Iaroo Oia

Iaroo Sige Oia, AKA Spazzy

Iaroo S. Oia, also called Spazzy, is an Alternate UUniversal Crynctile from Planet Suynus. He is a ruthless bounty hunter for The Bounty Hunter Consortium, and one of the oldest there is. He's worked with them for almost it's entire existence, and never broke a sweat. While he is a bit child-like and has a personality that would rival that of Deadpool, he takes the time enjoying the misery of his target, and likes to watch them beg for mercy. While he is very old, his years of physical fitness protect him from any ailments. Being a reptile, he's had his body parts replaced and regenerated many times. He once took a barrage of laser fire, not even dying once. No one knows his history, not even Lik-Lick Tick Blick. Iaroo prefers to keep his history to himself, no less. Yet nobody seems to care because of his attitude and wacky behavior.


Iaroo was born on dinosaur planet of Suynus in the beginning of the Interuniversal War. His father worked for it's military, and fought during the many battles that took place on the planet. Iaroo was excited about someday becoming just like his father, fighting in the military and causing explosions. Iaroo was very childish and silly during his younger years, cracking down with silly jokes and puns. Because his father was out 24-7, he was raised by his mother, who worked for the planet's agricultural companies and trading them for The AUU Currency Troupe, and constantly had to support Iaroo and his 5 other siblings.

When Iaroo became older, he was still childish and wacky, being very flirtatious with ladies, and throwing out constant one-liners and pick-up lines. Then the final battle on Suynus lead to the death of his father in a firefight against robot soldiers lead by a cyberpunk crime boss named Boss Iyojitin Juu. Iaroo wasn't very happy about it, and even though the war would eventually end a few months later, he kept to his oath of avenging his father by tracking down Iyo with his own life. He secretly became a AUU-trotting mercenary and tried tracking down Iyo. He took a class in 2 martial arts classes, legally obtained some weapons, and stole an experimental suit made from rare self-regenerative healnium, hiding in plain sight from even his family. He slayed dozens of Iyo's former compatriots and robots, and the travels lead him to the planet Ustrao.

On Ustrao, Iaroo discovered that Iyo was not just some crime boss, but he was actually his childhood friend, Juua, who had moved away from home and school and had changed very much, not only being a crime boss who was hoping to get vengeance on Iaroo's father for ruining the profits she needed to support her dying parents, but she was just 'damn fine-looking' in Iaroo's eyes. Instead of keeping to his promise to avenge her father, he just changed his mind saying that his father was 'just another poor casualty in a war', and accepted a job from Juua not just for money, but for Juua herself. He was hired to kill a colleague who betrayed her by attempting to buy all her access to robots to Globex. He was able to do so, and the two 'got sloppy' in Iaroo's words, yet they didn't want any kids out of it.

Iaroo had continued to work for Juua for a small portion of his life, and the two even got married. But then things got very horrible for Iaroo when he found out that Juua wasn't who she said she was. As it turns out, the Juua Iaroo married was nothing more than an android. The real Juua was actually using Iaroo as a means to complete her revenge quest against his father. He wanted his mother and siblings dead as well, and had not only pretended she loved him, but she was turning him against his own family by tricking him into becoming a mercenary and having his quests give away the location of his siblings and mother. Now that her quest was ready, she ordered her robots to throw Iaroo back home and caused him to face jailtime, never being able to warn his family about the danger. Hours after his imprisonment, his mother and siblings were killed by Juua's robots. Angry and betrayed, Iaroo was able to escape, flee back to Ustrao, and kill Juua, which unfortunately turned out to be another robot and the real Juua had long escaped. Iaroo gave up at this point, thinking he could never get justice for being used.

Out of betrayal, Iaroo soon joined the Bounty Hunter Consortium just as it was opening a few years later, and at first Lik-Lick refused to let him in because of his age, but he was able to prove his worth by doing an odd job for him. Thus Lik made him a member, and Iaroo has since become one of the Consortium's oldest members, physically and chronologically. Iaroo was still as wacky and comical as he was when he was young, and it disturbed the other bounty hunters that he, as an old person, would act this way and be a very fit person, even at his age his 'bowels should've popped' in Viume's words. Nobody knew about his past, but didn't exactly care much either.


As a lizard, Iaroo has the ability to heal wounds and replace severed limbs. He has good eyesight, smell, and hearing, and he is not naturally adept to cold temperatures. He is also semi-aquatic, able to hold his breath underwater for 10 minutes. He has a knowledge of 4 martial arts: Voin Onu (An Ustraoian version of Kung Fu), Yuqor Goah (A Seourusian martial art that specializes in pressure-point combat and aerial stunts), Aroe Tao (A Zoian martial art that specializes in an advanced form of combatting even the most powerful of machines), and Djiem Malo (A Crinathashan martial art specializing in dodging/blocking powerful attacks and accurate attacks). He wears a yellow-and-grayish-blue suit with Kevlar and Nomex, as well as a rare self-regenerative synthetic material called healnium, which will regenerate upon extensive damage.

Iaroo has an entire arsenal of weapons and equipment which he stores in his ISD (Infinite-Storage Device) belt. But his usual favorites are his laser-shooting energy javelin-lance he nicknames 'Trusty', his two dual M560D Neutro Machine Guns, some thermal detonators, flame grenades, cryo-grenades, his shield glove that he wears on his left arm, a grappling hook, and his gravity boots that allow him to jump vast heights.

He flies in a spaceship called the Paradigm. The ship is made out of titanium and neutronium armor, and is propelled by 3 atomic thrusters that are powered by particle batteries contained in the back of each thruster. The ship has adjustable wings and even carries Iaroo's personal ATV bike for him to travel across the plains of a planet. The ship is armed with 2 turbolaser cannons that can also fire heat-seeking proton blasts, and it has a nifty virtual gaming room and spa.

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