Grinch Groag heard that the Evil Superiors from his Grinch Grog/Grinch-Titanious days except the now reformed Malvono have for awhile now, joined forces with the Dragon's Army, who as of recently, started to lose credability as a serious villain team, espeically the Revolt of the Christail 5 mess by King Sombra, who was welcomed back by the leage as a result of regaining the Cristail 5's loyalty with open arms from Pitch Black. This inspired Grinch Groag to do the same, even if it means including Stoddart and his realitives cause they have healed him up again after his failed attempt to go out on his own in Grinchgrog Reborn. It has been learned that Professor Gloom has once again started to question his place with Ke-Pa who started to become much too over-compident even for all-powerful demon standerds, and was very fearful when Malvono was badly abused for having a romance while being accused for doing something simular what Derek Glidester did. This is perfect for Grinch and Shoddart to convince Gloom and the Evil Superiors reconcider their involvement with The Dragon Army, and come crawling back to Grinch with full willing obedience. Unfortunately for Ke-pa, his over-compident pride is going to cost him more members of his now soon to be history villain team. Any attempt to try and stop this would be met with relucent Louger intervention, cause hopeful disbanion of an overly powered villain team is worth allowing Grinchgrog reclaim most of his former followers.

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