High Chancellor Fearmonger

"It is nothing personal, Sparkle. I only want what is good for Equestria and Ponies."

High Chancellor Quiver Fearmonger is a High Chancellor of the Equestria Education Association and the ring-leader of a quiet collection of High Chancellor Conspirators trying to cause the School of Friendship to fail via trying to control whatever E.E.A. member is already causing trouble. He is Neighsay's and Yaysay's father, his married name being Fearsay, in marrying Jaysay, which he shunned off after a divorce. Though Neighsay is his son, he is not very extravagant about being against interacting with races to the point of blunt racism like his son, hence why he has no fear of admitting that Neighsay "gave a gross over-reaction". He is more against it in being pessimistic and doubtful of Equestria being capable of heal the world after being away from it since the Chaos Wars whilst under the suffering of The Storm Clan's madness. He believes that because other races don't have purity like ponies or it's just not being as great, he more believes that the school is a wasted gesture than a symbol of hope and isn't necessarily against the Cutie Map's wishes for it, ergo it being an extension of the Tree of Harmony, as more like he feels like that the prospect of the school being able to heal the world just feels too idealistically unrealistic to be possible and only wants the school gone for that much, though he admits being begrudged about the E.E.A. being disbanded by it, but he considers himself "too smart" for petty revenge and kept his sights on trying to 'wake up' Twilight instead of anything that'll only make him look like the bad guy, believing that in doing so otherwise would only further damnate the E.E.A. Though he may lose that cool the moment anything happens to Neighsay in a way that undermines him personally, where once so, he would REALLY live up to the name "Fearmonger", as he is gravely angered that Cozy Glow deliberately demonized Neighsay to gain more friendship during her takeover of the school, swearing revenge and eventually coming across the discovery that Cozy's entire family are mostly daemons, and after recalling the story about Vibe Idol, seeks the best revenge possible: The Daemon Serpent.


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