High Chancellor University

High Chancellor University Spirit (Pony)

High Chancellor University Spirit is an Equestrian Daemon and the former elderly de-facto leader of the Equestria Education Association that was entering retirement before jumpstarting it by disbanding the group, now serving as the superintendent of the School of Friendship. University was a figure respected in the E.E.A. and was someone even Neighsay at his worse wouldn't dare knowingly cross, and that even the most stingy and strict members respected his final words on the matter, even if they don't particularly like his word on the matter. He not only does typical superintendent duties, but also personally deals with any E.E.A. remnant problems himself when they made themselves known. He is also not only the great uncle of Cozy Glow and Backgammon, but his daemon identity was kept secret for his entire career and life as daemons, which were amalgamations of high qualities good or bad that could shift into pony forms at will and originating from Princess Consciencea, the primordial Alicorn goddess of emotion before Mana Magic, as he is a daemon of destiny, who predicts outcomes and acts upon them.


High Chancellor University (Daemon)

High Chancellor University Spirit (True Form)

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As a secret daemon, University has the full power of an Alicorn God in a pony's body. As a daemon of knowledge, University has incapacitative learning intelligence and ability, and can learn and perform any magic spell available. This makes him a very famous magic user, but his intelligence comes also with deductive reasoning and decision-making skill that often detriments before the fulfillments can even commence, or for simply speaking, his decidions do not make everyone happy.

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