Magnum, she was ranked a Class III hero.
  • Telthonatron- (Class III) A cyborg rodent who was interested in cybernetics, and defeated her evil father with the help of one of his traitorous colleagues. She was ranked a Class III hero because of her skill with cybernetic weaponry, and her achievement.
  • Nanobyte- (Class II) A very small saboteur who uses electricity-resistant armor and his small size to sabotage machinery and vehicles. Despite being a famous hero who sabotaged a Villains Act spaceship before, he was ranked a Class II hero because of his size, his limited combat experience, and his inability to use weapons.
  • Miami- (Class I) A rabbit-sized raptor from Pharagu who became the girlfriend of Nanobyte following their mission on Pharagu on stopping Dr. Glowrod from throwing garbage on the USRA planets. Because she has yet to learn how to use weapons on the actual scale of a Yurun, she is a Class I hero.
  • Radcliff Hawkens- (Class II) A hawk-like bird from Planet Keuca and the Commander of it's Keubric Air Force. He is a skilled fighter and flier, and knows how to properly wield weapons with his wings.
  • Stephanie Nicemile- (Class II) An ostrich-like bird from Planet Keuca and girlfriend of Hawkens who briefly had a tense relationship due to circumstances until they were all resolved. Stephanie is good at combat, though usually prefers the more diplomatic approuch to any situation.
  • Tollund- (Class III) A black-and-orange orangutan-like primate from a world that had a high rebellion problem, and served as a double agent for it's president in hopes of fixing the crisis. He wields a large pulse rifle of his own design, and wears a mask with several functions.
  • Tether Ruther- (Class II) A hybrid of two famous AUU races that was once a social outcast, who was given the chance to rise above his unfortunate reputation and aided the HA in taking down a long-standing extremeist group. Along side his skills and prowless, he also has a mount named Zoom.
  • Libby Ation- (Class III) A grasshopper-legged mantis-like victim of a xenophobic group that took away her family over something that's a mixed of sympathic pain from torture from USRA forces, yet was also due justice because of that group's prior bad decidtions. Two members of the Louge helped her aquire a powerful artifact that not only stopped this group, but reversed their crimes, even the death of her family. With the Ations once again allowed to govern her home system again, and with those certain two exposing something they vowed to themselves to keep a secret until one story time with fans lead to discovery, Libby was invited to join the HA, through relucent to leave her family, an Ommican who served as a surrigant parent motivated her to accept the inviation.
  • Zor​ra- (Class II) A hybrid of feline and wasp who was self-taught to be a capable fighter and helped brought down rwo hate groups. After reuniting with her parents, they came to live with Libby in Tibella because Zorra admited to grew attach to Libby as a friend. Imagine her surprise a hybrid of her perportions gets invited to join the HA?
  • Tyberious Jr- (Class II) A roach/lobster/scorpion-like insect that helped turned the tables on his evil father of the Tibella Inquisition of the Tibella/Aie Prog System after falling in love with Libby Ation, and thus joins her in the Heroes Act, to his surprise in figuring that his familial reputation would be too bad for such an honor.
  • Jorcori- (Class II) An Eathae Assassin Warrior that aims to redeem the name of his people, and subsiquint new signifigent other to Cloakblade due to issues with Cloackblade's prior boyfriend and his ultra-traditionalist parents.
  • Miria of Highstone (Class III)- A female mythological humanoid princess and cunning fighter whom the Heroes Act rescued and inspired her to become one of the original candidates for the Leader Initiative and the new leader of the Heroes Act, albeit under the return of th Contemporary leader system for until she either earns it for good under the next inititive or becomes second command to a proper balenced leader.
  • Ucasashi (Class III)- A mandrill-like tech-samurai and the ex-boyfriend of Cloakblade who become one of the original candidates for the Leader Initiative after wanting to support her since their breakup in due to being made to marry an imperial clan princess, and the second-in-command of the Heroes Act elected by Miria.
  • Hopstar (Class III)- A large lagomorph and ex-bounty hunter who doesn't like heroes that are full of themselves after it got his bounty hunter brother killed and became one of the original candidates for the Leader Initiative after watching a squabble from the Heroes Act urged him to become their training coach. He would also be good for recon and an exbert on Bounty Hunter standerds being he was one himself.
  • Veta (Class III)- A winged chipmunk and friend of Hudson who wanted to be a hero as a kid and gave up hope after facing reality and ended up getting another chance when growing up got her a hero-like disciplined mind and a candidate for the Leader Initiative. This being said, she seems more interested to being like the HA's PR Manager then a proper leader, which exactly happened in the end given she wants the HA to have wider acknowledgement.
  • Nathan Bills (Class III)- A star-nosed platypus with skilled fighting, a vast experience in weaponry, and a large intellect. He was once a great Warbothian Navy soldier along with his brother, Maverick, until he realized that he had split personalities. The things he went through that day haunted him for the rest of his life. Cause he aided the HA and saved them from his cursed brother, he earned the Class III title for looking like a class II guy otherwise and subquenceually became a new Leader Inititive Canidate.

Future Members

  • Serpentos- A then-Empress of the Serpentinoid people who was respondsable for Magnum's existence. Prior political obligations prevented in instint membership, but it would motivate her to make great enough changes that her absince wouldn't be such a burden, and defeating a returning anichent threat would only sweetening her garrentied admitence.
  • The Scarlet Dancer- A Paradisoid who is a vigilante who saved many worlds across the AUU from the Villains Act with her skilled seduction methods, sexy dancing, and impressive fighting skills.
  • Agent W- A Yeelalope govermental secret agent and master savatosher that was designated to break up the Dark Rad's Villain Reserves poseing as a mysterious gunslinger in thanks to a speical armor/disguise system that allows her to mimic any armor she chooses. This mission would lead her a chance to save the Lougers and the HA from the said reverses when they are sent to attack them, taking quick advantage of their lack of harmony with eachother and lack of actual appresiation with the Dark Rads and earned a place with the HA as espionager.
  • OnleyAlc- An onlyve and A glyme duo who started life as rookie vigilanties that typically mostly target common street thugs and petty lesser criminals and rarely go after anything more serious. Onley is a skilled flier leagues better than Hudson, and Alc is good at stealth ops and rivals Jorcori in skill. Inspite of this, the duo prefer to target common crooks because they felt there's already enough heroes going after bigger threats and felt like mundane criminals are mostly left ignored and thus they prefer it that way. But fickle fate would lead them to accsidently bust an attempt to revive CrimeTech because one of the founding members was a litteral cat burgler who steals cats cause of his weakness for them. Also inspite of their serious skills, the two are basicly like Timon and Pumbaa if they were street vigilanties.
  • Chase Cannell- A semi-aquatic rabbit from Planet Carbungia with a sky glider, different gadgets and weapons, and self-taught fighting skills. He is the son of Councilman Oswin, and was Xandy's best friend until he had to move away when his father became part of the AUU Grand Council.
  • Peace-Mind- A Fuucgus Peacemaker who joined the HA cause. While he offers nothing in the combat department, is considerably perfect as a peace maker to help them put usually unreasonable folks in a listening mood, espeically helpful in tense situations with hostile races or those not exactly known to appresiate the HA, and usually is perfect as the negosiater against tense situations like hostage situations and espeically helpful in situations where the threat or target is going to be a threat to even themselves. Though no fighter, Peace-Mind still has a sense of defense, but not from him directly, but through using mind-projections of what his threats fear most or what they desire most and leave them to be self-defeated by those things, or sometimes, it's just as easy as using brainwaves to automaticly put threats to slumber and render them harmless like a mushroomy yoda.
  • Qwincy Sispice and "Kally"- Qwincy, a victim of a corrupt general, and Kally, a member of the Chaybdrans, defelupt a friendship with eachother and saved the people of Sispice and the Chays each from the general while getting everyone away from a great ineditablility! The two became inseperateable, with Qwuicy being a quirky yuts while Kally is a pathient wise defender.
  • Kess Allon- A master Acrillisape tamer of the Technyds and a much needed ally when Technyd related stuff or simular bot situations are called for, but can be best adapted to other situations with help of her Technyids, depending on situation.
  • Syvar Alloy- An engineer of a rough past that after saving a world from it's secret corrupted natives and helped in saving them from their own curse, it was asked to make him an exception to an otherwise absolute rule about accept those that have any involvement with the VA and turned him into a vastly useful asset in more ways then one as his knowledge from his days as a former VA stooge lead to him being basicly the first and only VA member to get to redeem their actions as an HA member.
  • Hair-Web The Unintimidatable- A Gargantula who once help the HA and Lougers fight off fungus zombies in the once home planet of his mighty race and stopped both a necomancier and a doped CrimeTech founder attemptist, and even managed to defeat an entire army of infected Fungus zombies by his lonesome without so much as a sweat and made it back to the adopted home planet without being infected. This well advertised bravery earned him a spot in the HA, though he had to be given a speical permit to be allowed to carry the famed Gargauntula Weaponry without legal issues due to his preference to stick to "A fine crafted weapon" as suppose to weapons that are assentually "Baby toys" compaired to his mighty self-made wepaon "The PulseBreaker".
  • K'nala- A Weavoid of the strong and very agilitic Stalker Caste capable to go fast by doing the caste talent of turning into giant brown balls and make instintly drying acid-made spears that help capture any foe instintly. She has a very firm sense of justice mixed with a hunter's mindset. She has been included to redeem the otherwise tainted Weavoid name in thanks to a false hero idol. As such, She would be a driving force for the HA to defend Xandy in her greatest dark hours when Sea Squirls would share the fate simular but worser off then the Weavoids on how people blindly hate them because of one guy doing something bad and how an otherwise clear-cut genocideal revenge seeker becomes creditable.
  • Alicia Bome Weters- Once an enslaved sectratary to a criminal president gone into the path of madness, she teamed up with the heroes in bringing the said organisation down, though was subuquintly arrested by the local enforcers due to tecnecalities. But thanks to her sister and some action by a repenting not gone yet spirit of a magic user to msitakenly caused the problem to begin with, Alicia, instead of an intended sentence, has instead been sentenced to serve a lifetime community service to the HA, to everyone's surprise, even hers. Though not a fighter, she was perfect to be a non-confrontional member as being their connection and contact with Enforcers fighting in lawless systems and being a peace keeper between law and nessersary lawlessness and offerting stragities against rouge laws and un-nessersary lawnessless.
  • Generaless Stung- A female Comban general'ess' from Comban. She is very headstrong, quick to anger, but balenced with a sense of noblebility, high tolerence to great stupidity (with a limit), and a sense of right and mercy, but never one to shy from combat. She joined the HA in gratatude of clearing her people's name by a rouge faction of her people's enslavers who destroyed their own race to protect the Combans.
  • Zarkill Klee Ling- A female Zarphall that saved both her own race and the Fugbo race from a millenda old lie and pretty much lead to two destroyed worlds to be brought back. She also became effectivly the replacement new member of Arpaca due to his bloodline with a war criminal.
  • Knight Gears and Princess Lovo- The siblings of two star cross lovers to came to respect eachother's skills after correcting their planet's life strong conspiracty. The duo used to have a fierce rivaly, but now they came to mutual respect eachother, although they still duel eachother out for the sake of nostaglia. But when fighting something other then themselves, they prove to be a formitable team.
  • Goldbeam- A lion-like animal who comes from a Zootopia-like world called Zoytia, and his astronaut career landed him into alien experiments that gave him amazing powers that played well in his service with the Animal High Command, and briefly quitting fearing for his home planet until saving it from the Zoopremacists inspired him to join the Heroes Act.
  • Detective Hardson Case- A Macorlean and the finest investigator of his class and can solve even the toughest and coldest of crimes and always knows how to get the most stubborn of criminals to admit things with the right words. It makes him an ideal choice for the HA.
  • Nancy Skoeller- A Skyrthon and a current champion of the Plaza Tournament of Gygax and a masteful fighter. When not having to defend her title, she is always there for the HA.
  • Tixon- A gopher-like rodent and pro-hoverboarder who ended up in a crime-ridden neighborhood and became a criminal just trying to support his single mother. Hopefully, he'll do the right thing, and find a greater purpose for his hoverboard.
  • MacBrink- A Gaccoon gunslinger vigilante from Mucury who is a rough and rowdy character who knows how to intimidate his foes.
  • Nightshot- A Gaccoon cowgirl from Thexus who is a very excitable, tomboyish, and very strong woman and fighter who is MacBrink's lost fiancé.
  • Dodger Redicus- A red-headed lizard freerunner from the space city of Juno City. Formerly working as part of the space city's criminal empire, his friends betrayal left him to leave them and become a vigilante who runs across the rooftops fighting off the crime boss of the city.
  • Warlene- A desert rabbit hybrid raised on a world with little rules, and lived on her own as a vagabond, being fond of fighting, is a thrill-hunting acrobat and marksman, likes an adrenaline-rush, and is known on her home planet by the name 'Ombrus' for her bachelorette status and kill record.
  • Qolma the Strong- A feline who also practices Magelio magic, is an expert healer, and she flies on angel-like GravWings. She will soon serve as a kind of medic for the Heroes Act.
  • Ossyrogen- An Aie Progian Omnican robot who seeks enlightenment through the concept of morality in otherworldly beings considering his home system's history, and has friends whom he helps protect from it's evil forces. He considers joining them in the hopes of achieving it.
  • Traden- A Jumpler from a garbage world who likes to trade and sell, travelling through his own spaceship. As such, he changes his choice of weapons whenever he likes. Though his preferred equipment is Armatage weaponry and gadgetry, and the past friend and future boyfriend of Warlene.
  • Count Goodblood- A heroic vampiric legend out to send a good message about his kind, and, thanks to a friend of Hawkens, was hooked up with god-blessed blood created by such friend and no longer suffers the majority of vampiric weaknesses to the sun, part from power-downgrade, but is still capable to be a force to be rekcon with to any villainious adversary, even the VA villains would have newfound caution about Goodblood.
  • Nerdwin Oborlodeon- A Cunone who's an unassuming hero from a planet of computer wizs and programs who was initionally unwillingly dragged into saving the Adora System from a corrupted dictator by purifying him and halting a truely disgraceful member of a family he never knew he's related to. In spite of what one would assume of never wanting anything to do with missions again, Nerdwin instead desided that heroisum isn't so bad, though advises against DIRECT confrontation and instead serves as the master hacker, reprogramer and computer wiz.
  • Hella and Ishmeeslla She Oang- Two Magelio fish sisters of a conflicting idealogy on how to resolve issues, but when push comes to shove, they work well enough as it is. They earned this place after halting a vengeful party crasher of a respected tourniment.
  • Akeyia Stealth- A Tasmanian-Devil-like creature and former member of the OIPD until a corrupt overly-too-vengefully sore commissioner made her saved the infamous Pharcums from this commissioner and became the HA's stealh exbert.
  • Alpha Jijinx- A Stronge and a legendary heroine who was raised by mighty marvels of evolution who saved these creatures from fallen rouge hero hunters with help of the HA and her adopted mother, one of the very marveled creatures. Because of this, she has a connection to all creatures.
  • Shaman Ho-Ho-Ha- A Zirruon and legendary heroic endling shaman who helped the HA against his evil disgraced brother and earned membership.
  • Cymona the Unconventional- A heroic Phend who redeemed her race's infamous reputation and saved it them a warmonger race that slain their artifical god with Rishon and Gazelle. She became the HA's representation of the good in Phends as well as putting her skills she gain from independent vigilantisum from her days of protecting Phend defecters from murderious Phend Hating criminals and Phend Hunters. She became Xandy's greatest friend because of sharing what it was like to be from a race grossly hated.
  • Telepather the Smart- A local Psychozoan hero who saved the Shell Louge Squad's hero reputation and minds, along with his race's good name by stopping a bad egg wanting to cause trouble that would've risked their new home and earned a progeious honor to join the HA.
  • Sonny Vertse- A Toth pre-adult fighter who fought during the war against organic and machine in the Helsen-Vertse System with a rapid-fire assault rifle of multiple accessories, an elaborate family including a young sister, and became determined to protect the AUU from tragedies like that.
  • Junny Vertse- Sonny's little sister who was originally not allowed to join the HA for her age, but after it's revealed that Sonny's father gave her a nanorobotic system inside her body that could be activated either by maturity or a boost of hope and grown mindset, giving her unique abilities.
  • The Masked Bolt- A talented Tarcidon warrior who hid in total secrecy after being betrayed by his brother. He wears a suit wired with a 10,000 volt electrode network, as well as two energy swords.
  • Huge Poppa- A defected Big-Daddy-Eqsed Robot Bodyguard known as "P.O.P.P.A.'s" who came to the heroes aide when they were about to be overwealmed by infected citizens tainted with a mishandled ZIMN. Huge Poppa became there ever present aide since.
  • CRYO- A Bourtomi who helped the heroes clear his kind's name and stopped a corperate fool from destroying the planet and themselves and earned membership.
  • Private Rust Bucket- Usually the last ever thing to join anything, a sentient rusted out living AUU toy Usubothian Soldier made hero and stopped a false one who halted a rising toy hater's rose to power in the wrongest ways possable and ensured peace for both toys and living things. While still a total doofus, being with the HA has improved his capabilites exbenationaly.
  • Hrio Spanz- A Flurra who was a member of the Cromem Liberty Force who redeemed the rebelions' mistake of going after the wrong leader and saved both worlds from a truely wrong leader.
  • Sky Surfer- A skilled combat fighter from Planet Trobus who rides a T5-Stribog Hoverboard, has a wide array of weapons, and is a genius in strategy and science.
  • Byron Buster- A talented marsupial warrior from Planet Sioephus. He has a heavy Australian accent, he is an expert combatant, wields two high-tech combat boomerangs that he can use at the same time. He is quick, agile, and reflexive.
  • Vindicator- A large, skilled and powerful sabre-toothed rat from Planet Osdrone. He served as a high-class commander in the Osdronian military for over 20 years. He soon retired to become part of the Heroes Act. He is an excellent strategist who has mastered various advanced weaponry.
  • Aero Slade- A reformed Gvanditor from Planet Aviton who tried to frame Hudson at Thunderchaser Academy until he was effortlessly foiled. He made amends by revealing to Hudson the location of a Villains Act general's hideout, and the two became great allies.
  • Marcilene the Marvel- A 20-year old martial artist frog from the Planet Zo. She is smooth to the touch, is very fast and agile, and wields many kinds of weapons. She is not the one you would want to mess with.
  • Liberator- A formerly strictly independent hero that previously rejected when even when his old friend in the HA asksed so even when his life was saved from his old foe Enslaver and VA reniments. However, it finally took those same reniments and a rebeling hive in Exfron ruled by a hypcritical Duchess and General to make him realise that if those villains have no body to fear in the HA, the universes are never gonna be in true peace, so he finally swallows his pride and forsaken his normally stubbern independent mind and came in to help out just in time.

Contemporary Members

  • Maverick Bills- Initionally the frist leader the HA was granted from the Leader Initive. Though otherwise was a capable leader with his years of millatery exspearience and fair mental attatude, the unfortunate truth about him having a duel personality with the VA member Monte Gillon as result of the two fusing via a Magic Storm from Warboth unfortunately disquilifives him by the rough virtue that Monte is a VA member and strict protocal forbids against VA members from HA membership as an avoidence to controversey, and the fact Monte was also a huge dick and abused the position unwittingly granted to him. (Reason for Disincludsion: Magic Enfusement to a VA member).

HA Staff

  • Chell Helix- A Rabodan who is the head medic and trainer for the Heroes Act, as well as the girlfriend to Ruther.
  • Professor Aberrant- A Rabodan scientist who comes from a long line of geneticists, and is a scientist for the HA labs, and is the mentor of Ruther.
  • Nerdus Tibella- A dorky but helpful robotics expert that alongside his Android wife W.A.I.F.U. that he can upgrade and create new ways to help the HA efficiently keep watch.
  • Tranze Porter- A Gollox-Lest hybrid animal and a master of both heroism and management, being a former smuggler with portal capabilities, acting as the Heroes Act's new means of interdimensional travel without the use of the AUU Interdimensional Portal. He came to be this way since the HA saved him from a inter-dimensional scientific madman from another plain of existence, named Dr. Pan D. Mention, that wanted to take over the AUU, but was quickly beaten back into his realm thanks to the fact that the AUU's physical laws didn't mesh well with the madman's physical laws.
  • Lackson- A S'nick Translator from Eather that is capable to understand all forms of language barriers, even dead tongues, though often he has to research them first.
  • Kei Helsen- A Hydran and the boyfriend of Sonny Vertse from her family's rivals, the Helsen Family who suffered an infection in his legs, arms, and right eye and became a cyborg as a result, serving as a robotics assistant when Sonny and Junny join the Heroes Act.
  • Xander Maxon- A Goofy-mannered Xultudactyl who is a clumsy by mysteriously successful and lucky trader and shipper for junk as a previous life of a scrapper that even managed to secure UIS stuff for Marses, albeit oftenly from the UIS allied races and/or any Beetean and Littid stuff that got lost in the recycle process and ended up in Iisis for questionable reasons. Thus he's often the waste disposal guy for the HA since he has an extreme tolerance for foul smells to the point he treats them like a bad of honor. He was saved from an emotionally distroted and extortionist Scrapyard Boss Grutt during the midst of the Maverick situation and has appreciated it since.

UIS-Class Staff

  • Marses- A Beetean and the first member of the Hero Hive that hails from the poorly-known isolated areas of the AUU. He is an exoexplorer, or an explorer that specializes in traveling extraterrestrial planets, who uses shrinking technology and provides environmental EVO equipment for the Heroes Act. His presence granted the first controversial acknowledgment of UIS beyond the Pharagu incident about Millipede.
  • S'antza- A Littid and Marses' girlfriend ironically from a race that his own is currently at war against. His shrinking technology came from her as she too is an exoexplorer, granted more of the sciencey side while Marses turned out to be more the grand idea guy.
  • Agent Solus- A Solaraptor and the Heroes Act's top UIS agent. He provides the Heroes Act information regarding the UIS and any isolated sectors, joining them not too long after Marses. He's basically the needed early warning of any big move from UIS, and/or an attempt to complain to them about Marses and S'antza's presence in the HA again.


Commanding Bodies

  • Legion of Dominant Races- The AUU's prime governmental system that is what's left of the United Sentient Races Alliance. It contains all the AUU's dominant races, formerly including the humans. The Legion consists of 3 federations called the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Federations, which all were controlled by 4 of the races (Except the Alpha, which the humans took one of the spot), and take over 3 sections of the AUU. Some have been heart-broken by the departure of the humans, and some claimed they would do anything to have them back. If the humans do return, they will form the New United Sentient Races Alliance. They formed the AUU Grand Council because they keep safe by being anonymous, and the Grand Council serves as their form of speaking with the people of the AUU.
  • AUU Grand Council- The Heroes Act's superiors and creators. They have formed the Heroes Act to be a counter-measure against the Villains Act. Before the fall of the VA, times were tough developing the Heroes Act. But once it was destroyed, it was easier for them to develop the Heroes Act, which they still needed to keep history from repeating itself. The leading figure of the Heroes Act is Councilman Calixto, who communicates with them through the Hero Hive Briefing Room. They were created by the Legion of Dominant Races to help making anonymous much easier by communicating with their subjects and old VA rebellions.
  • Society of Sentient Animals- A sentient animal organization headquartered on Planet Taxonomoworld that has existed as long as sentient animals walked the AUU, and has the sole duty of protecting sentient animal-sentient being relations from being damaged by their many supremacist enemies, including the Zoopremacists. They became allies to the Heroes Act since they saved Zoytia from being the first to be the Zoopremacists' targets, bringing in Goldbeam to speak and fight for them while Yimba would take his place and, under the guidance of her OUU counterpart Gazelle the Uniter Princess, become the public face for the SSA as a member of it's main police force, the Animal High Command.

Other Hero Teams

  • Shell Lodge Squad- The heroes from the other United Universes that accidently came to their aide through dumb luck and help free the universes of The Villains Act. In addition, they introduse knew conspects and better understanding to help them better handle their overblown villain population and make sure they get a better understanding on how it occurred to avoid repeating history and get a worse villain team in the Villains Act's place. They are called in when there is a big enough threat that they can hardly face with how many members they have.
  • Captain Axxus and his Crew- Arcalidonian space pirates who had a conflict with a corrupt governor of certain moons who robbed banks to help people of the moons pay debts. They have also had conflicts with other pirates who were corrupt and greedy. The Heroes Act and the Shell Lodgers helped them solve these problems. They and the Heroes Act rarely meet with each other, only if it's necessary since Axxus mainly likes to keep to himself and stay out of AUU conflicts and endless struggles. They only do lawful piracy, adventuring, and battling corrupt space pirates and corrupt goverments.
  • The Keubric Airforce- The military force that Radcliffe is a part of since he and Stephanie joined following the defeat of Master Equinox, and they support them and swore to make better relations between the two opposing diplomatic sides of their home planet of Keuca.
  • Team Positron- A team of military half-crazy heroes who were formed to do operations and missions in secrecy. They each have their own unique personalities and skills, and they help battle the evil plots of their arch-enemy, Doctor Ogel. Their home base is unknown even to the Heroes Act. Yet the Heroes Act knows they exist after helping them stop one of Ogel's nefarious schemes for the Animal Square Province. They are the AUU versions of the Team Fortress 2 team.
  • Team Sonariath- A group of 5 supersoldiers who were raised in a Globex supersoldier program, and reside on the Planet Klenamark. They used to consist of 6 members until their arch-enemy, Overmaster Blekaconaoma, forced one of the members through threatening family onto his side, and had their leader put in a coma for a few years. The Heroes Act knows them after helping them with their teammate, and they now serve in a Heroes Act branch on Klenamark. To this day, they still battle Bleka.
  • Union Against Religious Abuse- An atheistic taskforce that is dedicated to enforcing religious abuse and religious conspiracies for the good of those who suffer from it and is commissioned on the Planet Solomorn, where their first mission took place. They became the most noticeable from the Jomosian Religion War that was created by the conflicting views of Zealord The Zealot and the utilization efforts of the Villains Act. This problem would eventually be settled, and the UARA would serve as an independent police force to help those who are wronged by religion. They believe that religion is just as corruptible as political and magical powers, and they only aid the Heroes Act, the Grand Council, or the Legion of Dominant Races if it involves a religious dispute or misunderstanding.
  • Cybartans- A team of cyborg weapons that originated from the Exo-Wars long ago who have been battling against the evil plans of the Inferno Cyberpunks and breaking free of years of regret in a controversial past. They were one of the only humans who refused to leave the AUU because of their job at battling the Cyberpunks. They sometimes like to stick to their own devices and avoid bringing too much attention from villains and people unsure of their morality. They make sure that Globex is not threatened by any remnants of Dr. Infernus' delusional self-corruption, and they will join the Heroes Act if it involves that specific evil.
  • Para Knights- A team of sky-faring paratroopers from Planet Nygia who were created in an Interuniversal War Project to battle against invasion forces. But the project was canned and those people continued the legacy as the Para Knights. While they do battle outside villains, their main problem was having to deal with an evil bug governor named Governor Buzz Ki Ller who had tried to use the Para Knights to get reelected and stay the governor of Nygia and was hunting them down for refusing and humiliating the 'Buzzwings' that Buzz himself abandoned and betrayed over it and even dragged the military against them until help would come and defeat him. The Para Knights don't help the Heroes Act that often, but they only occur when called in for assistance. They fight very quickly, and they do it better in the air since they have adapted to it on a planet where everything is flying.
  • Dinosaur Training Force- A hero group from Planet Tiyxubos who consists of several teenage fighters who have discovered rogue technology that allowed them to train dinosaurs to fight and ride on. The rogue technology they found had come from their old technological tribe which is currently being lead by the merciless and monstrous Krolken the Sharp, and the DTF was formed by it's leader, Commodore Saigon and his son, Harble, to combat his acts of evil. They had previously kept stopping him from selling his technology to the Villains Act until it was destroyed, leaving Krolken to return to basic evil. The Heroes Act will meet them on a mission to prevent Krolken from achieving an evil scheme that would affect more than Tiyxubos. They don't help them on any other kinds of missions since they have no access to space-travel, yet they still remain great allies to the Heroes Act.
  • Two Up Society- A Sioephusian taskforce consisting of Byron Buster's friends in the Sioephus Rebellion that helped him take down his three major enemies. It is co-lead by his girlfriend Taila Baxis, and the group aid the Sioephus Rangers in fighting against villainy. They rarely aid the Heroes Act despite the fact that their leader is a member. They usually aid them when they're on Sioephus, or when Byron needs assistance.
  • The Fantasy Council- A council comprised of all the known AUU fairy tale characters that exist in AUU fiction. Ruled primarily by 17 princesses and comprised of the hero/antihero fairy tale characters, they had only a few troubles with the Villains Act until they gave up because of the princesses' united powers being too much for them to handle. The Council has an entire knight guard, and has a decent amount of Teadr 1 technology.
  • Vault Seekers- A group of mercenary treasure-hunter heroes from the Beofynzeny System who have helped the heroes defeat it's corporate tyrannical dictator Awesome Jaxtom in return for releasing them from his control. Ever since, they dedicated themselves one of their antihero allies who helps them bring back the Teadr 1 Uridians.
  • Neo Core- An Overwatch-like anti-war taskforce of Planet Gontroy that the Heroes Act and the Shell Lodgers save from a conspiracy brought on by an endling of Gontroy's extinct Teadr 1 insectoid race. Since they restored their illegal reputation, they have become one of their greatest allies and providers.
  • Clam Lounge Squadron- A special and comical new team of allies which consist of essentially AUU SpongeBob and gang. Since they defeated two threats to their homeworld, one twice, they formed this team, and have essentially become the AUU Shell Lodgers with their own story arc.
  • Fantar Saviors- A team that consists of the heroes of all the planets in the Fantar-Gorra System starting with and lead by Ientasy's Saviors.
  • Team Remena- A team consisting of the many allied teams of the kingdoms of the planet of Remena, consisting of 12 teams: RABO (Rainbow), JACP (Jasper), JVCY (Jovacy), and CNES (Cinereous) of Aranasia, HOTP (Heliotrope) and IFRD (Infrared) of Meda, SMTN (Smitten) and MUVE (Mauve) of Cosma, and SMKE (Smoke) and UMBR (Umber) of Vigorasia.
  • Independence Guardians- The former United Usurpation Force turning over a new leaf since circumstance dissolved the UUF and the top heroes for the UIS.


  • Solo Morecraft- An antihero raised in a lawless society. He was an orphan raised by a black marketing mentor and made friends with dozens of other light-hearted criminals. His family name, the Morecrafts, are well-recognized as the antihero criminals who put down the infamous CrimeTech and it's leader and founder, CEO Bertron Gogue Blacktrey, when it was prosperous during a pre-Exo War period of poverty and crime called 'The Great Stagnation', where crime was 98% owned by CrimeTech. After the defeat of CrimeTech, a rebellion formed from criminals that were unemployed when CrimeTech was disbanded, and it created hundreds of lawless worlds and sectors, and in the process, obscured many of the Morecrafts until only a dozen or so were left to cloak themselves by changing their species. This tactic made Solo an otter/rat-like semi-aquatic mammal. After his father was put away by a traitorous black marketer who enslaved Solo with a mind-control implant, he outsmarted him, left him humiliated and to be later contained by athority figures, and took off to honor his family legacy, primarily by bringing down the restored CrimeTech, this time run by a descendant of Bertron, CEO Vacoh Quqe Blacktrey, who had it back up 16 months before the Villains Act. With the help of his dozens of friends, he has been on a quest to shut CrimeTech down. But eventually, he'll get help from more than just his friends. Ataxia, due to increased law-enforcement activity causing CrimeTech to be compromised, had attracted the Heroes Act into action. While the HA weren't aware of Solo, Solo knew about them, and took advantaged of them trashing the worn and torn robots of CrimeTech while he sought out Vacoh and made sure he was wrapped up nicely after a tough but quickly brief battle. Solo has yet to meet again with the Heroes Act after he incapacitates Vacoh. With help from the HA, the Lodgers, and Maxxus, he and his friends become successful double-agents who can infiltrate lawless worlds and help shut them down and give them a lawful community.
  • 'Leliana X'- A big-eared prairie-dog-like creature who was an actor for a TV show of the same name where she is depicted as one of the most famous heroes of the AUU that was known to have a brain fit with a microchip that allows her to tap into information grids and create a virtual picture of events in her mind, and had defeated and captured many Villains Act members on the run, and nothing could escape her. But because of a career crisis, she was looking for personal fame upon her series' cancellation, and she did that by claiming that she was actually the real hero. But she was eventually forced to admit the truth to the Heroes Act during a crisis with an Astro-Whale. But even though she was hated for these lies, Chase, a fan of her show, felt bad for her after she fell into depression and after getting over his hurt feelings about being lied to about Leliana, and after rescuing her from crazy Villains Act fanboys, she and Chase decided to become friends. She doesn't technically help in fighting villains because of being just an actor, but she has made a great marketing manager and advertiser, and thanks to her previous Movieworld connections, she has many TV producers and movie studios at her fingertips and is able to make all of them accept the idea of making shows and movies based on the Heroes Act's adventures with her staring as a similar character to her old one, except her new character is named 'Lella Iris', a hero that has cybernetic eyes that play the same role as the 'microchip'. Her real name is Leliana Almanax, but she can sometimes enjoy being called 'Leliana X' by her friends in the Heroes Act.
  • Dexter Fangasium- A slightly-obese feline and the president of the Heroes Act Fan Club on Vinzotyx, on par with Clawhauser and Lorne from Sam and Max. He provides something fun for the heroes to do when they're taking breaks and kicking back with their lives, especially when the nerds of the HA enjoy it and get over being embarrassed since an incident involving a former-nerd and a trickster gets them hyped for it.




Soon Coming: Security Drones, Medical Droids, Cleaner Bots, Mount Stables Care-Takers, Laungh Bay Crew Bots, Wake-Up Probes, Training Bots, Spy Bug, Theropist Bot, Consturction and Remodel Drones, Shedule-Keeper Probes, Chef Droids, Fabricator Handler Bot, Emergeny In-Case-Of-Giant-Monster-And/or-Other-Abnormally-Large-Threat Mech.

Hero Hive

Soon to Come: Hero Living Quarters, Creature Mount Stables, Hero Hive Hallways, A Large Window with a Steller View, Waste Disposal Room, Holding Cells, and Launch Bay.

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