Human Equaria is a singular dimension, larger than most others, that is the Alternate UUniversal version of Human Equestria. It is a dimension where one singular world, Terra, a Super-Earth, is the most well-known world known to harbor life. Though the society of Terra is of Teadr 2 status, there are remnants of a Teadr 0-1 existence which is actually robotic godly guardians created by the dimension's creator, Wou. Like Human Equestria, the world is populated by humans and unsentient animals, but the humans are of AUU biology, and unlike Human Equestria, it resembles a more life-like standpoint as war is existent as Wou, as a Navawaku of a warrior-class breed, was bred for combat, and is not as hesitant to meet his creations as fellow Navawaku Coo. He defends his home more strategically than Coo, and takes a human guise more often than her. Human Equaria's humans are as pure as the Lonies of the AUU, being essentially AUU humans infused with Lony purity the same way the humans of Human Equestria are humans infused with pony purity. The society is highly advanced as humans in this dimension are a thousand years more advanced than the humans we normally associate with. The society of the world has all AUU customs and corporations, and the expansive space of the Super-Earth Terra, as well as other exoplanetary colonies, ensures that this is all possible.


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Human Equaria is similar to Human Equestria, and like it, entering converts anyone arriving into a human or animal, only this time, the humans, while having Equestrian coloration, have AUU human biology, while AUU animals are the other residents, and they more or less resemble their Human Equestrian appearance. They live in a Teadr 2 society with technology far more advanced than that of Human Equestria. They also have a heightened suspension of disbelief because, as the result of a science fiction setting, they can easily believe in aliens and anything outside the world of Terra, but they do not believe in magic because it was non-existent in their eyes.

Terra is like Earth and/or Marbon in so many ways, except it is much larger and considerably a Super-Earth, and though this means the gravity is 10x stronger than Earth, the humans and wildlife have grown used to it naturally. Terra also has a doubled year, as an average Terran day lasts 48 hours, and a Terran year lasts 730 days, and shares an orbit with another similar world. The humans, despite being Teadr 2 in technology, are in their Teadr 3 stages, and have only colonized not just the many planets and moons habitable within their Sol System, but the only outside planet they colonized is Proximi III, which is accessible through a teleportal in space. The humans have also discovered and built a Micro-Dyscon Shields around their system to protect from asteroids and other interstellar objects that could be endangering, and they mainly get their power from a Micro-Dyscon Sphere around their sun, Sol, which fuels power throughout their colonies.

The human history may be similar to that of the humans of the AUU, having the same countries and AUU-based events, but throughout their time, they have not encountered any sentient wildlife to where it is considerable non-existent, as the universe they reside in is far bigger than most other universes. This universe also shares similar physical laws to the AUU, having planets that act differently, and borrow some ounce of the cartoonish nature created by the physical laws of the OUU. They are isolated in their territory, and their many colonies are considerably protected and even prepared should they ever make contact with alien life.


Sol System

  • Donte- A lava planet and a former mining colony for the humans.
    • Oggo Valley- The only sector on the planet that remains habitable, and is the capital of the HE Eroxxon Corporation.
    • Carbonosia- The sector where fossil fuels were resources were the most exhausted but later killed many humans as a result of a discharge spreading toxins.
  • Cibarrona- A planet that had been a former exile colony and is now a lawless criminal world for criminals, pirates, and other lawless jerks of all kinds.
    • Ataxia City- A lawless city that used to be the home for CrimeTech, which remained an underground society since the HE Great Stagnation.
  • ???- A moon
  • Terra- An Earth/Marbon-like planet that is the main setting of humans and the only known place in their universe to harbor life before the discovery of the superhabitable exoplanet of Proximi III.
    • Aemaerca- Formerly the Unified States, it became Aemaerca when Terra's countries united.
      • Capital City- The capital of Aemaerca.
      • Athomia City- A massive landlocked city in Aemaerca.
      • Calsmir- The HE version of AUU Canterlot, and the main setting, and location of an access portal from other dimensions, and the area of which many cosmic anomalies are analyzed and rumored to appear.
        • Calsmir High- A school where much of Equaria's HE counterparts reside.
        • Tesseract Prep- A rival school of Calsmir High.
        • Tessellate Megamall- One of the Tessellate Corporation's biggest profitable areas.
      • Evercare Forest- A large forest where many camps are found.
      • Cailiforia- A California-like state that has large crevices, canyons, water formations, and a large shore as the result of a large earthquake.
        • Danoucant- A Las Vegas-style city of gambling and crime.
        • Arsecara- A Haven City-like city of mainly racing and vehicular manufacturing.
      • Thexus- A Texas-like state in Aemaerca.
        • Carbungia Valley- The most known area of Thexus.
      • Florodia- A Florida-like stare in Aemarca.
        • Respite- The most populated Miami-like resort city of Florodia.
    • Fedesera- A Russian-like country that occupies the Asia-like area of Terra.
      • Roozsia- The Russian-like capital country of Fedesera.
        • Istouto- A giant city full of holography and augmented/virtual reality.
        • Omnica- A large city and the capital of Omnican engineering and especially HE Alspund Omnics.
    • Eurosha- A Europe-like country.
      • Usuablothia- An England-like island country near Eurosha.
    • Aeostralla- An Australia-like country.
      • Wastebacks- An area of Aeostralla where a nuclear meltdown ravaged the area into a wasteland with run-down slums, junkers, junkyards, and so on.
      • Iircen Valley- A war-torn lawless sector of Aeostralla.
    • Cordica- A collection of hundreds of islands that occupy Terra's biggest ocean, the Cordic Ocean.
      • Harbanisan Islands- Islands where humans have used Cerwan's Mutation to develop underwater capabilities, have formed a symbiotic relationship with the sea, and have built artificial reefs. There are a lot of cities and resorts found here, and this is where aquagens were invented.
      • Hoihoi Islands
      • Gymnia Island- An island infamous for being a nudist colony.
      • Tikini Islands
    • Spaetha- A country specializing in security and located in what normally occupies Africa.
      • Ohruga- The head sector of Spaetha.
        • Spaethacus- The capital of Spaetha.
        • Mirth City- A Budapest-like city in Spaetha and the birthplace of the world's high-tech military-police force.
        • New Avata City- One of the most high-tech megalopolises of Terra and the second populous city in Spaetha.
      • Warbothia- A country where many war battles were fought, and is mostly used in regards to military progression.
        • Iallog City- A city infamously in an Iraq-like state of conflict because the concept of excitement and adrenaline intoxicated them into thinking war was a great thing.
  • Mara- A moon belonging to Terra. Though starting off with a terraformed atmosphere, a war caused the atmosphere to be torn apart and be left airless, yet the gravity and soil remained relatively the same, and the moon is now a provincial and flourishing shell of it's former self.
  • Aea- A terrestrial planet and twin planet of Terra that shares the same occupied orbit as the two are on opposite sides of Sol.
    • Aeonia- The top country of Aea.
      • Aeon City- The capital of Aeonia and Aea.
      • Bijou- A Los Angeles-like collection of 3 unified cities filled with glittering lights, and is noted for being one of the most high-metropolitan areas in Aea.
        • Graphene- A sector in Bijou and the capital of movie business.
    • Corollia- A country where business and manufacturing is at an all-time high, as well as trading and deals.
      • Mugioh City- A megalopolis famous for being a place where activities and hobbies, conventions, and so on are apparent.
      • Cruiter- A Las Vegas-style city of gambling, trading, and often times crime.
  • Warea- A Mars-like planet and the top military space colony of the humans.
    • Mïtia- The top country of Warea.
      • - The capital city of Warea.
      • Pharagu Valley- The inhospitable war-torn sector of Mïtia filled with garbage, run-down slums, looters, pirates, bandits, and scavengers.
    • Gruidia- A country that is rougher than Mïtia.
      • Plazma City- The capital city of Gruidia.
      • Gruy Valley- The biggest site of wars in the human colonies and even the planet itself, filled with salvaged and looted technology lost for a long time.
    • Xalcromia- The largest Asia-sized country of Warea.
      • Boldtower- The capital of Xalcromia.
      • Fightwell- The most populous city in Xalcromia.
  • Harmonia- An ecumenopolis planet and the first metropolitan world made by humans.
    • Tasceytia Sector- The sector of the ecumenopolis and the capital of HE Globex Industries, the GCC, as well as many other business and megacorporations.
    • Inorbon Sector- The sector of the ecumenopolis and the capital of the HE Currency Troupe, providing near-unlimited profit for many corners of the human colonies.
    • Eol Sector
  • Ehen- A temperate planet and wildlife sanctuary for the humans.
    • Arcodia- A collection of AFT colonies and cities that watch over the planet, offer tours through monorails, safaris, and many other forms, and offer high-tech education of wildlife.
    • Chimerum- A very flourishing sector of Ehen which is like the Amazon on an alien level, containing most of all human wildlife in the system.
    • Roptoria- An orgalith-filled landscape with hot temperatures, deserts, and large amounts of tourism.
  • Atlanta- An ocean moon that circles HE Oerum, and has large aquacities, floating resorts, and have little to no islands.
    • Respa Quadrant- The first and richest quadrant of Atlanta.
      • Atlathinus- The capital of the quadrant and Atlanta.
      • Miambi- The biggest and most populous resort city on Atlanta.
    • Serosity Quadrant- The second and most nature-blooming quadrant of Atlanta that nurtures the other life-blooming outside sectors.
      • Faller City- The capital of the quadrant.
      • Oerthic Waters- The biggest life-blooming sector of the quadrant, and home to the biggest reef system on the moon.
      • Reef City- The first aquacity built within a reef by humans.
    • Oceonica Quadrant- The third quadrant of Atlanta.
      • Oceona- The capital city of the quadrant.
      • Trunk Reef Islands- The biggest resort archipelago on Atlanta.
      • Watana Waters- The Sargasso Sea-like sector of Atlanta that blooms with kelp and algae, and is a rich place of wildlife.
    • Hydrana Quadrant- The fourth quadrant of Atlanta.
      • Pooltown- The second biggest resort city on Atlanta.
      • Jomosia- Ancient aquacity ruins that was destroyed as the result of a rogue holy war from a rogue inquisition.
  • ???- A moon

Proximi System

  • Proximi III- The first and only exoplanet colonized by the humans. Being superhabitable, the humans fit in well, and actually started evolving at a quicker pace.
    • Serisica
    • Aholloa
    • Callia
    • Ausitalia
    • Oengtonia
    • Ioa
    • Lemoria
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