Icky "Ickorious"
Vital statistics
Title Ichy (Canon name), Ickorious, Prehistoric One (By Shen), Birdbrain, Iago's bestie, Gambler, Gamer, Loudmouth, That One-Shot Land Before Time Bird, Sharp-bird (LBT name), Emperor Kuzco's Pet, Former Villain, Critic, Breaker of the 4th Wall, Dry-Humored Opinionated Grouch, deceptively reshorceful and smart to some extent, oocationally absint-minded, wee bit of a trouble-naker, Bluntingly and almost hurtfully honest, Member of the Shell Louge Squad.
Gender Male (Icky: "Yeah, No Shit, Genius.")
Race/Species Ichthyornis.
Faction Originally as a wild predator.

Kuzco's Empire. Shell Louge Squad (As a reward for saving the Empire)

Description Better then he looks.
Skills and Abilities Varies on situation.
Status Icky: "Obviously I'm freaking alive, folks."
Location Dragon Guardian Temple.

Birthplace: The Great Valley (Around the Valley of Mists). Originally Kuzco's Kingdom.

Alignment Mixed (Mostly Good.)
Icky is an unattrective looking humorous Ichthyornis that was formerly with Dil, a giant crocodile.

Characterization and appearences


Icky's life with Dil, before the split up.

Because Icky has sharper eyesight than Dil, he finds food for the two of them, and calls himself "the eyes". Dil is nearly blind, which is why she is dependant on Icky to find food for her. However, because of his small size, catching prey is difficult for him. Therefore, Dil, when pointed in the direction of the prey, nabs them/it, and calls herself "the teeth".

Icky and Dil were more partners than friends, as they constantly argue with each other and say they would be better off without each other. This is focused on in their song: "Who Needs You?". However, they stayed together because of their handicaps; Icky's being size and Dil's being vision. It isn't until the end of the movie when they finally have had enough of each other, and finally split up. Dil slaps Icky away with her tail, but when she turns around and finds an hungry Elasmosaurus looming overhead of her, she cries out for Icky before getting chased by the Elasmosaurus.

While Dil retained her villain nature, as evident when she joined the Villain Leage due to sheer size, teeth and brute force, Icky had since then recovered from a possible near-death experience. Icky was found by and became the pet for Emperor Kuzco, but was almost ruined by resently firing Adviser Yzma, who tried to get even by having Facilier turn Kuzco into a Llama. However, the plan backfired and the villains were defeated by The Shell Lodgers. Icky was given to The Shell Lodge Squad by Kuzco for saving the empire whom, by coincidence, wanted to take part in it anyway. He talks the most in the squad, usually with a sarcastic remark. He also has a dry sense of humor, but can sometimes go too far, as the shell lougers, notably Shenzi, restrict him by bonking him on the head. He is usually refered to as an ugly bird since he's actually an ancient bird and, therefore, doesn't resemble more modern birds. He had a sudden "reunioun" with Dil in Spongebob and Friends go on the Quest For Camelot, where in the end Dil got chased by the Elasmosaurus again, after Icky told her that it wasn't Cynder, whom she thought it was. All in all, Icky is like that rude, wise-cracking, never-shutting-up Uncle to the louge. Bt he is liked, just restricted to prevent a major upset.
Icky is rich

Icky after the split up with Dil, as a rich pet of Emperor Kuzco


  • In SpongeBob and Friends meet Hercules, it reveals Icky has a cousin named Tzzy.


  • "(After getting squished) I hate it when that happens!"
  • "How's about I give ya' a sock on the nose?(quickly kicking)"
  • "(In song) You're bitter and you're mad, cause you're as ugly as you're dad!"
  • "Let me at 'em, Let me at 'em!"
  • "(Log stuck on neck) Now look what you've done, how'r you gonna fix this?"
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