Iarge the Ominous

Iarge Barkax Aomatue the Ominous

Iarge B. Aomatue the Ominous is an Alternate UUniversal Lavsar from Planet Trobus. He was known to have been a victim of a religious confusion that left him to become a member of the Union Against Religious Abuse. When he puked a religious substance that was infected with bacterial colonies, he was accused by Father Gizzardo to have been possessed by a devil infamously referred to as 'Kongamork the Destroyer', who was known to bring a holocaustic end to any world if he's left unchecked in the unlucky host he possessed, and since he was also known for clever lying and trickery, Iarge's explanations weren't convincing to Gizzardo and the other people of the church. Gizzardo declared that Iarge needed exorcising, and when Iarge refused and tried to explain, Gizzardo still didn't listen and tried to exorcise him by force. Iarge became a fugitive, and even his own friends were fooled by these lies, and turned against him. Since police forces were advanced and capable of quick-location, Iarge was found no matter where he went, and when he was accused of resisting several arrests and heresy after his final arrest, he was about to be forcefully exorcised with an electronic pulse treatment, which was too lethal for those who weren't possessed. While the UARA rescued him and condemned Gizzardo for his actions, Iarge was so angered by all this and not only attempted to sue Gizzardo, but he rudely berates his friends for taking his side, and his aggression left him to say harsh words until the UARA convinced him to let it go and stop him from 'becoming worse than Gizzardo', and he decided that it was merely an overreaction and dropped the charges, though the priest still went through momentary power-loss and suspension by the UARA and from his fellow priests who approved it to avoid the religion getting backlashed for a major misunderstanding. Since then, Iarge joined the UARA and grew from scrawny to muscular in less than 2 years. He is named after his aggression, which makes him the most feared member of the UARA. Recruits like Leogue Kan can feel really uncomfortable having to be in his presence under fear of angering him. Even Zealord the Zealot is frightened by his anger issues and power.


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