This page explains How The Villain League Recruits more villains. In order to recruit a villain, there will have to be some sort of Initiation Ceremony. The recruition process is very simple. First, all current Villain League High Command members will surround the recruit and chant the Darkness Mantra once spoken by either Xemnas or Fake Ansem (The seeker of darkness guy.). Then a bright green fog will briefly surround the recruit, and allow him to have dark powers and control over the Heartless. Then finally, Mirage will appear to give the recruit a contract of loyalty he must sign. Once signed, the recruit is automatically designated as a member of the Villain League. However, for villains who aren't necessarilly villains or traditionally evil, like the Frog Hunters or Cynder, before the contract is signed, Facilier will appear with a dark keyblade and some darkness powder. Then, Facilier will then stab the villain in the heart, filling the heart with dark energy, corrupting the villain into a denizen of darkness. Alternatively, he will instead blow his magic voodoo powder onto the villain, automatically making him/her/them evil, like how it was done to Gantu with a simular substence. also, in the book of villains, they also have an advertisement there in Villain League-controlled areas such as Transylvania.

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