The Paris Clan Gargoyles

Hugo, Victor and Laverne
are a trio of gargoyles from Disney's 1996 film The Hunchback of Notre Dame and its sequel.


Out of the three gargoyles, Hugo proved to be the most comical, bumbling and mischievous. He enjoys many things along the lines of parties and entertainment and somewhat has the most faith in Quasimodo, being the first to calm him down when Frollo began his hunt for Esmeralda.

Victor acts as a renaissance man, speaking in a deep British tone often he voice of reason. He can sometimes be depicted as cowardly and possibly the most innocent of the gargoyles feeling sympathy for Frollo's soldiers during the final battle of the first film.

Laverne is a mother figure for Quasimodo and the most intelligent of the three. Laverne acts as the voice of reason in the trio and the most comforting for her friend. She is constantly pestered by a flock of pigeons.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The trio are first seen at the top of the cathedral with Quasimodo watching over the Feast of Fools. They convince Quasimodo to sneak out and enjoy the festivities before Frollo arrives. Later, they become excited to see Esmeralda bonding with Quasi believing she is a love interest. When things go for the worst, the trio convince Quasi that he's more than just a servant to Frollo. They join him at the final battle with Frollo and seen celebration Quasi's new success.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

After the events of the first film, Hugo continues to live with Laverne and Victor. Later, when sarousch's henchmen are stealing la fidel, they try to stop them, but ended up being trapped inside the bell. Sometime later, he watches sadly until Esmeralda's goat friend Djali gives Hugo a lick (which was a kiss) on his cheek and then he falls down after giving Djali a flower. Then, in the end, he says, "Take your heart for granite, like me!" And then he cries before realizing Madellaine (saying she can take care of Quasimodo, and winks at them which causes their mouths to fall out) she can see them.

Role in the series

The Gargoyles reprise their role from the movies, and also appeared in the Black Cauldron, but were redused to a camio only appearence due to character overpopulation.

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