Ibilisi is a gelada from the Pride Lands and a Dark Mjuzi. He used to be a student for Olufemi, the father of Rafiki and the previous Royal Mjuzi. But after witnessing the chaos amongst the lions, hyenas, and the animals of the Pride Lands, especially with Hasira chasing out all hyenas including The Pure Hyenas, and dying for a personal vendetta, and the feud between lions and hyenas sparked by the assassination Uzuri and Jasiri, he came to believe that the Circle of Life was broken and needed to be destroyed and refreshed in order to reestablish peace. Appalled by this idea, Olufemi expelled him. But he drew dark magic from the Outlands volcano and returned to find the perfect master: Hasira's nephew Mapato, who believes that all predators deserved to be exiled to the Outlands, while prey can live in and rule the Pride Lands to restore order. Seeing this as the best way to destroy the Circle of Life and build a better one, he sides with his cause.


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