Rarity has had a lot of inspirations, but she has recently gotten depressed when one of them, Voluptuous Glitter, turns out a fraud. Voluptuous was a luxurious fashionista, magician, philanthropist, and a good visionary whose skill ends up being revealed to be false, being the result of a mental charm from a source that Twilight discovers is another Alicorn goddess, Queen Lucullana, the Alicorn goddess of luxury, fulfillment, greatness, and salvation. Voluptuous was using this spell to gain the popularity she was denied as a filly and just recently the soul of Lucullana discovers this and as punishment for this abuse, she undoes all her ill-gained fame which was given to a pony that lived under Voluptuous' shadow, Vain Strain, an equilly talented but undermined by Voluptuous' beauty and that Vol came from a richer family while Vain was middle-class at best, thus the picky elitle and easily lulled comman ponies ended up being interested in Vol more, useage of spell aside. Now the Lougers need to get Rarity's confidence back by helping Vol and get Lucullana to realise that she was used to aide in a spiteful pony's aim to undermine a rival purely for that.

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