Invasion Commander-in-Chief Malloy A. Exelbrok is an Alternate UUniversal Augean from Planet Xalcrom. Born and raised on Warboth and spending most of his teenage life there, he eventually moved onto being a high-class general for the Xalcrom military, commanding over a hundred battles. However, he had hoped to make a worthwhile history to his family name, and his first attempt was becoming commander-in-chief of the Xalcrom Military. But when he is caught illegally manipulating standard officials including the Xalcromian President, he is punished with denial of the position, immediately being taken to somebody else. Denied his personal goal, Exelbrok betrayed them by selling out secret locations to the Villains Act, leading to the deaths of thousands of people, and leaving most of the planet under brief control of the Villains Act. He was immediately rewarded with the position as a fighter in the VA's invasion forces, and moved quickly into becoming the Villains Act's commander-in-chief of all invasions, and for being the public spokesperson of his old childhood friend and VA Secret Founder Overlord Tokath (At least until the Secret Founders started to become unpopular due to certain events). Exelbrok is a very tough and lethal fighter, and is wise in the art of war. He is one of the many Villains Act villains that still stands strong even when the VA's downfall left most to lose their edge, and he has soon teamed up with the Dark Radicals in a secret backup plan to try and lift the spirits of many villains who are hiding, scared, weak, or are running out of options, all with the help of the villains he is able to make contact with, his own private army, and his wormy yesman Hurst.


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Exelbrok, as a former military soldier for Xalcrom, he has received excessive amounts of combat training. Before he betrayed his commanding officers to the Villains Act, he stole vast amounts of equipment from the armory and base. He keeps all this equipment in a mobile space base. He is knowledgeable in pressure-point combat, is very accurate in hand-to-hand combat, is an excellent marksman, is very versatile, and he can choose what he wields in battle all from his mobile base.

His physical attributes include several improvements including a cybernetic skeleton, several implants including a translation software in the brain which allows him to speak and translate an infinite number of languages, a enhanced nervous system which allows him to react and think quicker, a regeneration implant which allows him to slowly heal wounds as fatal as a broken arm through pumping healing gel through the system, but cannot help replace any lost body parts as the parts need to be reattached, and a telepathy implant which can allow him to communicate with people far away. He even has a minigun right arm which serves as a surprise attack in battle, only using such a thing as a last resort.

Exelbrok is protected by lightweight Kevlar, Nomex, and a titanium-neutronium alloy suit of armor, and he wears rocket boots which allow for a minutes worth of flight before recharging. He also possesses a recharging energy shield that can protect him from tons of damage, and 2 ISDs (Infinite Storage Devices) for him to carry up to 7 firearms in one and several explosives and equipment in the other. He also wears a DBZ Scouter-like device which allows him to locate targets, obtain information, identify weaknesses, and a variety of other functions.

His commonly-used firearms are Huncus weaponry. His common favorites are the Huncus M90G Plasma Pistol, two dual Huncus M702D Pulse Machine Guns, a Huncus M92 Particle Pulse Rifle, a Huncus M78C Coiled Rifle, a Huncus GL800D 'Glood' Mini Grenade Launcher, and the lethal Huncus BNG-886 Plasmablast Gun. These are his most preferred weapons, as he is used to scavenging other weapons and making money by selling whatever he doesn't want. He also wields thermal detonators, flashbang grenades, sticky grenades, and special ordnance grenades that he can adjust power levels to. He also wields special equipment including hacking devices, deployable cover and turrets, an oxygen mask for outer environments, several serums, a cloaking device and holographic disguise, and several small probes for surveillance.

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