Hurst 16BX

Hurst 16BX is an Alternate UUniversal robot from Planet Xalcrom. He is a Xalcromian XMW-16B Walking Assistant Droid who serves as the loyal yesman to ICC Exelbrok. He is a very mischievous robot that has a bit of a personality to him, feeling as if he wasn't being taken seriously by anyone but Exelbrok, the Villains Act, and the Dark Radicals. Though he served as Exelbrok's assistant since he was still serving in the military, and still supports him after Exelbrok permanently hacked him into supporting him even when he is doing war crimes. He has since been underappreciated by many people except Exelbrok and his villain comrades because he had a hand in betraying the planet to the Villains Act. However, he starts accepting having nobody else to be with as he had plenty of them as it is. He will still stand by Exelbrok's side as he initiates Operation: Darkworld, which is an emergency VA response plan meant to bring hope to fallen villains by causing widespread villainous deeds across the AUU. However, Hurst doesn't have faith the operation would work reguardless of any procautions taken cause he knew that all it would take is one even minor over-sight to make everything fall apart, but because of Exelbrok having too much faith in his plans, it almost quilifys as an act of Exelbrok not taking Hurst seriously to an extent. That might sour the relationship and even undo whatever loyalty program Exel instailled in him, though because it is permanent, it might cause fatal glitches to him until it inevitably causes him to shut down doing the right thing.


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