Huxley Ottaway

Senator Huxley Freddy Ottaway

Senator Huxley F. Ottaway is a sea otter who lives as a senator in Bikini Bottom. For years, he has been known as a well-mannered and praised senator who helped make Bikini Bottom a very inviting place from 1999 to 2005. However, he has noticed that Bikini Bottom itself has fallen from grace ever since 2005, when a new mayor was elected over him. This mayor, as it turns out, is the reason why Bikini Bottom is starting to have problems, though it is not entirely his fault as suppose to him just having bad hindsight. Certain events had occurred during his position as mayor that has caused the people to become carefree, and maybe even stupid. Huxley could tolerate it for a while, as he attended court cases usually involving SpongeBob, Squidward, and others. Some cases he found justifived, like the characters legitamently guilty of reckless behavior, others he thinks are the faults of the police being stupid, like Sandy being arrested for "Indecent Exposure" when she wasn't THAT naked (Argueably, she was guilty of being immapprobeately dressed at best, and the same can be said for other inhabitants), while Plankton was ignored, Mr. Krabs mostly be able to get away with most of his explots with no punishment worser then eventally losing some business over circumstances, or even Mrs. Puff who once attempted to murder SpongeBob. Though he excused all of that as the flaws of justice being blind and the justice system simply being unreliable at times. But what crossed the line was the Krabby Patty Apocalypse incident. He was outraged by the sheer stupidity the people displayed, going into lawlessness over something as stupid as the loss of a food product. When it was restored, he couldn't tolerate it any longer, and knew he had to go to drastic measures. He started a campaign to end this stupidity because, in his eyes, it would make the whole town look bad to other neighboring towns, and he didn't want it to end up like his hometown of New Kelp City with their brief period of corruption and cruelty. Though some argued that him wanting to be mayor is a bit of a step down as a senator as he does already have the power to make such changes, though it's possable that he's gotten so tired of how Bikini Bottom is behaving the logic of his position was lost to him. But soon, this campaign is going to go too far when he plans to secretly declare an act called the Ottaway Act, which will deem unnecessary behavior and cruelty, or anything that can be considered uncalled for and could lead to events like the Krabby Patty Apocalypse Event, illegal and punishable by prosecution. Such an act of oversight can make him rather sinister and taking his line of work too seriously, but he is just doing what is best for Bikini Bottom.


Huxley was born in New Kelp City, which, during his teenage years, had a level of corruption and crime before the Bubble Popping Boys took over. New Kelp City, before his birth, was a bustling metropolis that was inviting and very scenic. However, by the time Huxley was born, criminal activity started to occur. Criminal syndicates were formed and started manipulating the people and making them rather stupid, aggressive, and tough. Gangs were rampant, police began getting inferior and sometimes biased, and people started treating each other badly. This all occurred when it's mayor, who ran New Kelp City for 25 years, had become a bad influence on the economy, which caused unemployment, loss of resources, and problems in work, causing a brief Great Depression that left the city to be as it is today, as the police was unreliable when the Bubble Popping Boys took over the town.

But beforehand, from 1979 to 1988, Huxley grew up in the last year of the mayor's campaign. He found himself hard to tolerate the new setting of New Kelp City since his mother was killed by a common thug when he was a pup. When he eventually got a job as a secretary for the new mayor, hoping to help him restore what New Kelp City used to be. However, for the next few years, he failed to do so when the Bubble Popping Boys came into town, and outlawed bubbles. At first, Huxley didn't see any problem with that until the gang ended up killing children who blow bubbles in 1990. He tried his hardest to try and fix the city, but after so many years of failure, he lost all hope and moved out of town.

Huxley, due to earning a high degree, and for his determination, moved onto being a politician for Bikini Bottom, a nearby community. He eventually moved onto becoming a senator by late 1998. His changes seemed to make Bikini Bottom more popular than before. He recovered economic crises and work problems after his experience in it from his last position. This prosperity went on from 1999 to 2005, as Huxley hoped that this community won't end up a lost cause like New Kelp City. However, by mid-2005, after a new mayor was elected instead of him, he noticed that there was something wrong. Crime started growing, everyone was starting to act strange, and innocent people have gotten blamed for crimes. He discovered that the reason for this is the mayor's campaign which involved changes in the economy which has caused some signs of unemployment and several situations caused people to move on uneducated and senseless from school. Some ended up either tough, rude, mean, stupid, or insensitive. As a result, carelessness occurred and thus nobody learns from mistakes, only doing whatever they want thinking it's no big deal.

This was a problem for Huxley as he didn't want Bikini Bottom to end up like New Kelp City, and thus he did whatever he can to repair the problems. But nothing he could do changed anything. People were still acting strange, mean, and insensitive. He figured that within a few years, things would get better. However, the problem only got worse as even the police got biased, and people were being more stupid. He feared for Bikini Bottom becoming infamous for the crumbling society. Court cases were called as he attended where innocents were being blamed because of the police's flaws, and criminals were being ignored for no good reason. Huxley, for the most part, was okay as long as things were quickly resolved thanks to new hired associates of his.

Then came the 2015 Krabby Patty Apocalypse incident. One of his associates went crazy because of this, and killed another associate of his. When Huxley learned of the source of the problem, he did not take it very well, finding it as something that goes beyond stupid, and made him believe that the stupidity has spread completely. When the formula was returned and order was restored, Huxley was outraged by the atrocities the people had committed for this unacceptable display of stupidity. That's when he decided that something had to be done immediately. He swore that he would earn the new role as mayor by the next election, that stupidity would be purged for good, as he refused to stand for being surrounded by cruelty again.

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