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Human Equestrian Canterlot

Human Equestria is a separate dimension from the UUniverses which is only accessible through a magic mirror portal in Equestria. It is similar to Equestria, except it is populated by multi-colored humans, and anyone who enters this world becomes either a human or a real-life animal. It's the main setting of the MLP: Equestria Girls franchise, and it used to have no magic until the arrival of Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer. Because it is a separate dimension, it is not locatable in any of the UUniverses, including the Hasbro Universe. It was created by the alien witch Coo as an anti-conflicting world where no war or tension existed, give or take a few exceptions that are not as on a major scale. Despite being called 'Human Equestria' and that the movies mainly focus on Canterlot High, the high school itself is but part of a larger world of humanized versions of many people from the SAF series, Original Crossover Series and Chronicles Series.


This world was created on the very eve of 1st Century AD by Coo, who was inspired to create this world as a combination between humanity's nature and the Equestrian magic of friendship. Though the humans of this world thought it was created the same way ours was, starting with the Big Bang and the formation of Earth, as well as prehistoric life and humanity. The humans started out in the same slow modernization period with no technology, yet started growing from it.

Thanks to manipulations from Coo, wars such as the ones we currently associate with in human history never occurred, and what happened instead was just small tensions. There was no slavery issues due to the multi-colored skin and the philosophy of getting along and therefore no Civil War. There wasn't any World Wars since World War I was only a period of trying to get along with other countries which almost lead to a war, and World War II was only a global economic crisis which killed as much as the war did, which took Coo a while to fix. The Cold War was only a revolutionary period which blossomed from the economic crisis. Basically, war was non-existent and minor conflicts were the only thing wrong through the following years.

Equestrian humanity began to do well with their inherited friendship philosophies. Coo watched as technology in her world grew, and she collected every single machine and enjoyed it. It was great for a while, yet Coo knew that there was outsiders who knew about the portal to this world. Star Swirl the Bearded discovered this portal, and used it to exile the Dazzlings. Coo thought these exiles would be bad news for her world, yet discovered that their powers weren't as strong as it was in Equestria, and no humans that were trapped in their influence escalated their fighting to the point of war.

Coo thought these three wouldn't be a problem. But she discovered another outsider coming through the portal. Coo watched as Sunset, upon her arrival, was confused at how to do things in this world and she ended up embarrassing herself through the Equestrian customs, only fuelling the greed and selfish personality she had gained that got her here. Though despite this, Sunset adapted to the world very well in the next few years. She began to do bad things after she enrolled herself to a local school, though like the Dazzlings, she didn't do things that lead to a major conflict.

Coo considered it a priority to watch these 4 outsiders as they continued living in her world. Then in 2013, Twilight and Spike arrived when Sunset stole a crown from them in Equestria. Coo kept a close eye on the two heroes as they got so determined to retrieve the crown and gain the friendship and trust of most of the humans in the school, while also watching how she handled Sunset. She then saw the climax and feared for her home as Sunset became corrupted with magic power, only to be defeated by the Humane Six, and reformed. Coo, while amazed that Twilight did such a daring thing despite having the body of a normal human, was also worried that the exposure of Equestria meant that humans might take advantage of it and lead to a conflict, so when Sunset became a celebrity and revealed what she knew about Equestria, Coo manipulated the minds of most of the humans to make sure they don't believe her, as well as to not go into an angry mob-style rage either.

Following the fact that the school was the only thing that knew about Equestria's existence despite the few people who actually believed Sunset's stories, Coo was at least great that Twilight rescued her world from making a terrible conflict, and wished to meet her despite her shy personality. But she failed to realize until it was too late that the Dazzlings had noticed the magic Twilight used to defeat Sunset, they finally found the school, and begun hypnotizing the school into doing as they said. Coo, despite enjoying the music, was worried that the Dazzlings were getting stronger, though they too were defeated as their magic pendants were destroyed, they were unable to sing, and they were made mortal and rejected. Sunset has since become a singer for the Rainbooms, while the Dazzlings were able to learn how to sing normally and get their own records despite having very few fans, still swearing revenge.

With conflicts growing than ever before, Coo needed to make sure that things need to be limited. So she had to let the world's governmental authorities gain some understanding of her world and her existence so they can withhold magic's existence from the public, and Coo did it carefully, starting with keeping the authorities from capturing the Humane Six and Canterlot High since she trusts them with the secret. She was sure that, if magic conflicts were going to continue, it had to only occur at Canterlot High. Though she also didn't count one counterpart of Twilight at a nearby school to be interested in Equestrian magic. So when the Friendship Games begun, Coo was at first excited to watch humans competing in games, but it changed when Twilight showed magic thefts. Though she was worried when Twilight was told to unleash her stolen magic and she became corrupt with it's power and began tearing holes in her world. Though she was relieved when Sunset stopped her. Ever since, Coo was worried that things would get worse from there, and needed to do something, which she has yet to do.


Human Equestria is known to be populated by no mythical creatures, no aliens, and no basic forms of fiction. It's only basic inhabitants are that of which we see in real life, which is humanity and real-life animals. Entering this world will turn someone into a human or animal, taking away or granting certain abilities such as magical, supernatural, or biological powers depending upon the traveler. This world is exactly similar to real-life Earth, and therefore has the same types of countries, cultures, and so on. A major difference is that there is no wars or conflict. The humans of this world are altered copies of Equestrian ponies, and therefore they have the same pure hearts and immunity to true corruption as them. Plus, by technicality, an outsider of any origin who enters becomes an Equestrian human, and therefore has the same kind of purity and immunity to corruption.

Coo created this world as a blend between the adaptability, versatility, and moral understanding of humanity, and the Equestrian magic of friendship. The result is multi-colored humans and animals. Just like in real life, they have modern-day technology that can't as easily be handled or made by pony hooves such as mobile devices, computers, video games, Internet, and so on. However, thanks to the influence of outsiders like Twilight and Sunset, magic has become existent here, though through a limited factor. Magic here has been able to become compatible with Equestrian magic, let alone exist, because of the blend between humans and Equestrian beliefs. However, while Sunset became famous for revealing the existence of Equestria to the entire world, most of the people naturally thought it was make-believe. This is mainly caused by Coo to quell humanity's natural curiosity of things science can't easily explain and enhance their tendency of skepticism to not only keep them from a conflictive universe, but also to prevent 'compromised' creations from attempting to bring those greater aspects of the UUniverses, bring them back to the world and unknowingly introduce conflict into her perfect world. Some minor conflict exists such as the infamous 'Anon-A-Miss' account created by EH Cutie Mark Crusaders during the Equestria Girls Holiday Comic, but somehow, it has been acquired by a clever hacker in the form of EH Sky Slicer who, like his UUniversal counterpart, is a bully whose loss of the only friend he ever had by stealing his work in comedy and genius through his social account and a failed attempt to lie and trick him out of it made him believe that it was worthless and thus hacked into the Anon-A-Miss account to restore it's purpose for personal gain.

Despite war non-existent here, there does exist police or military forces such as police departments, FBI, CIA, Interpol, Army, Navy, and so on, though Coo manipulates them to not resort to war. However, there are some governmental agencies here that have some knowledge of Coo's existence and influence, and cover it up from the public. Coo lets the agencies know some info about her because she might require assistance when it comes to protecting her world. The agencies will protect her without knowing they are doing so. Though there are also secret agencies that are set up by President Yen Sid and Vice President Ansem, and the other High Councilors as governors, as well as others like Senator Malefor, including the HE Shell Lodge, who had a similar origin to their OUU counterparts, are adventurers, heroes, and have also existed since 2009, investigating anomalies from the OUU, specifically that from Equestria.

The reason the world resembles the UUniverses as it was originally implemented to resemble Equestria is because magic from the UUniverses' magic hearts seeped into the universe, and created the scenery of UUniversal resemblance. Each one is classified in secret agencies as Alpha Matter (Disney Universe Magic), Beta Matter (Warner Bros/Cartoon Network Magic), Gamma Matter (DreamWorks Magic), Delta Matter (Fox Magic), Epsilon Matter (Paramount/Nickelodeon Magic), Zeta Matter (Miramax Magic), Eta Matter (Video Game Magic), Theta Matter (Anime Universe), Iota Matter (Universal/TriStar/Columbia Magic), Kappa Matter (MGM/Don Bluth/Independent Companies Magic), and the most common Lambda Matter (Hasbro Universe). Each of these magical energies create the corresponding settings in the universes' image, and is usually focused on the single world.


  • Canterlot High School- The main setting of the movies. This is where Celestia is a principal and Luna is vice-president, Tirek is the superintendent, and Pred's daughters are hall monitors.
  • Crystal Prep Academy- The antagonistic setting of the third movie, and the former residence of Sci-Twi. Run by Principal Cinch, with Cadance is a dean, Shining Armor as a former student and competitor of the Friendship Games, and being the HE's version of the Crystal Empire.
  • Sweet Apple Acres- Applejack's home, and has a much greater appearance than in Equestria.
  • Pinkie's House- Pinkie's home where the Mane Seven have a slumber party in the second movie.
  • Flim and Flam's Shop- A shop run by HE Flim and Flam as revealed by one of the Rainbow Rocks shorts.
  • CIA HQ- The world's CIA headquarters which has defects in the form of the HE's version of The Storm Clan, including HE Storm King, who takes the name Agent Sacana, as the family is against the world's utopian society and seeks to make it half-lawful and have-criminal to make it 'realistic'.
  • United Community Town- A town in shape of the entire United Universeal communities and sections in simularity to what the Lougers seen such far, including a comic book store with patrons and owners in shape of certain superiors, a museum of anichent myths owned by HE Victor Von Creepypants, the UUPD and other known police forces from around the United Universes are a united police force, and so on and so forth.
  • The Convident Kobra- A popular convinence store owned by HE Jafar, who instead of an evil snaked themed socceror, is a snake-themed business savy clerk with a talent for smoothes in sytile of cobra patterns, milkshakes called "Cobra venom" given a hint of food coloring to give a distent color, and has a treasure trove of snacks and other need items at decent prices (Depending on price range), where Abis Mal serves as a dorky janitor who keeps ruining everything. He even has an isle called "The Cave of Wonders" where the hip item of the day is held, where it be something like a latest snack craze or anything related to celeberties.
  • Cartarus Lots- A used car sale lot owned by HE Hades and the HE Disney Oylimpians as car dealers, brokers, and business folk of Cartarus Lots, basicly if you took the underworld and Olympus and rearranged it as a car selling company, filled with quility used cars and wacky inflating wailing tube monsters from the Hercules world, and giant ballon variations of the Elemental Titans holding "Cheap and reliable used cars" signs. Fittingly enough, HE Hades is no far cry of being quite a deal maker and always says the right words, but thankfully, it's without the selling away of your soul bits and plans to take over olympus. But look out, that infamous temper is still there, though thankfully not as rediculiously firy and over the top, and unlike normal Hades, he does attend anger management classes. HE Meg serves as a wise-cracking quippy sectarary to HE Hades, and the best car dealer is HE Hercules who is litterally able to lift an entire car up in no far cry to how normal Hercules would do it and is sort've a company icon and inprompto mascot.
  • Neverland Ports- An air/sea port company owned by the HE versons of Peter Pan and Capitain Hook. The difference is that HE James Hook is instead HE Pan's adopted father instead of long-time rival. Neverland ports is both a mixture of sea ports and airports where sea and air travel are seperately possable. Tinker Belle is a fictional airport mascot while Ticktock is the seaport one. It also holds cruse lines and first class airplanes that often go through themes and parties for all to enjoy.
  • Enchanted Pictures- Enchanted Pictures, basicly HE hollywood, is owned by HE Maleficisent as the president of this movie and show making place as suppose to an evil enchantress. This is where they shoot the Ursula and Morgana show, a cooking show run by the HE Little Mermaid Chef, a line of luxerious homes for the stars to live in, and they gave tours to the place hosted by HE Mirage.
  • The Gamble Bug- A huge casino owned by HE Oogie Boogie, where he and his partner, HE Jack Skellington, own a halloween town-eqsed casino where spooky-like gambling is rampent. Fortunatly, HE Oogie, while still with a twisted sense of humor, is otherwise a moral farcry from the original.
  • Safariland- A zoo that holds animals from across the lands, own by HE Clayton, who is an extreme farcry to the hunter he is in the normal universes. While still in his sofisicated high socity mannorisum, HE Clayton is litterally such an animal adorer to the point that he would even cuddle with the most dangerious of animals and they would never harm him. His secret that he is pretty much the Dolly Llama of animal behavior and has gone to the point that every animal is automaticly ok with him, even gorillas all things ironicly considered. The Zoo Staff consists of equilly animal enfusiastic zookeepers Tarzan, Jane, and Professor Porter as the veteranian.
  • Klugetown- The EG version of the MLP Movie location which is the hometown of EG Capper, Chummer, Verko, as well as the adopted hometown of EG Puss in Boots since he was chased out of his hometown of San Ricardo thanks to the EG Humpty Dumpty who got crippled after changing and taking a shot from Verko to help his friends stop him from getting his hands on Equestrian magic, and the hometown of EG Kitty Softpaws, Jack and Jill, as Puss' heroic act here gets him into the EG Shell Lodge. EG Kludgetown was once a farcry from it's counterpart until the anti-uptopian Human Storm King started to muck that up and cause crime to be rampent, which thankfully was too small to cause the world to break apart due to it's intolerence to crime or anything worse then a petty disagreement, but it's horrorable state will such to have an effect when that crime would reach beyond the compounds of Kludgtown that will force Coo to correct this for good and make Kludgetown a good city again, along with reversing other stupid actions of the dopey CIA agent.
  • Hippogriff City- The HE version of Mount Aris and Seaquestria and a resort city similar to Miami and human Canterlot with HE Queen Novo as it's mayor, HE Princess Skystar as it's heir, HE Ocean Flow as the deputy mayor, HE Queen Corono as the bitter Chairwoman of the City Council, and other hippogriff characters from Equestria as inhabitants, but the city has Hippogriff themes instead of pony themes, has tall skyscrapers, an elevated section called Harmonizing Heights and a large beach called the Weathering Shores, and has a massive coral reef exhibit for fish watching and snorkeling, and a large mountain nearby called Mount Aris. It is currently barren thanks to Agent Sacana, but will be restored some time in the future.
  • Castle of Dreams Shoe Factory- A popular factory owned by HE Cinderilla and Lady Termindine. Thankfully, while still an embittered woman, HE Termindine is a moral farcry from her counterpart, as she owns the best shoe factory in HE. Her seemingly mean glare betrays a softer soul from within, provided if she isn't given a reason to judge you with that still infamous stare.
  • Nefarious Labertories- The omnious sounding name is held back by the fact this company is popular and well beloved with a strong govermental backing. Owned by HE Dr. Nefarious, he and most of the Team Nefarious members and certain occational OC villains are sciencetists working to make a better tomorrow for HE. Alchourse, while not evil, HE Nefarious is no far cry from having a problem with organic matter and is still quite zany and cartoony, as he proceeded to turn himself into a robot no less different then how his original counterpart looked like. Fortunately, HE Lawerence and HE Rachent and Clank prevent him from doing it to more then just himself, advising him that "The world's not yet ready for THAT kind of thing". He has a sectratary in HE Bellweather, who often rolls her eyes at the Doctor's antics. HE Discord used to work for it and got funded here, until he was declaired a crackpot for understandable reasons.
  • Scourge Industries- Another terrorably misleading name, Scourge Industries is a company that aims to make HE tons of great life enbettering products and convinences, which is like Nefarious Labertories, only of a more smaller scale. The HE Dark Dragon, while not evil, is only about business and the next big thing, sometimes quick to accept a not always perfect idea and not always capable to see a bad idea, hence why his vise-CEOs, HE Mercurymon and Meng Tao, do all the reshearch for him before an idea is presented to him.
  • Camp Everfree- A camp in the HE Everfree Forest, and is located nearby a magical reservoir owned by Gaia Everfree, the Alicorn God of Natural Selection, and the residence of Gloriosa Daisy and Sci-Twi's boyfriend, Timber Spruce.
  • Discord's Lab- A facility run by HE Discord, who is a crackpot theorist that has been studying the theories of the multiverse through science. Problem is, his tests in of themselves are often unintentionally chaotic in contrast to when the original Discord meant to do it.
  • Coo's Cloud Hideaway- A mobile cloud and the living residence of Coo, the dimensions' creator.
  • Town Square- A secter in the HE Equestia world that is mainly a town with one or so apartments here and there.
  • Canterlot Mall- A large mall within HE Canterlot, and the working residence of Juniper Montage.
  • Canterlot Park- A park within HE Canterlot which is not too far from the Canterlot Mall.
  • Canterlot Beach- A beach within HE Equestria where there's several horse-like rock formations.
  • Equestria Land- A theme park next to the beach.
  • Presidential City- The capital of the country of which the setting takes place in, in a similar style to Washington D.C., and the living residence of the HE High Council members, as well as other HE counterparts as governors.
  • Pleasantry Asylum- An Asylum own and run by verious humanised versons of the Lougers Indie Villain Galley, which includes Professor Eagle-Beak as a prime doctor who accidentally gained his own magical geode that allows him special abilities including truth and lie detection as long as he keeps this a secret after HE Sweetie Drops rescues Lyra from his previously-unnecessary methods. It is run by a reknown psycologist and mental health studier, Dr. Seymour Pleasent.
  • The Zoolands- An African/South American-like land which is like the setting of Zootopia and Pride Lands, where the HE variants of Zootopians host tours of the wildlife reserve that holds literally all wildlife on HE Earth.
  • Hillenberg Islands- The most popular resort islands in the Pacific Ocean which have a similar setting to Bikini Bottom.
  • China City- A Valley of Peace/Gongman City-style Asian city and the capital of HE China.
  • Atlantica Resort- A resort city and the HE version of Atlantica, named after the Atlantica-like sunken city of ancient times with a large Miami-style look and feel, having many beaches, islands, cruise-lines, water parks, and is a popular getaway run by HE King Triton, and co-run by HE Eric and HE Ariel and their carefree rookie-in-training daughter HE Melody, as the family live in a mansion where all HE Little Mermaid characters live including Flounder, Sebastian, Tip, Dash, Scuttle, Grimsby, Ariel's sisters and friends, and so on.
  • Shihon- The HE Tokyo where residents like the HE Realm of Spirits Bathhouse, Chrysanthemum Inhabitants, and other anime characters, are found.
  • Dragon River- The HE version of the Potamic River because it resembles a dragon, and sets up a basis of the Dragon Realms.
  • Area 86- An Area 51-like area in the HE Dragon Realms which is supposedly a keeping place of aliens, but in a way, it is true as it is yet another facility that studies anomalies and lifeforms of interdimensional origin. It is ran by the HE Grand Council Woman, named Commander Vainiana, and the guard is lead by HE W.R. Monger, and Sweetie Drops is a known agent undercover and a loyal friend to Lyra and still a student who saved her from Eagle-Beak and in return giving him the geode he possesses today to keep him from making any other false moves. It's also the base of operations for the HE Shell Lodge Squad.
  • Shell Lodge Squad HQ- A bunker that used to be a temple that resides in a city called New Avalar, right near the location of Area 86, and is the living residence of the HE Shell Lodge Squad.
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