Ichthyos is a world ruled by Ichthyornis birds similar to Icky. It's community is similar to the one in the 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes, being more like a medieval/modern blend. Except it's not entirely similar. Ichthyornis birds are the dominant species on this planet, and the other sentient animals were muted by it's leader, Emperor Jerky, to punish a clumsy assisent. But when he was defeated in Planet of the Icks, the spell was broken, and with sentient animals back, Jerky's sister, Pretty, took his throne. While this spell left most of it's cities to be dominated by Ichthyornis birds, the sentient animals weren't given much power since Pretty had to help create a rights movement that would abolish Jerky's law forbidding rights to the muted animals since they were lost. Even today, the rights movement is still going.


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Ichthyornis Birds

Ichthyornis birds are the dominant species on this planet. Though they are intelligent, they do occasionally make common bird noises in war cries, or intense moments. Also, not all of them are very bright. Since they don't have perfect brains, they occasionally have less adaptability, less coordination, and less intelligence. Only the smartest ones get to go into higher powers such as jobs for diplomacy, royalty, politics, and military. Those who have less-mentality are sent to do common jobs such as science, service, and entertainment. That's not to say they're completely stupid, though. They're just animals with sentient intelligence which doesn't get completed that much.

The Ichthyornises live in an imperial parliamentary society, with an Emperor who has limited power over a parliament that chooses him/her as Emperor. The Emperor has power over the military as chief-in-command, he has limited control of diplomatic, political, legislative, and judicial powers. The Emperor has the most power of the planet, but doesn't rule certain areas to limit power. The parliament has the power to control the Emperor with it's decisions, and consists of over 25 individuals that each control either the empire's powers or the territories of the planet.

They all have limited technological advancements. They are aware that there are other worlds out there, and have to limit travel on their planet for safety measures, just like in airports. Having no access to flying technology since they can fly on their own, they have other forms of transportation. Their main method is with animals. They choose to ride dinosaurs, and each kind of dinosaur is limited to the kind of dinosaurs they ride. Some dinosaurs, however, are tough to ride, and have yet to be learned. Their main rides are raptors, ranging from Deinonychus to Gigantaraptor. They have also learned to ride pterosaurs such as Rhamphorhynchus or Quetzalcoatlus. They rarely ride theropods or ceratopsians which many have said are great for defense, though it is too difficult for them to work with. They actually don't name them like scientists do. They refer to any dinosaur as a common name such as Rush Raptors (Deinonychus), Colossal Raptors (Gigantaraptor), Swift-Kites (Rhamphorhynchus), Colossal-Kites (Quetzalcoatlus), Flat-Faces (Ceratopsians), and Sharptooths (Tyrannosaurus rex).

Their weaponry is not very advanced. They limited their weaponry to just bows and arrows, swords, daggers, knives, and crossbows. They have heard of guns, bombs, and missiles, but they believe those are 'war weapons', and they believed that war was something sinful to do without consent of authority. So they stuck to their usual weapons. They do believe in wearing armor, though, but only the kind of a 16th-century society like gladiator, knight, or mercenary armor. They make their weaponry and armor through titanium, uranium, bronze, silver, copper, or other kinds of metals. The strongest metal they know is titanium, though. They are more of pacifists, preferring only to fight if they have no choice. There was also a law that was passed that no Ichthyornis should harm another unless necessary.

They are known for wearing less clothing. While some prefer to be naked, others wear clothes to either become regal, hygienic, or fit for meetings or other important positions. They wear clothes ranging from the 16th century to the 20th century. Their architecture is limited to wood, stone, or metal, and they don't have methods of other-worldly travel. Villages look like modern-day cities, and electricity has yet to be discovered. Their only known languages are English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Other languages they haven't heard of. Their naming of individuals is also a traditional gesture. All names end in a 'y' as in the end of a certain word as part of tradition. The downside is that, there can only be so many words that are names that end with 'y', so they are sometimes forced to make up new currently not-recognized words that aren't in the English dictionary for the sake of individuality. Otherwise, certain words would be painfully common to the point that it would cause confusion. So, they might even go with modern names that end with a 'y' as a kind of successful trick.


The wildlife of Ichthyos matches the wildlife of the Cretaceous period. It was filled with not just a few modern-day plants, but also prehistoric flowering plants, magnolias, conifers, and even early gymnosperm plants. Flora on Ichthyos is sparse and invasive, able to exist anywhere. Of course, being carnivores, the Ichthyornis birds don't eat any of the fruits that grow on them. However, they do use them in emetic substances and medicines. They even have a tradition of surrounding rooms and cities with trees, bushes, and grasses since they believed that they felt enlightened when seeing nature. Even the main throne room of the Emperor is filled with trees and bushes. Plants have been a major culture in Ichthyosian history. There are also several forms of fungus and protozoan lifeforms.

The fauna is also similar to Cretaceous wildlife. Their common fauna are dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are known to be widespread throughout the planet, and while it's in a Cretaceous environment, dinosaurs from other time periods are present as well. Dinosaurs are known to have killed Ichthyornis birds, and therefore, a law had been made that every Ichthyornis bird carries a self-defense weapon wherever they go to protect them from getting eaten. Dinosaurs have even been tamed by them, and they are commonly used as steeds and transportation. Dinosaurs on Ichthyos are given their own names like today's animals. Raptors are just called 'raptors', theropods were called 'stalkers', ceratopsians were called 'plateheads', sauropods were called 'behemoths', stegosaurs were called 'thornies', ankylosaurs were called 'grunters', ornithopods were called 'brutes', pachycephalosaurs were called 'numbskulls', pterosaurs were called 'kites', plesiosaurs were called 'skimmers', mosasaurs were called 'clashers', and ichthyosaurs were called 'leviathans'. Ichthyosaurs know more about dinosaur evolution than humans do since they live with them. Dinosaurs have altered behaviors than common dinosaurs, which is convenient since they had to adapt to avoid extinction events. Over 93% of all known dinosaurs exist on Ichthyos. The Ichthyornis birds have them as the most common pets than mammal pets, which they also like to have including dogs and cats.

Though dinosaurs are the most common animals on Ichthyos, mammals take up 43% of it's animal kingdom. Most are rodents while the rest are felines, canines, primates, and others. The other sentient animals on the planet contains a majority of mammals. Though mammals weren't that common before Ichthyornis birds became intelligent. After they grew intelligent, other-worldly sentient animals have made foundations on the planet, and have played a small role in building up their community and intelligence. They have introduced unsentient animals to the planet, and have actually discovered they adapted well to the environment. Humans rarely visit this planet. But this planet also keeps a balance with birds, fish, amphibians, and other animals as well.


Ichthyornis cities on Ichthyos is known for being a blend between middle-aged and modern day architecture and props. They have no electricity, though. Instead, their entire world is powered by underground geothermal power plants which are so cleverly designed, they keep the core temperature of their planet stable through a weekly 12-hour cooling cycle every Saturday from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM so it doesn't superheat and explode. Since then, the Ichthyornis birds were looking for a less-dangerous form of power. They have heard of electricity through the sentient animal settlers, but they knew that getting the entire world running on it would take years and years to complete. Not to mention it would cost billions. So they have spent their time finding a new power source and went with the geothermal power with the Saturday cooling cycles.

City architectures here are pretty advanced. While buildings were limited to wood, metal, and stone, they also had a knack of adding nature to their homes. Everywhere you went on this planet, there would be plants, even in household rooms. The buildings are able to withstand extreme weather, and some homes are even located on the faces of cliffs. The cliff rooms were only accessible through flight, and inside each entrance, there is remarkable architecture and just as much household as all other homes. The average height of any Ichthyornis-made building is only 6 stories. It would be impossible to build more than that since their architecture is too primitive. Each building and home was wired with underground cables that connected to the underground geothermal power plant for power. They are temperature-controlled, and windows are framed by titanium squares. Parks and statues are also a big part in cities. Statues are made only of metal, and therefore not prone to lose it's parts like stone statues. Parks span for a maximum of 100 yards, and are decorated with statues, fountains, and blocked paths made of granite.

No high technological advancements are found here. There are no smart phones, cell phones, iPhones, computers, holograms, robots, machine vehicles, planes, boats, submarines, or even spaceships. Though because they know they're not alone in the UUniverses (or at least what they thought was just an alone universe), they have made spaceports in their many cities to allow visitors to enter and leave. Though, like airports, they go through security guidelines. No weapons of any kind were allowed unless necessary, full body searches were required since there were no scanners, and people had to pay a thankfully small fee to enter or leave. However, because wireless transmissions and radio waves were invented here, visitors can use their mobile devices, but frequency is weak and requires tremendous height for a stronger signal. The Ichthyornis birds communicate through a radio wave system that is their version of a telephone. They do have light bulbs that are powered by the geothermal power plant as well.


The planet has over 8 continents with one of 3 conditions: tundrous, tropical, and desert. Each of the continents are controlled by one of 8 circuit empires that are all controlled by the main empire. The continents are called Ichimerica, Icarance, Ipain, Icarussia, Ichirinese, Icapan, Ichermany, and Ichaly. Each of the languages they know come from each continent. Each member of the Ichthyosian Parliament control up to 4 territories on each continent except for the main one with the Emperor's Castle where 5 control the main continent of Ichimerica. The planet has 25 geothermal power plants spread throughout the planet, all programmed to shut down every Saturday from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM for the cooling cycle. The power plants have a complex underground wiring matrix that hooks into all areas in the territory, providing power to every house and building.

The terrain of the planet is pretty well-suited for a bird like an Ichthyornis. Mountains, canyons, seaside cliffs, tropical jungles, wetlands, and desert plateaus and steppe climates. The tundrous areas on the North and South areas of the planet are mainly inhospitable, but cities are common there. Each territory on the map has a maximum of 15 cities. If there were more cities in a territory, then the power from the power plant would be at more work, and it would risk the destruction of the planet. Commonly-known cities are the main city, Emperor City, which contains the Emperor's Castle. Capital cities in every territory are known to be the place where the Parliament Member resides in their city hall basin. Some cities even do well without geothermal power, such as the ones that are on islands, and others that are cleverly-built underwater by advanced other-worldly settlers.

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