Toroid Ajax Unjury Holostrophy, AKA The Holomaster, is an Alternate UUniversal Cesect from Planet Hoole. He is a vestigial-eyed alien being who has eye implants that allow him to see everything through 'holographic vision', and has a daughter named Holly. He runs the system-famous Holodome, which is the Beofynzeny System's most popular gladiator holo-show, which used to be run by the renegade adopted brother of the head of the Krooger Corporation's Beofynzeny Branch, Master Krooger, who adopted him and five other holographic gladiators: Crankshaft, Kickassasaurus, Propone, Death Daddy, and Jetboy. He became the highest on the Holodome Leaderboard, and got his daughter after getting too careless in this career. But when he discovered that Krooger stole the Holodome from his father, he cut off his power and got him turned into a holobot while also driving off many of his champions. He reclaimed his birthright and raised Holly to be the heiress, while she was also his best champion, and even obtained his own assistant holobot Holothys who serves as the commentator of the Holodome. But then Holly tried to take the Holodome over after she grew impatient for the job as she proved herself more than worthy except for her pride and envy. As punishment, she was fired from her position as heiress. Fed up, she went to Krooger and helped him steal the Holodome back, and replaced H010-THY5 with her own duplicate Holotype. Thus he and Holothys live out in the Holo Wastelands around the Holodome aiming to get the Holodome back.


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