Grimmess Iceandra C. Üküdangalla is an Alternate UUniversal Arachnid Empirid from Planet Remena. Being the aunt of Grimmess Occultra that survived the raid on their birth kingdom of Occulton but lost much of her mortality from her injuries, and the sister of her overprotective and unconjustusly abusive father cause of caring and fearing for her safety too much to being blind to the irony of his actions, she is a Grimsister that takes her job extremely dedicatedly and actually prefers even more extreme methods of illusionary trials, sometimes in ways that contradict what Occultra was going for, even if people worst than Magemaster Ura'nus Azzhole have been born from her methods, as she was twice as distraught by the loss of her brother and family kingdom as Occultra, making her only 25% more evil, made worse by the fact she was raised an orphan and abandoned by her family and orphanage and forced to live alone in the merciless cold of Vigorasia before meeting and understanding her family again, driving her into Grimsisterhood by an unwelcoming and cruel world and her own magic turned her into a frostbitten zombie whose fortress is a frozen and more grim version of Occultra's that sits within a stratovolcano called Mt. Frostburg, named after her mother's maiden name. Doing merciless illusions of judgment ever since, one of her worst is her most notorious creation, a Storm Grimace known as Black Ice, proves that Iceandra was someone who got what Occultra was going for, but ended up getting carried away. Not helping that since Almana has came under an undesireable regime in The Cold Shoulders of Almana, it gave Iceandra the impression that either Occultra failed, or eventually when she heard claims that Azzhole was killed by her, that Occultra succeeded, but his enfluence is still around, so she had Black Ice to still give Almana shit, which inadvertingly only helps the regime by making it look like that the conflict between Grims/Emprids and all of Remena is still a thing. Iceandra is still on the loose and is in dire need of being humbled for not seeing the memo that Remena's issues are resolved, but at the same time, giving the tricky nature of Grims, it could be that she is trying to resolve an issue that Occultra missed and has only made the regime the next enemy of grims and empirids to fight, which in all fairness in concerns to Lady Cun'Tzon, a would-be continuer of Azzhole's BS, it's not a wrong assumtion, along with the new threat that the regime would compromise Remena's freedom of the isolated systems via violating a strict deal of UIS' by assusiating with USRA races when the deal said OTHERWISE, via Worm McSinep and his followers. Though Iceandra is equilly as well-intentioned in truth as Occultra, the even more aggressive ways inadvertingly only served to be the seperatists' perfect poster girl for why Grims and Empirids should be treated poorly and be rejected.


Born during a love of chance, Iceandra and her brother were among hundreds of siblings in a stratovolcano discovered by her maternal family. But because the starting oppression left by Azzhole, all the eggs were killed except them, forcing their parents to have them sent to different locations to save them. But the damage done to their eggs left the two extremely aggressive. While her brother would be raised in a secret kingdom called Occulton, she would be raised in an orphanage in Vigorasia, lead by a very welcoming caretaker until it was taken over by a racist who kicked her out. This left Iceandra a street urchin who eventually found out her true heritage through rumors of Occulton, learning further that her family left her to save her from Azzhole's invasion.

But upon finding the kingdom, it was too late as her brother and his family were being murdered in a raid by Azzhole as she got injured trying to save them. She even heard that her niece tried to bring them back but only unsentient Grimaces. The resulting unfettered grief turned her into another Grimsister, but because she lacked the compromise that Occultra had due to her abandonment, she became mostly evil and thus her methods as a Grimsister were less merciless. She hated society only 25% more and thus even her own niece disliked her for her merciless methods which were beyond her tolerance. Thus she refused to let her join unless she found true Grimsisterhood, forcing Iceandra to return to Vigorasia and go to her parent's home in Mt. Frostburg, which was frosted over but contained dangerous Grim magic that she used to build her own home and forces. She has been the scourge of Vigorasia ever since.


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