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Humbug is an Equestrian impure Elder Changeling and one of the rare members of Thorax's hive that still remain unreformed since the downfall of Queen Chrysalis. Though he is not loyal to Chrysalis because his outlook on the world was changed when she made Chrysalis Day, a holiday where she's the focus, and when he was severely punished for trying to introduce the idea of giving gifts to others and risking Chrysalis' lie about love being cannibalism being exposed, he grew to become a scrooge to winter holidays in general, seeing it as nothing more than a marketing strategy, a way to be careless and greedy, among other problems. Thus he has become the most cruel Changeling in the hive that would've been exiled had it not been for the kindness of Ocellus and Gaster, a Changeling who shares a similar view of the holidays because of Chrysalis Day, along with his two brothers.


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Humbug is an elderly impure Changeling with a rhino beetle nose, white and cotton-candy-blue beetle wings and crests, indigo eyes, a whitish beard crest, and a purplish back hood.