Elias H. Threepword, now named Horrorshow, is a vengeful renegade Grim Reaper-like wraith who lives on the monster world of Spookavania trying to cause the monsters of the world to finally stop being passive cowards and punish normal people for their hate and discrimination. However, through this, he ends up becoming an aimless fanatic and xenophobe since it was attitudes like his that got them discriminated to begin with. His negative attitude with normal people dated back when he was normal himself as a live person. Even in life, he hated being normal because of how boring and flawed it was. But when people started getting greedy for his prized gold-laying goose to the point that his beloved cow Betsy was killed, he became a mass murderer determined to protect his goose. But when this got the attention of authorities, he was sentenced to death, leading him to become the monstrous and prejudicial Horrorshow. He was among many monsters and spirits to escape to Spookavania, where he managed to convince other troubled monsters that the stupid actions of normal people can't be ignored anymore, and if any opportunity comes to pass that would make normal people look bad, you can bet that Horrorshow will get to it.


Elias was born on a farm in Kansas in 1839 who hated the farm life since there was so many things wrong with it, such as tornadoes, infectious bugs, diseases, and countless others. Aside from that, he never liked anything, and thus became anti-social, never caring about any material possessions including money. He possessed harsh and cynical views on the world around him and always believed that no matter what happened, society was still a ruined mess every day.

However, his only real values was his best cow Betsy and his prized golden-egg-laying goose. But because this value could attract attention from undesirables who routinely harassed him for the goose for obvious reasons, the worst he did was threaten to alert authorities. It deterred many undesirables, but there was a greedy marketing tycoon who was too determined to let a typical threat of enforcers deter him. So he had his goons murder Betsy as a warning to make him more 'welcoming' to people like him and kidnapped his goose. However, instead of alerting authorities of the crime, he only went into a rage, grabbed his scythe, and pinned down the location of his goose's kidnappers thanks to the questionable choice of advertising the goose at the market plaza.

Upon discovering the place, However, when he realized that tje advertising lead other greedy people to come after the goose, he ended up killing any who were blind to his pain and came after it. He caused what was known as the Great Goose Massacre and earned him an infamous reputation. It deterred criminals permanently, but he gained a new problem with the law. While Elias explained why he did it, it wasn't a good excuse for the many kills he committed trying to protect his goose. Thus, the judge sentenced him to death by hanging.

Following his death, he became the prejudicial wraith known as Horrorshow. He began haunting his own country for years thanks to their actions on him until 1975 when paranormal experts threatened to destroy him, forcing him to retreat to Spookavania where he would attempt to start a monster revolution. He even managed to gain the friendship of Craig Vesling, a human who was raised on Spookavania, and Horrorshow attempted to mold him into a pawn with their friendship. Of course, Craig had a lot of problems with meeting his own kind when they kept saying that monsters were not to be trusted. He didn't want to believe it, so Horrorshow, not wanting to wait any longer, told him the truth about his plans, and ended up murdering several normal people just to corrupt Craig onto his side.

But Horrorshow was unable to corrupt Craig, and Craig believed that all his kind had said was true, and vowed to become a monster hunter to destroy people like Horrorshow. He escaped, and when word leaked out that Craig had been turned against them, Count Vladula had Horrorshow arrested for his crimes. But unfortunately, he escaped because incompetent police monsters sent him to a prison not properly prepared to keep ghosts imprisoned and he simply phased out like nothing. He would soon get his chance to destroy normal people for wronging his kind.


  • "Oh hum. You try to discourage people from thinking fondly of normals and you get accused as a xenophobic madman. Oh, like the normals are any better?"
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