The Hybernatian

Hybernatians are the matriarchal figures of The Sleep Reapers and an outer god race that exist to help maintain the hybernations of particularly stronger Cosmic Forces that often try to will themselves out of the Hybernation realm. A Hybernatian is basicly an evovled Sleep Reaper being granted the form of this figure in having defeated and contained a powerful defected or devient outer god on it's own and/or while defeating a higher rank Outer God in the process, thus allowing it to transform into becoming a Hybernatian. In addition to the tradtional skills of a sleep reaper, Hybernatians are also able to sing operic siren songs to sooth a persistent defect or devient back into slumber to prevent a would-be escape. These voices also have another use as in a form of self defence when threatened or trying to prevent an escape on a very persistent escapee, a Hybernatian can assentually pull a Sindel-like scream and sonic-scream an adversary into submission, of which to anything not an Outer God, it would severely deafen them. A Hybernatian rarely ever leaves the Hybernation realm due to their impourence in maintaining persisent defects or deviants, but if an escape would occure and a particular Hybernatian wasn't able to stop it, it'll be driven on a path of self-redemption to seek out that escapee itself, even when at risk of getting itself beaten up and harmed in the process.
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