Homer Cide

Homer Aanas Salacide, AKA Homer Cide

Homer A. Salacide, AKA Homer Cide, is an Alternate UUniversal Horkin from Planet Wygion. He is one of the most well-known villains of the Villains Act for his success in turning common thugs and revenge-hungry people into respected villains thanks to his villainy school called V.A.E.L.A, the Villains Act Education and Leadership Academy. Angered that his controversial and treacherous philosophical teachings and beliefs left people to question authority and get him nearly sentenced to death, he fled the planet and spread his teachings through the Villains Act and founded V.A.E.L.A, which had become the very place people were recruited in so they could become one of them. Running for over 12 years, V.A.E.L.A was eventually shut down by the Beta Federation following the fall of the Villains Act, leaving the revenge-hungry Homer to search his hardest for their base and destroy it, but has never done it. Despite being a former teacher, Homer Cide has the skills to defend himself, not just with his knowledge in 5 martial arts, but for his cybernetic left arm which houses an energy blade, and his vast array of gadgets.


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