Muddock P. Blank, AKA Hog Blank as a bandit name, is a Gascon pig from Sandy's hometown of Texas. He lives in a lawless sector of Texas in Point Blank right near Lake Livingston, and became a criminal as a result of being bullied for gross habits, trouble-making, clumsiness, and cheap and mean moves. He has since run away and became a bandit lord and basically came into running the lawless sector's capital, the Unlively Territory, a place of which even Sandy, with all her bravery, was forbidden to go to by her parents because of the dangers and people who have died there, as well as the tough inhabitants who will resort to killing even from out of nowhere. He is proud of his bandit kingdom and has caused a lot of trouble for people outside of his territory. He has an entire reservoir of water coming from a rigged system from the dams of Lake Livingston, and created an elaborate device that often causes the sulfur-poisoned water that Texas suffers today, willing to sacrifice innocent lives to destroy people he holds a grudge against. He is a jerk who comes with elaborate ways to tease people, and anyone who has ever tried to stop him has never returned, either dead or alive. He has three favorite outlaws who aid him in his career and even defend him: A Mexican ground squirrel and former border control member named Stewart, a Texas coral snake trapped in a reputation he didn't wanted for the one death he didn't cause named Clinch, and a gray fox former con artist with a grudge against Rusty named Hunter, as well as an entire guard of Alligator gars, coyotes, and eagles and falcons that guard every form of habitat along with the only two less serious minions in his arnsinal, Busby and Scully, a duo of an ex-undertaker and ex-prospector turn outlaw goonies that look straight out of The Cowboys of Moomasa that are considered the least faverable helpers in Hog's arnsel of gunmen. He is on par with Leonard from the Angry Birds Movie, and even has the same voice and accent, and has a comical Chihuahua yes-man named Alejo.


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  • "You have annoyed me for the last time!" (His supposedly last words after he seemingly drowns in his own reservoir, only to be revealed at the end of his debut episode to have survived)
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