Hope Qonnors

Hope Gommy Qonnors

Hope G. Qonnors, nicknamed Jumper, is an Alternate UUniversal Kreeron from Planet Mieber. She is an agile and very efficient courier for the Underground as she transports items from the planet's utopian "dystopia", and is good at eluding it's police forces, especially the strict and rude General Glutus Maximus, whom she likes to mock for fun. She is a very successful deliverer as she impresses the Underground with her deliveries and reflexes. Her parents were active in the protests against the utopia as it took away personal liberties, but they were both killed when the protests went awry because some protesters brought in weapons that forced the enforcers to make a "sacrivice the few to save the many" desidtion or else the preaceful protest would've turned into a deadly riot that would kill people either way, her parents making the fatal mistakes of being amomg them, as she ran away from the authorities as she thought they tried to arrest her, and just as she was about to be captured, she was rescued by the Underground double agent Tollund, who took her to the Underground where she was trained by him to defend herself and give her strategies since, because he secretly works for President Hackagon, knows everything about the police forces including their strengths and weaknesses. This played well in her current career. However, General Glutus himself has been trying for years to catch her, as he knows that she might lead him to the Underground, but she was always good at losing him. He even hires her sister, Tamara Qonnors, as an honorary member when she ends up joining the utopia's side after an alcoholic murders her best friend, much to the shock of Hope. Unlike the other rebels, she knows better then to flat out hate the goverment, barring Glutus, because he was the one who invented the very poor standerd of "Sacrivice the few for the many belief", capable of understanding that even if the enforcers did nothing, the idiot protester would've killed many people, even her parents by crossfire, keeping an open-mind that sadly too many rebels don't process. She even kept clean too dispite the unsanatary conditions. She also felt that drugs, alcahol, and even mere cussing being censored aren't inheredly bad things as she does see that socity was better off without needless aggression. She is basically like Faith from Mirror's Edge.


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