Boy, is Kafar having the worse term of office ever! Firstly, the attempt to get Dr. Infernus on the side of the Radicals ended in pure dishastor, Infernus and the Cyberpunks were annialated by the Cybertons, now part of the heroes act, and now, Xena has defeated Zealord and now reformnation tecknowagey is being massively distributed. He would have the Starbot drone series to destroy these machines and destroy the cybertrons, but then, a new problem presented itself when the renigade drones lead by Unit 1991 and Unit 78 from Robotic Entics Challnaged have started to turn the Starbot drones, even that of the netoruious Qui drones, against the Radicals through a virus implanted to the grand Starbot control system in a hidden Peerdon base called "Compassion.EXE", courtitsy of the Qui Porgram and M.A.V.I.S. The Machines have started to revolt against their villain masters and began to arrest them. With this in mind, Only Kafar, Dr. Glowrod and his crew established from Swanluna Returns, Doctor Ogel, General Grosvenor and his trio from The Unexpected Return of Tecno TaroldMaster GanaliDoombug, Aqua Regia and her new fiance Lord Donatello due to some bonding when they were togather, Xerxes, Xandronion and Jling Sling when Kafar asked Ke-Pa to handed them over to him in exchange for advise on how to get out of his slump in Bad Villain Blood, and the newly recruited Overmaster Blekaconaoma are left. With Nuke and the original Radical council captured, with Sam, Cassial, Bloggie (by request of his daughter) and Sue Wai being deemed capable to reform and sent to monistairies in Seourus and Ustrao, seperately, while Nuke, Rude, Pow, Mind Warper under a speical anti-mind powers device, and Pickles, sent to their own cells in Oranos, Kafar desides he and what's left of the Radicals deside it's time to change both the game and the team! First, the Dark Radicals don a new name. They are now the Darksiders. Their first order of business: Make a new army in light of the revolts of the Starbots. Blek offers an interesting idea. Thanks to Glowrod's recreated reserection machine he photographicly remembers from Swanluna returns, they brought back the Cyberpunks and Dr. Infernus, and togather with Ogel, recreate an army of cyber clones of team positron to serve as the new army for a new villain team reborned from the burned ashes of the crumbling Dark Radicals. Alchorse, this didn't went unheard of and ignored, thanks to team positron, now a heroes act elite team, they went to earn everyone of the latest problem of the AUU. But this time, they are ready to meet this challnage head on, and though it looks like it will still be a while more before evil is truely as tamed and controled as the the Original Universe, and the Siders look as if they got alot of fight in them, but both lougers and heroes act are willing to face them head on! They'll start by preventing them from freeing the darker former Dark Radical Council members and the ones on the path of reforming to set things on a good start, but they must be careful, cause Kafar and Blek look like they mean business this time around.

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