Hundun (pronounced "hoon-doon") is a character from the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He is a former member of the Anvil of Heaven who worked as a guard at Chorh-Gom Prison. He lost his job after the defeat of Tai Lung and blamed his troubles on the Dragon Warrior. He made his first appearance in "Rhino's Revenge," where he unknowingly met Po and befriended him; but after learning who he was, he fought the panda and lost, ending up back in Chorh-Gom as a prisoner himself.



Originally a member of the Anvil of Heaven who worked as a guard at Chorh-Gom Prison, he was among the guards that tried to prevent Tai Lung's escape, but failed. He lost his job at the prison after the defeat of Tai Lung, which without its main prisoner lost purpose and closed down. With this, he blamed his troubles on the Dragon Warrior, leading him to develop a bad temper and self-pity, his family leaving him, and losing his house along with his friends and a pair of shoes.

In Legends of AwesomenessEdit

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He first appeared during "Rhino's Revenge" where he keeps sitting in front of Mr.Ping's noodle shop which scares away the customers and would encounter Po during Dragon Warrior Day after being asked by his father to remove Hundun. Upon meeting him and hearing his story he felt bad and decided help Hundun and not reveal he was the Dragon Warrior. He would get a job at Mr. Ping's Noodle Shop thanks to Po and of course be trained in the art of Kung Fu by Po as away develop control over his temper and gain self confidence. During the training Po would bound by explaining to Hundun that every one has weakness and inadvertently revealing his and the Furious Five's weaknesses. After training he would reveal to Po that he still plans to kill the Dragon Warrior and founds out Po is him while in town seeing Po's statue built in honor of Dragon Warrior Day. He swears vengeance and tries to draw Po into fighting him by attacking his love ones like his father and holds him hostage. Po saves mystery Ping and proceeds to fight Hundun only to fail after he exploits Po's weakness and the Furious Five's weakness when they try to defend Po. After confronting Po and calling Po pathetic for still trying to show sympathy to Hundun and a fool for being to trusting when he sneaks attacks Po after being temporarily knocked down. Po then retaliates and berates Hundun telling him no longer feels sorry for him and discovers how to over come his weakness and defeating Hundun. In the end Hundun gets his wish of Chorh-Gom Prison reopening with himself as prisoner.

In the episode "Challenge Day", Hundun overhears the guards talk about challenge day where if anyone who can defeat the Dragon Warrior before sunset becomes the new Dragon Warrior while he is making fake horns to replace the one he lost to Po. He then escapes his cell and challenges Po. Hundun was able to defeat Po easily as his left was injured while rescuing a child who wanted to defeat Po from a fallen chimney. Also Po was tired and injured from the challenging the other villagers. After defeating Po heads to the Jade Palace claim his title only to learn that their is no challenge day and it was all lesson to make Po appreciative about his position. He then learns that known of the villagers know except for Shifu and then ties up him in the closet to hide this info. He then takes his anger out on the villagers until Po returns to retake his title. Po while fighting explains and realize the Dragon Warrior title is not something to use as a way to advantage the people around them. Po flings Hundun away using the hammock that he had trouble setting up earlier in the episode fling Hundun away from the Valley of Peace.


Hundun has a very vengeful, temperamental personality unfortunately backed up by a tendency towards blaming his problems on others rather than himself. In all the time since his life took a downward spiral he could have worked to fix his own problems but instead chose to blame them on the dragon warrior for defeating Tai Lung and indirectly bringing about the close of Chor-Ghom by taking away its only inmate.

While he is capable of making friends, Hundun will immediately turn on them if he feels they have wronged him and will not hesitate to harm them or worse to avenge himself of them. He feels no qualm about threatening the safety of others close to the target of his anger, as demonstrated when he took Mr. Ping hostage to force Po to fight him.

He has an unusual way with words, describing things rather dramatically and tending to repeat the same thing in the same sentence.

Fighting StyleEdit

Hundun received training in Kung Fu from Po himself, quickly becoming skilled enough to defeat the Furious Five almost instantly in battle (though he did exploit their weaknesses). He is able to perform a move as elaborate as the Swirling Lynx Round Kick repeatedly without tiring.

He is also very mechanically proficient, using his time in Chorh-Gom Prison to build a number of prosthetic horns to replace the one he lost fighting Po. These horns can contain a number of devices, including an explosive, a four-barreled dart gun loaded with tranquilizers, and a sword.

Role in the series

Hundun returns in the Spongebob series as a corrupted minion of the Villain League or Fang Empire, alcourse, Fang Empire is much more likely due to Hundun's enemyship with Tai Lung, and mutial feelings from the snow leopard. also, let's remember the events of SpongeBob's Adventures of Kung Fu Panda, where the leage was also involved of freeing Tai Lung.

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