Honey Dew

Pebe Buzz, Honey Dew the Powerful

Pebe Buzz
later known as Honey Dew the Powerful, is Penelope Buzz's younger sister who takes her place as the one who wields the Diamond of the Ancients, and aids her friend, Xandy, in keeping peace in the Alternate UUniverses when her big sister had to take her mother's place as queen of Hornopolis. Even at age 14, she was really experienced in combat and fighting since she took martial arts. But it took her a while to get use to wielding unlimited power like her big sister.


Pebe was born as one of Magnum's many siblings. She grew up as an enthusiastic, jumpy, and funny little girl. She has fun all the time, and watches lots of cartoons, and loves parties. When she became 8, she took martial art classes, and became a good fighter by age 12. She even likes to fly around the outskirts of her home of Hornopolis, and enjoy seeing the sights and colors.

Currently at age 14, Pebe becomes a hyperactive, silly, and enthusiastic teenager. She is soon to take her big sister's place as wielder of the Diamond of the Ancients.


Honey Dew, with the Diamond, has all of her older sister's magical abilities. She has invisibility, telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy, underwater breathing, boosted flying speed (faster for Pebe's younger and more-developed body), and elemental powers.

Pebe may be the same species as Magnum, having 360-degree vision, and be experienced in martial arts, but since she is only 14 years old, her toxic stinger has not yet matured, so stinging people has no effect.

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